20 Facts about Akhenaten

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  • Richard Durkan

    What were the exact sources for the statement that Akhenaton was visited by beings from the sky? Which were the relevant writings by Akhenaten and which poems written about him later on?

    • cc

      watch ancient aliens season 1 episode 2 or something it will give you a lot of info about Akhenaten and conspiracies weather he came from stars or not

      • Uradumass

        “Watch ancient aliens”.. Please go kill yourself and reframe from asking people to watch that bullshit show for historical facts.

        • Trevor Goldsberry

          ancient aliens is the closest truth we have to ancient history. what we were taught in school is 80% bullshit. open your mind to possibilities and things might just start falling into place

          • Shizuppy


          • Matt

            Ancient Aliens has been put on blast many times now for blatantly telling lies. It’s no different then being lied to in your text books in school. Now you’re just a lazier generation that has television… keep allowing yourself to believe you are wiser, though. Teenagers know everything. haha

        • MatrixChild 33

          hahaha pretty much. Ancient Aliens is like the “news”: whoring for profit and lies galore LOL

    • MatrixChild 33

      anything about the Organic Sun that makes things grow is his work. the “long version” of the Hymn to the Aten is a lie, just like the BibEl misrepresented Yeshua’s teachings to the point that they are so corrupt, it’s not even the same guy! At least they had the sense to call him “Jesus”, because Yeshua was a copy of Akhenaten in teachings.

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  • Just Saying

    Might want to correct your first paragraph “Akhentaen was one of ancient Egypt’s the most”
    dosent sound right.

    • AncientCodeAdmin

      thanks, typo error

  • Phil Whitley

    # 12 . ZEP TIPI (First Time)

  • Kaitlyn Smutz

    I am looking for Akhenaton

    • MatrixChild 33

      Look at the Sun

  • Bhumika T. Chopra

    I wanted to draw your attention to the actual deity who was actually being worshiped as ‘Aten’ in Ancient Egypt.

    Sun was also considered to be a representation of this Most Supreme God who was represented by the disc of light.

    Now, if we pay attention to all the religions across the world all them refer to God as light, and so were the Egyptians at this point in History.

    Christianity- Jesus said I am the Son of God and God is Light

    Islam- Khuda ka noor (The light of God)

    Hinduism- Nirakaar Paar Brahm Parmeshwar (The Formless Highest God)

    Almost all the major religions around the world worship the most supreme God in the Form of Light and that is exactly what the Egyptians are doing over here.

    In fact in India there is still a sect of spirituality called “Brahm Kumaris” who worship this very Light even today.

    This is the symbol of Light that is worshiped by these people and these people say the same thing that Light is the Supreme Most God and all Gods are a part of this light.

    Interesting fact is this sect of Brahm Kumaris has no connection with Egyptian Civilization since it was set up in 1900s when God appeared in His Light Form (picture above) to the founder of the sect and gave Him information about the past and future of this world.

    The similarity between the followers of this religious sect of Brahm Kumaris and the followers of ATEN are strikingly similar.

    I think what we are upto here is we are discovering the “History of God”.
    The same light appeared and guided Imhotep and this same light appeared and guided the founder of Brahm Kumaris and this same light is referred to by all major religions across the world as GOD.

    Please see this video as well.

    • MatrixChild 33

      Akhenaten, the Essenes and Yeshua taught the consciousness of: 1. The Sun realm 2. The Law of karma (Law of Oneness) and 3. Organic living. The “Light” is of the Living Sun. on the other hand, ALL RELIGIONS AND BELIEFS follow the A. I. “sun” Saturn/Sirius/Orion/Moon. And yes “Salvation” is by means of the “sun” and NOT the “son”.Akhenaten was the true Messiah, Yeshua studied his works. “Jesus” of the Bible is the Saturnian “messiah”- entirely different teachings. One again: religions are Saturn worship, a realm of artificial intelligence. The Sun is organic. (But, in the greater scheme, it is ALL a computer universe, all CODE- but the different planetary realms emit different types of Code).

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  • marloso2

    On number 18 you spelt one “on”

  • MatrixChild 33

    EVERYTHING about Akhenaten is wrong. 1. He was not deformed. He taught epigenetic transformation like Yeshua did- meaning self-healing and transformation and even transcendence. 2. He was Essene, Essenes understood that the Living Sun was the source of trinary information that heals this PlaNet, it is NOT A GOD 3. Just like Yeshua, he did not call himself a “god”, he understood that Rh negatives have unlimited organic potential to transform this realm as they please (the Essenes were all Rh negative or epigenetically cleansed until their blood was no longer hybrid with the black goo (the “oil” in all religions, an aritificially intelligent programmable matter- see “Prometheus” and “Lucy”) 4. He only had one wife- he was not interested in the carnal and material, they both transcended this material realm, just like Yeshua taught 5. THEY WERE NOT BURIED AND THUS NOT FOUND- burial is a trap of the Saturnian cults (all religions)- the trick is to trap as many “souls” in this realm so they always have a supply of souls when they have to flash flood the PlaNet again and reboot it 5. King Tut was NOT his son (once again, he could not have had a deformed child because the Essenes were self-healers) 6. ALL THE PICTURES ARE WRONG: they portray the Sirius sun and the two main pillars as in all the occult religions, they portray Nefertiti with a Moon thing on her head or a fish hat- once again, Tutankhamen and Nefertiti revered the Sun realm (I did not say “worshiped”!) and did not follow the cults of the Moon (“Amun”), Orion/Sirius (“Ra”) and Saturn Matrix! Therefore, the deformed guy in the pictures with the sun disk with hands and the Moon crown on the woman ARE NOT Nefertiti and Akhenaten! THE ATEN is Unity Consciousness, a Force that unites us all, especially non-hybrids, and not a “god”. “God” is a human, temporal and limiting construct.