5 ‘Alien’ skulls that science cannot explain

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  • Jason Fowler

    Last paragraph repeated twice. Great article though!

  • Global

    Starchild skull should be there.

  • patriot156

    Well I don’t care who chimes in and says stop. These are proof that the fallen angels and their offspring were not of this world to begin with. Genesis 6 says they came down to begin with because they found human women rather attractive,and wanted to be with them. In other books like Enoch it does go on to say they defiled themselves with animals; The Giants that is. It makes perfect sense that Angels which were the watchers of us; much like Guardian angels that many religions talk about, that when they gave up their Immortality, they were not quite human to begin with. So when they mated with human women it makes sense their offspring would be Giants, and superhuman to begin with. Then when the offspring defiled themselves with animals these are that offspring I believe. Which is where our stories of Mermaids, demons, Minotaur, Hydras, Centaur, among others came from.
    it’s said in Enoch that the Fallen ones were the ones responsible for teaching us all this science and medicine and stuff, but before you congratulate them that stuff wouldn’t have been needed if we were immortal like we first were.
    regardless ancient aliens or God or a bit of both until one comes to disprove the other this is what I believe in and will try to educate people on.

    • Rahomnisiel Nightshade

      Belief in God and the flat Earth is obviously fanatical and childish. Time to grow up. These so called demons and angels are nothing more than beings from other worlds. And this god is nothing but the energy of the universe.

      • patriot156

        Never said Flat earth, and your the one being childish for adding in what I never said of even believe in. It’s childish to say God doesn’t exist, it’s foolishness and antichrist like since to not believe in God, one would have to deny Christ.
        As a watcher and knower of truth and, helping fulfill prophecy I’m just trying to pass on knowledge that God wants brought out in the last days.

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