Alien Moon Base In Official NASA Images

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  • James Clark

    I definitely believe in extraterrestrial life. They probably have even visited us in the past. Perhaps they are in contact with some governments today. However, it is ludicrous to think that they had a base on the moon and that we decided to destroy that base. Why would we do that? Firstly, any base they have would have technology surpassing ours and would be worthy of examination. Secondly, any alien race having that kind of technology would likely have equally advanced military weaponry. For us to simply “declare war” on them and destroy one of their bases would be stupid to the nth degree.

  • Tojo Melville

    It is very worrying , wondering what Earth governments are going to do next. I wanted to say America but there are more nations exploring space now.
    I believe there are Aliens with bases on the moon. We must not harm the moon…we don’t know fully what it does for Earth.

    • Art

      Actually, we do know what it does for the earth and it does quite a bit.

    • Alex xxx

      once technology is fully developed to be able to send cruisers to the moon to investigate this cause in depth and in case lay siege

      • kiwib

        we supposbly went to the moon 50 years ago, we have the technlogy to go therea couple times a day if we wanted, but for some reason we never go near it…. have we been warne3d to stay away?

  • the paa’tal

    believe me james that base is still there and i expect there was technology of some imortance ,

  • the paa’tal

    and we do have weapons that match them, for example ufos started appearing when we started with nuclear bombs , because nuclear bombs mess with other dimensions and can harm not only ourselves in the form of vibration but we can do serious damage to other beings and planets. there was a romour of a force field that was placed around earth to contain those who had the intentions of going to other planets and behaving in a manner that most of us humans would not do , we are heading in a direction that will enable us all to experience life more fully and without limits

  • Dean Criswell

    Video is a friggin waste of time….shows nothing.

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  • Tizzytay89

    If this is true and we have nuked the moon we dont deserve to find another planet to host. We are already starting to destroy the ones we know nothing about. If indeed these aliens have given one inch of a thought to make direct contact with us in the past im sure there decision not to was a wise one. We destroy and conquer and that has always beenthe nature of humanity and if they are looking for a planet to host im sure they are patient enough to sit back and watch us destroy ourselves . “vacant”

  • Philip Kousoubris

    There’s more on that page. It’s a whole city.

  • James Cole

    Given how unfathomly massive the universe is, I find it hard to believe we are that will occupy that space. Also try to fathom that the entire time mammals have lived earth would less than one second in time if all of time was the equivalent of one year. Moon bas3s could have been there millions of years before we existed. Time to hide the evidence.

  • SeanJ76

    I’m sure it’s one of the alien species inhabiting the earth currently, doubt it’s the reptilians, or Nordic race, but more than likely its the “Grays” base that they built prior to coming here, wouldn’t you set up a surveillance front prior to invading a planet you knew nothing about?? Exactly!

  • cruzito66

    I believe that we are so hellbent on holding power to ourselves that we literally nuke the shit outta everything and ask questions later,sad when we can actually take the time to learn even from other would be sources. On the other hand my question would be what would be so threatening that we would nuke our own moon?

  • col

    Why the hell would Aliens be the moon in the first place, we are nothing that important or intelligent to study. For example we as a species have killed over 75 million of our own kind just in about the last 80 years alone, ( some examples are; ww2, soviet war in Afghanistan, the west war in Afghanistan, Cambodian genocide and Nigerian Civil war). To me this sound like the incident where they thought there was a face on mars, but it turned out to be down to shadows. all so don’t you think if the aliens did have stuff on the moon we be having a war with each other to get all the new technology and weapons, regardless of the cost. If you not believe me, just remember we had the gulf war so we could have cheep oil. Think about, if it was true there would be potentially trillions and trillions of dollars of technology and stuff just in our arms length and you expect nobody to do anything about it .