Aliens among us

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  • Jason Myers

    They also have a place near Cusco where the spaceships landed 3 perfect circles which the local Incan history worshiped those that came from the sky! This is a well known site about an hour from Cusco, I’ve been there and seen it. There is much alien history in Peru, we need to listen to local mythology as it is based on truth and we can learn so much.

    • AncientCodeAdmin

      Yes Jason, Peru is filled with amazing history and EVIDENCE of extraterrestrial activity. From the Nazca lines to Ollantaytambo and Sacsayhuamán, there are amazing sites all over the place.

      Check out our article on Ollantaytambo

  • gilcarlson

    Blue Planet Project Book banned by Amazon! Is
    the gov’t sensitive about their connections with aliens? It is still available
    from publisher:

  • Raveesh

    Hi all…if we look at the Hindu mythology..we wI’ll find that wife of ravana was a reptilian mahabharat…it is mentioned that there is a way to the naaglok ( reptilian dwelling place ) in the depths of holy river Ganga…