Ancient Power Sources of the Gods: Advanced technology and our ancestors

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  • hobby gillara

    Din punctul meu de vedere sunt intrutotul de acord cu aceste explicatii,De zeci de ani am cautat sa le promovez,dar inainte nu exista internet si in general oamenii sunt obtuzi….O parere personala..Religia si lipsa de cultura I / a adus in acest stadiu.Cea mai mare vina o au indivizii ca atare,dupa aceea lipsa motivatiei,lipsurile de zi cu zi ,bolile ,razboaiele si multe altele

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  • Daniel

    How did they get the energy to build the first pyramid if they need pyramid energy to build one?

    What a massively flawed design if the floor at the base, which would be hard to replace, has corrosion and chipping due to the water shock waves and chemicals.

    Instead of asking where’s the evidence showing a lack of extra-terrestrial help you should be asking for specific evidence, not blind hypothesis, for an assertion that ETs helped ancient civilizations. I would love for there to be solid evidence of that but one can’t let that blind them into believing in things that aren’t proven. Where’s the evidence proving your theory is correct? That’s how theories work, not the other way around. You don’t throw something out there and then tell everyone else to prove you wrong.

    These people had bronze-age tools and no basic machines (pulleys, etc.) and some how they moved massive rocks. It remains a mystery. What we don’t find is any remnant of any tools or stone working machinery. Not a complete tool or a chip or a scrape or a wire or anything that would be a highly advance stone tool or stone moving device. If it is found that would be an awesome discovery.

  • aBundy

    Slavery. Gets sht done properly since forever. And yeah wireless stone electricity is real. Do you sincerely believe flinstones achieved that level of sophistication without electricity? There is just no way people with 1400’s technology could’ve budged those ancient – pyramid building civilizations using their primitive boomsticks. Oh wait…

  • shan

    It is very strange to note that you guys go out searching everywhere! even out of the universe for answers for the Alien beings and conclude reptilian etc. But you dont need to go anywhere to unfold these mysteries. All these mysteries has got answers in the holy book of Quraan. In that the almighty says apart from humans & Angels there is one more race he has created much prior to human creation and they are called the JINN.

    The Quran says “ And I created the Jinn and men, only for them to serve ME”. “And We have created man from a clay hardened and shaped. And the Jinn, We created him before that from the fire of the fierce hot winds.” (15:26-27)The JINN are beings with free will, living on Earth in a world parallel to mankind. The Arabic word means to conceal. In short, these beings are created before mankind and living with us totally hidden or with a few signs just to show their existence in the form of Gods & Goddesses Ghosts, Ascended Masters, Aliens, Reptilian, Daemons, Nephilim and you name it etc etc….Refer the below links for more insight.

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  • Terry

    when man was 1st created he was not limited to 10% of brain untill evil filled the entire earth and then judgement came and made it harder to get back to that point but we are close. they did learn how to take natural energy and use it in ways we still dont know. their intellect many time ours today but the technology not there yet, now we have tech. but still not to smart !!!

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