Ancient technology

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  • Mick Aldighty

    Anyone who reads this should check out ‘Coral Castle’ and a gentleman named Edward Leedskalnin. This man, who had Tuberculosis and weighed no more than 100 pounds, was able to move approximately 300 million tons of coral by himself, by hand. No one knows how he did it or why. When asked why he did it he would look to the sky and say he did it for his ‘sweet sixteen’. When asked how he did it he said he had learned the secret of the Egyptians. The structure he built still stands in Homestead, Florida.
    These ancient civilizations, as well as Ed Leedskalin, did indeed know of a way of focusing energy and using it to move large, heavy objects. They used this power to build seemingly impossible to build structures like the Pyramids and Coral Castle.
    The power has something to do with magnets and acoustic being used together .

    • Elizabeth Hensley

      Saw Coral Castle. The little guy did it
      himself! (HOW IS a mystery!) There may be ETs & little g gods &
      I know the Big God’s real. Time circles due to well proven General
      Relativity.. If necessary we’ll use future tech to make sure the
      Galilee Carpenter gets His well deserved Kingdom, & so forth.
      Because we CAN, so why not? But all too often gods & ETS get the
      credit for what we ourselves do. Saw a statue of Imhotep (Genius who
      designed the pyramids.) Dress him in Nikes & Levis. Put him on a
      modern street. He’d pass easily for an ordinary Black until Ancient
      Egyptian came out of his mouth. He was (is) a Genius and a grand
      person, but he is not a god. He is HUMAN! The Work Crews who moved
      the stones left graffiti that is still readable! No doubt HUMANS
      built them! How of course is not completely understood. For instance we
      recently found out some of the pyramids have some concrete in them!
      But WE built them. We are the Body of Christ (1 Corinthian’s 12:27)
      WE are going to go & build that 1400 mile cube mentioned in Rev
      21:16. (ALL Carpenters use their BODIES to build things.) Heaven is
      real because Time-Space circles & Science made it so.

  • shan

    It is very strange to note that you guys go out searching everywhere! even out of the universe for answers for the Alien beings and conclude reptilian etc. But you dont need to go anywhere to unfold these mysteries. All these mysteries has got answers in the holy book of Quraan. In that the almighty says apart from humans & Angels there is one more race he has created much prior to human creation and they are called the JINN.

    The Quran says “ And I created the Jinn and men, only for them to serve ME”. “And We have created man from a clay hardened and shaped. And the Jinn, We created him before that from the fire of the fierce hot winds.” (15:26-27)The JINN are beings with free will, living on Earth in a world parallel to mankind. The Arabic word means to conceal. In short, these beings are created before mankind and living with us totally hidden or with a few signs just to show their existence in the form of Gods & Goddesses Ghosts, Ascended Masters, Aliens, Reptilian, Daemons, Nephilim and you name it etc etc….Refer the below links for more insight.

  • Theoldlady

    A really great article! Evidence of space ships and alien beings all through out the bible and other ancient writings.

  • Χρονοταξιδιώτης_5000

    the picture that attached to this article I believe describes the reality of advanced technology derived from ancient civilizations, by itself!