Göbekli Tepe

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  • nilantha aajeewa

    yes, all people thinks that the gods are living in no place. but ancient myths says gods was appeared to human. the were not gods. but according to our technology we have to say like that. they all aliens supported to few of cultures to built strong. and those people obey them!

  • infowolf1

    I think the sand was brought in by The Flood. Not put there by people on purpose.

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  • George

    One can think and speculate to their heart’s content but the fundamental fact is that, without a written history or credible tools associated with the building of the site – WE JUST HAVE NO CLUE. Mainstream archaeologists, when THEY have no clue, automatically dredge up the “temple” or “religious site” explanation. They simply have to pound that square peg into that ubiquitous round hole (like that sunken site off the coast of Japan – again, no clue). Myself, I simply cannot reconcile the “established fact” that, 12,000 years ago when homo sapiens were barely out of the trees, with the sudden grasp of the concepts of quarrying, transporting, carving and engineering of massive stones and decided to build a monumental structure in order to “worship” at a time when daily living was life and death. Nuts to that.