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Izsak Delporte Crater Location of an Alien Spaceship?

Izsak is a small lunar impact crater that is located on the Moon’s far side, hidden from view from the Earth. It lies about half-way between the walled plains Fermi to the northeast and Milne to the southwest. Due south of Izsak is the larger crater Schaeberle. Izsak is a circular, nearly symmetric crater formation with a sharp-edged rim that has received little erosion. At the midpoint of the interior floor is a small central peak. – wikipedia

Delporte is a lunar impact crater on the Moon’s far side. It overlies part of the northwestern rim of the huge walled plain Fermi, and the crater Litke is nearly attached to the southeastern rim.

The rim of this crater is only marginally worn, although it is not quite circular and the edge is somewhat uneven. There is a shelf running along the northern inner wall. At the midpoint is a central ridge that extends to the northward. – wikipedia

This is the original image from NASA of the location where the famous “Alien ship” rests.

ufo moon

This is the cut out version of the above image. We see the famous “Alien Ship” categorized by many who have seen the image.


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