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NASA should’ve looked TWICE before posting these images of the Apollo Moon missions

Do you still don’t believe we’ve actually managed to land a man on the moon? To put an end to the worldwide conspiracy (apparently it’s still there), NASA made history as they released thousands of images of the Apollo moon missions that took place between 1961 and 1972.

This otherworldly collection includes over 13,000 breathtaking images taken by the various astronauts that made it to the moon during the ‘Moon exploration era’.

For decades numerous authors, ufologists and researchers have claimed that there are countless mysteries about the moon. For years many authors claimed that there are things on the moon which NASA does not want to disclose.

In fact, previous studies of the moon have shown there are numerous ‘remarkable’ and ‘questionable’ features on the surface of the moon, which have led ufologists around the globe to question the true purpose of Earth’s faithful natural companion.

So, what’s so odd about the moon?

It is well-known that there are some lunar rocks that have been found to contain ten times more titanium than “titanium rich” rocks on planet Earth.

Here on Earth, we use Titanium in supersonic jets, deep diving submarines, and spacecraft. It’s unexplainable why the moon contains that much “titanium rich” rocks

Interestingly, Dr. Harold Urey, Nobel Prize winner for Chemistry said he was terribly puzzled by the rocks astronauts found on the moon and their Titanium content. The samples were unimaginable and mind-blowing since researchers could not account for the presence of Titanium.

Now, ufologists claim that in addition to the numerous ‘odd’ features that have been found by experts in the past, the newly published images by NASA only add fuel to the unexplainable discoveries on the moon.

Robin Brett, a scientist from NASA stated, “It seems easier to explain the non-existence of the Moon than its existence.

In the 1970’s, Mikhail Vasin and Alexander Shcerbakov from the Soviet Academy of Science wrote an article called: “Is the Moon the creation of Alien Intelligence?” It was a very interesting article that asked some important questions. How is it possible that the surface of the moon is so hard and why does it contain minerals like Titanium? Mysteriously there are some lunar rocks that have been found to contain PROCESSED METALS such as Brass, the elements of Uranium 236 and Neptunium 237 that have NEVER been found to occur naturally.

Here, we take a look at some of the most incredible images and the dozens of UFO’s seen in the images.


A certainly interesting feature seen in the above image… Wha the heck is the mysterious line seen in the middle of the photographs? Is it just a processing error? Or is it possible that Astronauts actually capture a UFO flying across the surface of the moon?


The above image shows an alarmingly large object seen near the surface of the moon; the question is: What is it? Is this another error present in the images? Or did NASA’s astronauts snap another image of a UFO while they were exploring the moon?


Then, of course, we have these anomalous features in another image from the Moon. If these are just ‘stars’ as some suggest, then what are the mysterious streaks located below them? This is certainly another image worth investigating.


That’s another extremely interesting image from the Moon. What is the strange blueish UFO doing there? This mysterious ‘blue’ UFO is actually present in numerous other images from the moon.


There it is again; the Blue UFO was spotted a dozen of times by NASA astronauts.


There it is again, notice there is a smaller bluish UFO located just above the astronaut (to the right) it’s barely visible, though.


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    Buzzfeed called: they want their titles back.

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  • Goatess

    What do you see when you zoom in on the astronaut’s visor?

    • The power of the dark side.

      • Goatess

        That was a serious question — your picture says to zoom in on the astronaut’s helmet, there’s a red square there — but nothing is visible when you zoom in. Are you saying all the pictures on here are as useful/real as that one?

        • MyUnicornIsJustAHornyPony

          I cant see a thing in the visor…

  • Jhollman

    I do believe NASA landed on the Moon, just not when they claimed, but years later.
    Moon landing was a masterpiece made by Stanley Kubrick.

    BTW: I zoomed the helmet and saw nothing odd.

  • Savatage64 (Always Deplorable)

    If I sat down with Bigfoot at the dinner table and snapped photos of him eating mashed potatoes and throwing darts in the basement, there is going to be people who will find things in the pictures to quibble about, most of all that Bigfoot isn’t real to begin with because we haven’t found any dead carcasses (yeah? you should see what he left in the upstairs toilet !!)….and the beer can on the mantle is evidence of alien technology and the streak behind the dart feathers isn’t a processing glitch, it’s a faerie fading into and out of a parallel universe and….blah blah blah.. So tired of all the speculation, personally.
    You can’t convince everyone of any one thing….hell, how about that magic JFK bullet?

  • Jonathan Byranch

    Watch the documentary: UFO Moon Rising by Jose Escamilla.
    You’ll be astounded and you’ll also get to see what’s on that astronauts visor, and it’s baffling.

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