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NASA’s Curiosity Rover Image Of Strange Object On Mars

UO on MarsAfter several images that have been impressive to our audience in Images from NASA’s rovers on Mars, from “Helmets“, “Rodents”, remains of “Statues” and “strange creatures“, we bring another image from NASA’s “new kid on the block” the Curiosity Rover.

In this image we see an object that stands out from the rest, symmetrical in design, this object found on Mars doesn’t seem to belong in the scenery of the Red Planet. This object is very remarkable, around it there are very few Martian rocks, but they just look as “ordinary rocks” This object however has a specific shape and that shape makes it stand out from the rest.

This unidentified object also has some sort of circular shaped opening that makes this “Martian Rock” even stranger. The question is what is it? After all of those “strange objects” on the Red Planet, could this one be yet another “ordinary Martian rock”, or is there something else to it? Could this be evidence of Life on Mars? Thousands of years ago? You decide.

Check out the raw image provided by NASA by visiting this link:

Don’t forget to post your comments and let us know what you think this object might be.

The original image:

Another "odd" rock formation on Mars. Credit

Another “odd” rock formation on Mars. Credit


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  • didier91

    si l’on retrouvait une voie ferrée dans le coin, on pourrait penser à une roue de wagon SNCF, mais là …

  • zorgluB59

    découpez un morceaux de la roche en strates juste à côté, sous un certain angle et vous obtenez exactement la même chose…

  • M0B33R

    That’s my damn wheel drum. I was wondering where that went.

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  • anon

    looks like the hull of a boat? and the hole either a port hole or where the anchor would launch?

  • Shant Nakashian

    NASA’s Curiosity Rover has a HD camera’s on-board this image doesn’t look HD to me.

  • Rafael

    A 2º foto é interessante, é algum metal caído no chão.