Official grey alien footage smuggled out of Area 51

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  • adrian

    Well… I´m a little bit sceptic about this “interview”.
    Personally, I believe in aliens and all that stuff, and I´m sure that they´ve influented us in the past. But that interview…well… pretty much everyone can do the same with a costume and a dark room

  • Allan Stark

    This quote – “…film must have been made with very special inside knowledge.”
    How would any outsider know this without also possessing the same inside knowledge?

  • Hiram D. Walker

    With over a billion stars in the Milky Way alone, if only 5% hold at least one habitable planet, that’s still at least a possible 50,000,000 planets. Combine this with at least a billion known galaxies and the chances of an intelligent and advanced life form out there are rather high. And some of that life has most likely had a bit of a jump start over us on technology – like possibly several billion years. So the odds are there are civilizations much older and more advanced than ours and who know’s what their technological knowledge holds. Those who think we’re the only advanced life form around are either very foolish, naive, or both.

  • Cryptid

    That video has been floating around the internet since the mid 1990s, I spent a lot of time exploring the internet world back then as it was still fairly new and everyone had to put their 2 cents worth of a website up. But at least then there was less bullshit and ads to wade through for a good story or information.

  • Abadon Reed

    I believe in Aliens, but this. Well it looks so fake, its easy to see that “Alien” was nothing but a guy in a costume.

  • Mike Yzaguirre

    i seen that video years ago it’s a hoax

  • Japonês

    Isso ai não existe, Deus criou vida somente na Terra, e somente nós temos esse privilegio, ou voces acham que se tivesse vida em outros palnetas Deus não teria mandado colocar isso na biblia?

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