Puma Punku

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  • It is incredible what Ancient civilizations have achieved and it is hard to believe that there was no extraterrestrial influence… Pyramids in Egypt, Central and South America… those are some really incredible constructions that we today would have trouble constructing…

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  • Debunker

    Puma Punku. You say you have no doubt it is “hard to believe that there was no extraterrestrial influence..:? Think again Ivan (IV been fooled again AN) This crap has been debunked many times over. Dream on.

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  • JAH666

    No aliens need be involved here. We did it ourselves a very long time ago.

    According to some research, the human species has been around for up to 200,000 years, and has been pretty smart from the start. Why would it take them so damn long
    to come up with the transition from hunter/gatherers to agriculture/civilization only about 7000 years ago? Even accounting for the population growth/spread necessary to facilitate the transition, this seems like a LONG time before humans became “civilized”. I’m no scientist, but it seems as if humans should have ‘figured it out’ a really long time ago.

    Mounting evidence from around the Earth indicates that humans made the leap to real
    civilization MUCH further back in antiquity than we originally thought and may have established a sea-faring, organized-trade civilization that had outposts over much of the world – all this about 10,000 to 15,000 years ago. The abrupt end to the last ice age about 10,000 years ago raised sea levels rapidly enough to throw down that civilization, causing a return to primitive ways. It then took thousands of years for humanity to recover. Civilizations like the Assyrians, ancient Egyptians, the Maya, the Indus Valley peoples, and many others the world over were, if true, the second wave of civilizations, not the first. Many of them had similar myths and architectural styles that hint strongly at having common roots, something which has long puzzled archeologists.

    There are reasons we didn’t find evidence of the earlier lost civilization until recently. First, most of it was likely concentrated around coastal port cities that were inundated by ‘the flood’ and forgotten. The second is simpler: we just weren’t looking for them. Now that we have the technology to find their remains beneath the seas of the world, we’re finding more and more. We just had to set aside centuries of archeological dogma (“humans became civilized 7000 years ago”) and start looking! Places like Nan Madol, Gobekli Tepe, the Hawara plain, Puma Punku and others on every continent have been shown to date at over 10,000 years old. These sites continue to be studied and more are being discovered.

    It is known by archeological evidence that civilizations rise and fall for many reasons. There is justification for the theory that a world-spanning civilization, with complex architecture and trade, could have existed 10,000 to 15,000 years ago and was subsequently devastated when the last ice age ended. This theory was first widely expounded by Graham Hancock, and he continues to be its champion:


    • patriot156

      Ya really ten thousand years before man even had tools enough to do this BS to your story.
      Man kind thousand of years according to Mainstream science didn’t have the Knowledge asshat.
      No People had to have had some help along the way Not this we did it ourselves crap. people don’t buy this crap. This person is from the mainstream trying to bring dissension among those that believe in either alien origins or as I do fallen angels Especially Genesis 6 story of Giants.
      Gob eke tepe is a thousand years or more before Sumerian civilizations but yet mainstream will not recognize it. they scoff at ti because by their standard people were not able to do what they did back then. since by heir standards man didn’t’ have nothing more than stone tools

      Findings are all the time taking back civilizations beginnings by thousands of years.

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  • The tree-line argument is ridiculous. The quarry was 60 miles away. Certainly, from Pumapunku at 12,800 feet to the quarry, they walked through forrest to get there. I’m not saying that it’s not impressive that they moved 120-ton (and many more stones) stone 60 miles and to an elevation of 12,800 feet, but like the Egyptians who imported logs from Lebanon, the Tiwanaku people who may have built the site would have had no problem getting logs. For this reason, the rest is suspect. The Sumerian connection is definitively fascinating.

  • patriot156

    BS no trees grow here for at least 100 miles or better they are 12k feet up and above the tree line.
    the argument about the treeline argument being ridiculous is the ridiculous part because THEY ARE ABOVE THE TREE LINE! NO FRICKING TREES GROW HERE GET IT! AT LEAST FOR 100 MILES IN EITHER DIRECTION ASS HATS.

  • patriot156

    Maybe stop listening to mainstream science they have their heads up their asses. and only want to protect their power they have over the masses with their lies and deceit. They know these things exist, but then it would mean admitting that God, or some other worldly influence came along many thousands of years ago and that many of what is commonly called myths are.were actually real. it’s just been so long people have lost that knowledge.
    Genesis 6 and Enoch and the book of Jubilees should be where people look for their answers not ass hats who would deny it was a fart even if it was right on their nose.

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