Pyramid on the Moon

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  • David Strossmayer

    Moon is nothing else but the huge UFO with deep undercovered purpose. Earth’s gravity is not strong enough to keep it around its orbit, wherever there is a meteor who hits a Moon all radio-telescopes on the Earth record the strong echo, because it is hollow and furthermore its electromagnetism is too weak to create the rise and the lowering of the oceans. Not to mention that on the contrary of the other planet’s satellites it turns us always the very same side, while on the “Dark side of the Moon” there is a huge activitiy with UFO’s bases, building cranes, towers, trucks miles long and high…which were recorded by all world’s power’s forces whose sattelite went on the other side of the Moon!

    • ckthecerealkiller

      Sooo you’re saying our 4.5 billion year old moon is hollow? Earth’s satellite, with no atmosphere, that has no protection from meteors, and has probably been struck more than a trillion times, is hollow? You are somewhat correct that Earths gravitational pull alone wouldn’t have been enough, by itself, to have kept the Moon on the same orbital path for 4.5 billion years. But I’ll explain 2 more parts of your comment with 1 science fact. The Moon is tidally locked to Earth (like most natural satellites in our solar system). Which is the reason we can only observe about 59% of the Moon’s surface from Earth. It is also the reason the Moon will always maintain an orbit around Earth (until the Earth is destroyed by the Sun anyway). EM has nothing to do with the Moon’s orbit.

      • pr0skedaddle

        the moon is more older than 5 billion years FYI.its hollow thats why we hear echoes when struck by goes around the earth exactly 28 days.moon covers sun EXACTLY FITTING during a solar eclipse.LOok at the nazca lines on web,book or practically.what your response was probably the COGNITIVE BIASES of YOURS!

        • Captain Planet

          may I contribute, please? I think you, sir, are talking out of your ass…

        • dit12

          more older? lol…do you even English, bro?

  • Jack

    Look at the images taken before this one in the catalogue. The images adjacent to the pyramid photo are close ups of the Lunar Roving Vehicle and those images offer plenty of triangular shapes. I think this could be a good explanation to the pyramid image.

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  • John Dempsey Jr.

    As much as I would like to think there might be something to this pyramid on moon the picture is too blurred to clearly make out detail distance and clarity or relative size? Could be part of the rover depending on the camera angle. Or a light and shadow effect with the moons terrain. Or, it could be a flipping pyramid. On the moon! Your guess is good as mine.:-)

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      If there was a pyramid it would never reach the public…ever they’ll take that one to the grave or kill anyone trying to share this knowledge a la JFK

  • x

    That is the window of the Lunar module, overexposed.