Shocking similarities between Ancient Civilizations: A hidden pattern that explains it all

One of the questions most of us have asked about ancient history is why did so any ancient civilizations build Pyramids all over the world? If these ancient civilizations weren’t interconnected in one way or another… why did they follow a nearly identical architectural pattern? Did they have the same instructor? There are countless enigmatic questions that still remain a mystery for mainstream scholars when it comes to ancient civilizations and their development.

Here we have a few of the most incredible similarities among prehistoric civilizations that prove they shared a universal scientific knowledge, something that mainstream scholars are certain is impossible.

Why did the ancients build Pyramids, all over the word?


We start off with the building of the Pyramids. These majestic ancient monuments can be found in all corners of the world, from stepped pyramids, circular and classic pyramid, nearly all ancient cultures around the world built incredible Pyramids that challenge our modern-day understanding of some of the most incredible ancient civilizations on Earth. The Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Chinese, Pre-Inca, Inca, Aztecs, Maya and countless other ancient cultures erected Pyramids that still exist today.

No one has been able to understand what the real purpose of the pyramids was… Where they meant to be used as tombs? As Storage rooms? As monuments to honor the Gods? Or is it possible that as many believe today, Pyramids were built to harness the natural energy of the planet and the universe. The Mystery regarding pyramids deepens when you realize that some of them, like the pyramids located in the Giza Plateau are astronomically aligned. The truth is that, even though we have tried really hard in understanding the fundamental principles of the pyramids that ancient cultures built, we still have no idea how they were able to erect this majestic buildings and what their true purpose was.

Pyramids and their celestial connection

orions belt orientation pyramids

The fact that Cultures and ancient civilizations around the world built incredible monuments is something fascinating, and the fact that nearly all of them share incredible architectural similarities is mind boggling, but we cannot forget their celestial connection that most of them share as well.

If we look at the Pyramids at the Giza Plateau, at the Pyramids of Teotihuacan and even the Chinese Pyramids, we will find out that all of them seem to be aligned to particular constellations. In this case we are talking about the Constellation of Orion, which apparently was of extreme importance not only to the Ancient Egyptians, but to the Ancient Aztecs and their predecessors, the Ancient Chinese and other ancient civilizations around the world.

How was ancient mankind capable of positioning monuments which such precision in order to mimic the cosmos is something no one has been able to fully understand, and it remains as one of the greatest enigmas ever.

Ancient Metal Clamps… Evidence of lost ancient technology?

Ancient metal Clamps

Are the ancient metal clamps real evidence of a lost advanced technology waiting to be re-discovered? Traces of this alleged los technology can be found on megaliths temples and numerous other prehistoric monuments around the world. What was the true purpose of these ancient metal clamps? And the more important questions no one has been able to answer is… How did this ancient technology spread to other parts of the globe? Evidence of the ancient metal clamps can be found in constructions in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Pre-Inca, Inca and other parts of the world. Is it possible that these ancient builders ad the same teacher? Did they follow the same patter just as they did when they started building Pyramids?

The mysterious T-Grooves have been discovered n Tiahuanaco, Ollantaytambo, Koricancha and the site of Yuroc Rumi, Vilcabamba. These clamps were also used on the Parthenon, on buildings in Mesopotamia, Egypt and Cambodia.

While scientists are still unsure about the exact purpose of the mysterious T-Grooves, some have suggested that they might have been used for some sort of ceremonial purpose while other point that the ancient metallic clamps might have been used to keep huge boulders together, in the right position.

The Swastika symbol, present in nearly every culture of the past


The Swastika, also referred to as the gammadion, is one of the oldest and most widespread symbols on planet Earth. And if you thought it is a symbol that represents evil and death, you are very very wrong. To make it short and clear, the Swastika symbol stands for peace and prosperity and is a very positive symbol.

It is considered a universal symbol and was used by numerous cultures and ancient civilizations throughout history. As we know it today, Swastika is actually a Sanskrit word which means “that which is good” or “all is well” but some translate it to “lucky or auspicious object”, whatever the translation it is a very positive symbol. In Hinduism it is a very sacred symbol deeply connected with luck and prosperity, and yes, there is a lot to be learned about this ancient symbol which has been misinterpreted since 1900’s.

Archaeologists have debated about the exact origin and date of the Swastika symbols. Recent research has shown that the earliest known object with swastika-motifs is a bird from the tusk of a mammoth from the Paleolithic settlement of Mezine, Ukraine which dates back between 10,000 and 12,000 BCE. The vinca culture is among the earliest cultures that utilized the swastika symbol. In Asia, many business organizations use the Swastika symbol officially; for example the Ahmedabad Stock Exchange and the Nepal Chamber of Commerce use it.

Why the symbol of the Swastika spread across the entire planet is still a mystery that archaeologists and historians have failed to understand.

The Pine Cone Symbol: Found in nearly every culture around the Globe


From Ancient Rome to Ancient Mesopotamia, the Pine Cone symbols is without a doubt one of the most mysterious symbols found in ancient art and architecture. According to many researchers, the Pine Cone symbol points towards the highest degree of spiritual illumination possible, something that was recognized by nearly every single ancient cultures around the globe, embedded into their monuments and art including the Indonesians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans.

Strangely, the Pine Cone appeared to have had the same meaning for all of the ancient cultures, symbolizing the secret vestigial organ: the Pineal Gland, also referred to as the “Third Eye”

Why this ancient symbol spread across numerous ancient civilization is a mystery that just like the Pyramids and Metal Clamps, researchers have failed to understand.

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  • Guestarino

    What if all the pyramid structures are all useless structures with their only objective being make us think about them, study them, wonder about them?

    While we devot our time to these structures (and others…) we dont think about what really matters, for example getting out of here…

    Perhaps these structures and all the history associated with them, are artificial constructs of beings that want us here and not thinking about escape…

    Just an idea, like any other…

    • TropicThunder

      Why escape?

  • poontofview

    surprisingly, perhaps, the ancient high-tech machinery glyphs have been
    dismissed out of hand by modern Egyptologists. Given the great body of
    knowledge that now exists with regard to ancient Egypt, the concept of the
    Egyptian military flying around in sophisticated aircraft three thousand years
    ago is simply ludicrous. The conventional explanation for these mysterious
    carvings, fielded by Egyptologists, is that they are just illusions. The most
    likely cause of these anomalous hieroglyphs is considered to be due to
    re-facing and re-carving of the original temple stonework, and to weathering
    effects. Over a protracted period of time, it is believed that parts of the
    reworked stone have fallen away, revealing older hieroglyphs underneath. In
    effect, sections of the original and re-carved hieroglyphs have become
    overlapped to produce altered images that bear little, if any resemblance, to
    the original images. Such images are termed ‘palimpsests’ by Egyptologists.

    find it repulsive and insulting that there are people and organizations within
    the archaeological and ancient science community’s that consistently explain and
    wright off ancient discoveries such as the ancient “Abydos Carvings”
    (hieroglyphs) as Myths and misinterpretations of the hieroglyphs. These so-called experts on ancient Egyptian Hieroglyph’s
    and many other carvings and ancient hieroglyphic translations are basing their
    findings on their limited education and studies of ancient world history
    cultures, as they are viewing the carvings and text through the eyes of a 20th
    Century Archaeologist and Ancient World Scientist and not through the eyes of
    understanding of the actual experiences that the authors of these carvings were
    having at the time they were actually making the symbols we see in the

    these ancient Egyptian sculptures may not have had a degree from what we
    consider our most reputable and most prestigious University Colleges we have
    today, does not in any way discredit these ancient Egyptian Historians who in
    great detail carved in stone of the things they visually saw which have now
    lasted thousands of years. They had also carved hand-sized and larger statues-statuettes of people-beings dressed in very elaborate body suites that resemble our modern day Astronaut suits and vehicles that resemble our modern day planes and jets. Because there’s a huge ego and arrogance factor in the minds of modern day Archaeologists and Scientists who can’t accept the fact that there are many things that exist in this world and universe that they can’t prove or explain from their educational background, they automatically label them as “Myths,” and exaggerated made-up stories told around primitive campfires. Modern day Scholars won’t and refuse to accept the possibility that ancient people may very well have had tools and things that don’t exist in the dimension we live in that made it possible to make and move extremely heavy objects with ease. Just because Modern Science may demand proof of the tools or whatever made it possible to conduct the tasks the ancient Egyptian’s performed doesn’t in anyway mean that the ancient technology’s didn’t exist or doesn’t exist in this present day.

    There have been suggestions stated that the Ancient Egyptian’s may have had
    assistance and help in building structures and transportation types of
    crafts. This may or may not be true, however modern day Archaeologists and Scientist’s have “only” offered their own personal concepts, idea’s, theories, and opinions on this topic and are no more an expert than you or I.

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  • Jim Mooney

    I’m not a skeptic, but I don’t see the mystery in pyramid parallelism. A pyramid is the only tall structure that can be built without modern engineering. You just pile stuff up, but it has to get smaller as it rises or things begin to fall off ;’)

  • Allan Stark

    Why did so many ancient cultures decide they needed pyramids? They are conceptually simple, but the implementation is a bitch. And we only call them pine cones because they look like pine cones. Considering the ancient art depicting who had them and the strange manner in which they used them, I doubt they fell off a tree.

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  • John Rutkoski

    I think we are expecting too much from too little. A small child playing with building blocks quickly builds pyramids ( at least I always did), why, because it is one of the simplest shapes you can make with blocks that doesn’t fall over easily. It is a simple geometric progression that requires little ingenuity, I was pretty dumb at 3, some may argue that hasn’t changed much. Add obsession, kings, slaves, religion, fanaticism, time, and ego to the mix, and pyramids pop out. They represent an enormous waste of time, and stand as symbols of failure to these belief systems. Lifting the big blocks is interesting though, but don’t have time to worry about it. If they had anti-gravity, we should be able to figure it out too – right now.

  • Winter Hawk

    They were all built by the Nommos Atlantians. The Aquatic Overlords that still and always have dwelt beneath the waves. They are a different Density Intelligence. The Pyramids are like a Candle to a Moth and people from all over flock to them to be Initiated into the Higher Dimensions.. Its kind of a gift from the Aliens you might say.. Think in terms of Dagon, Dogon and Dogu.. Think in terms of Jonah, Joannes, Oannes,Onassis the Pope , Peter, John the Baptist, Elijah, Enoch, Thoth, Hermes, Nimrod, Hammurabi Gilgamesh , The Merovingian’s, Melusine of Starbucks fame Mermaids, Mer-lynn, Mery,( Mary ,Mare, Sea,Isis Ice, Sea-Zones )
    Mary is the Black of Night before the Stars are added and She gave Birth to the SUNS. So She IS the Mother of God.. and so on …