Strange “Creature” Caught in Curiosity Rover’s Mars Image?

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  • Ryan

    Looks like a fossil to me, the shadowing in the photo is why I say that.

    • Jaclyn

      Yeah, you can tell by the shadow underneath the “feet”. Good eye!

      • Knowledge Bomb

        Wind currents (and sand particles) don’t go in a straight path.

  • Histoire Mantaille

    why robot don t go and see? so simple….!

    • Jason L.

      Well maybe “they” –> NASA doesn’t want the public to know, maybe they already know whats going on?

  • whydisqusneedmyemail

    It’s a baby Dewback and this is Tatooine. Clearly.

  • Darryl L. Pierce

    It’s a rock. Your mind is looking for meaning in the patterns present.

    • Jesse

      Have you taken a look at the other rocks around that “rock”… what is that “rock” the ugly duckling rock so it stands out from the rest?

  • Necro

    i see the animal.. but it’s a rock… to have darkness like that under the feet means it’s not touching the ground like some of the other rocks in the picture.. i don’t think mars is inhabited by flying rodents.

    • Niang

      I’ve read somewhere that there is a possibility that the Rover brought some animals to Mars for testing… Also read that there is a possibility that Mars can sustain life underground. Who knows, sure is an interesting find!

  • Lucille van Pelt

    If this is an alien Charles Brown is wanted for harbouring an illegal immigrant since October 31st.

  • me

    looks like Elvis to me.

  • Alberto

    10 minutes looking into a cloudy sky and i can also find animals, faces and even furniture :)

  • gilcarlson

    I want to see the pictures of aliens on Mars! Here are some illustrations of known aliens, what would the Martians look like?

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