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Strange “Creature” Caught in Curiosity Rover’s Mars Image?

From the data obtained from years of research we know that Red Planet is a very strange place.  NASA’s Rovers on the Red planet have been providing incredible images lately and in some of those images “crazy” things are being discovered. We have presented you articles in which we show images from Mars that resemble objects like “Helmets” to even a “Squirrel” .

mars imageWhile some media around the world explain that these are just mere “natural rock formations” we disagree and bring you this image that appears to show some sort of creature in it, either that or our editors have a really big imagination.

This strange looking “rock” looks very much like a rodent and it even appears to have a tail. Is it possible that there are life form son Mars that can survive the harsh environment? Could there be a slight possibility that there is life in the underground? We know that life was possible a time ago on Mars, we also know that Mars once had rivers and oceans. Is it possible that “life” on Mars somehow was preserved deep inside the planet?

What do you think this is? Just another strange looking “rock” on Mars? Or, after several other strange findings, could there be something more to this? Comment and share your thoughts.

Here is the official link to the original image:


mars creature 1



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Check out our article, Curiosity finds “Helmet” on Mars and our newest finding on Mars, “Remains of an Ancient Statue found on Mars?”



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  • Ryan

    Looks like a fossil to me, the shadowing in the photo is why I say that.

    • Jaclyn

      Yeah, you can tell by the shadow underneath the “feet”. Good eye!

      • Knowledge Bomb

        Wind currents (and sand particles) don’t go in a straight path.

  • Histoire Mantaille

    why robot don t go and see? so simple….!

    • Jason L.

      Well maybe “they” –> NASA doesn’t want the public to know, maybe they already know whats going on?

  • whydisqusneedmyemail

    It’s a baby Dewback and this is Tatooine. Clearly.

  • Darryl L. Pierce

    It’s a rock. Your mind is looking for meaning in the patterns present.

    • Jesse

      Have you taken a look at the other rocks around that “rock”… what is that “rock” the ugly duckling rock so it stands out from the rest?

  • Necro

    i see the animal.. but it’s a rock… to have darkness like that under the feet means it’s not touching the ground like some of the other rocks in the picture.. i don’t think mars is inhabited by flying rodents.

    • Niang

      I’ve read somewhere that there is a possibility that the Rover brought some animals to Mars for testing… Also read that there is a possibility that Mars can sustain life underground. Who knows, sure is an interesting find!

  • Lucille van Pelt

    If this is an alien Charles Brown is wanted for harbouring an illegal immigrant since October 31st.

  • me

    looks like Elvis to me.

  • Alberto

    10 minutes looking into a cloudy sky and i can also find animals, faces and even furniture :)

  • gilcarlson

    I want to see the pictures of aliens on Mars! Here are some illustrations of known aliens, what would the Martians look like?