Sumer and the Anunnaki

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  • Chris

    We are all descended from aliens…this is old news.

    • hidden_agenda714

      Correct. The “Gods” in the bible actually referred to the Aliens. And to the primitive humans back then, those Aliens with their advance Technology would seem like God to them.

      Anunnaki – “Those from heaven to earth came”.

      • marc

        Watch what you say, agenda. Are you sure you’re crediting the right people? How do you know the tablets say so if you can’t read them yourself? How are you so positive that the bible and the tablets were actually later created to ship off something else for the public to argue about? I don’t know about anyone else, but to me, the worst thing to do after falsely blaming someone is falsely crediting. There’s a higher chance that the Sumerians themselves were advanced, and sewer systems, cobble stone, and cuneiform are obvious requirements for a civilization! Other civilizations grew at a smaller rate Sumerians, but that doesn’t mean that they had extraterrestrial assistance, it means that they worked harder, had better resources, thought more, or a combination of either choices. Don’t immediately believe what you hear until you see it and know what it really is. We all know that politicians have long noses. The church works hand-in-hand. How do you expect to find concrete evidence of something that THEY supposedly found? Be reasonable people, and may you be with it for as long as possible.

        • Kryptk143

          I would rather take into account the Sumerian tablets any day. And how do people know what the tablets actually say? Have you ever heard of the Behiston mountain? There are three different ancient languages explained how to read.. As ancient languages changed or fell away they found ways to pass on how to read it.. Behiston Mountain is to Cuneiform as the Rosetta Stone is to Egyption Hieroglyphs… Put down your King James Bible and educate yourself instead of rambling on not knowing what you are talking about… Cuniform has been and still is a well studied language as is the Egyptian language as is pretty much all language.. Knowledge is everything…

        • You should inform yourself by reading books like those from sitchin and jean bottero and samuel noah kramer.

  • rocketman481

    Marduk will return!!!

  • shan

    The Almighty says apart from humans & Angels there is one more race he has created much prior to human creation and they are called the JINN.
    The Quran says “ And I created the Jinn and men, only for them to serve ME”. “And We have created man from a clay hardened and shaped. And the Jinn, We created him before that from the fire of the fierce hot winds.” (15:26-27)The JINN are beings with free will, living on Earth in a world parallel to mankind. The Arabic word means to conceal. In short, these beings are created before mankind and living with us totally hidden or with a few signs just to show their existence in the form of Gods & Goddesses Ghosts, Ascended Masters, Aliens, Reptilian, Daemons, Nephilim and you name it etc etc….Refer the below links for more insight.

    • jo

      your full of crap. the quran is full of lies. read the bible to get the truth. there are no other Gods other than the man who died on cross for us Jesus. There are no goddess ghosts and whatever other bs your saying

      • shan

        Brother Jo,

        How can the God die on Cross and that also by his own creation “the man”.

        Below is the definition of Allah(The Almighty) in Holy Quran. If you have any better definition other than this I am interested.

        “Say: He is Allah, The One and Only.
        “Allah, the Eternal, Absolute.
        “He begets not, nor is He begotten.
        And there is none like unto Him.”
        [Al-Qur’an 112:1-4]

        • chris

          Stupid! God s unknown!

        • obama_sucks2

          Jesus the Son of God, who came to this earth as fully man and for God, did die on the cross. If you don’t want to believe it that’s fine.

          • Preme

            wow. most dialogue reflects the very spirit of closed-mindedness all religions are supposed to free one from. Where did religion originate? Who is the “US” that pondered creating Man is “their” (plural) image? We cannot say the bible is truth and use the bible as reference! What other book anywhere in the world is Jesus written about? There are millions of clay tablets speaking about these beings, but only 1 book speaking about Jesus. Hmmm
            In my humble opinion, all religion is man made and meant to lead one to servitude. Only knowledge is infinite, and we are too young a species to decide right now what can andd cannot be. Just my opinion.

          • Shan

            There is one more book has Jesus written on it. It’s holy Quran. In fact there is one full chaptor called sura Mariam(Prophet Eisa’s(may peace be upon him) virgin mother). But Quran says Prophet Eisa(may peace be upon him) or Jesus was a human and a mighty Prophet or messenger of Almighty like Adam, Noah, Ibrahim, Moses(may peace be upon all of them). Quran refutes trinity completely and certified Mariam a virgin and a pious lady who worshipped only one God.

      • hidden_agenda714

        LOL, you’re a freaking idiot. The bible is a complete fraud. It is not an accurate translation. It has been modified to keep people like you uniformed.

        The Sumerian Tablets are the real deal. It predates the Bible by over 2,000 years. The Hebrew Bible was a short copy of the Sumerian tablet.

        And your bible, is a very bad copy of the Hebrew Bible. Not only that, the Church and whomever translated the Hebrew Bible also left out a couple of chapters. I wonders why.

        • Holly

          Totally agree amazing how people don’t know the bible is a bad copy that diluted much older writings.

        • obama_sucks2

          Just because it was written after the Sumerian Tablets mean nothing. And you need to look at which translation. There are many. Most use the Critical Texts to translate from. The KJV, which I prefer, uses a different form of texts. The KJV is the closest version. Not perfect no, but the best.

          And with the Sumerian Texts each temple records history. The kicker is it’s completely different for each temple. They aren’t reliable either. And no. The Bible is not a copy of the Sumerian Texts.

          Where did you get your info from? The internet? I got most of mine from college from professors who studied and proved their work.

          • deano

            From Professors? Trained at JESUIT Universities such as Oxford,Georgetown,Fordham & Wisconsin……who all answer to EMERITU Professors…….just like the Emeritu Bishops of the Vatican. The SMITHSONIAN has the same logo as the Jesuits/IHS/Society of Jesus. The National Academy of Sciences was founded by the “Lazzaroni”, who censored or discredited anyone who didn’t comply with their agenda & “Oath”.
            Do they deny that the “Flood story” is found in Gilgamesh tablets of Babylonia(Akkadian) & even earlier in the “Ziasudra”(Noah) tablets of the Sumerians?
            This was a “HOT” topic from late 1800s to 1930s, with George Smith a leader in Assyryology. The very term “ARK-aeology” is based on the search for artifacts to confirm the Bible..> the trouble was, the evidence confirmed in “stone” (not papyrus/parchments of +300BC), indicated the Bible was “based” on earlier Akkadian & Sumerian stories……..
            Faith? So you have more faith in a Esubius 300AD version of Greek translations of Proto-Canaanite stories that have again been translated into Latin & then later German/Olde English to finally Catholic King James Version in 1611…….?
            I have more faith in an experts translation of the ORIGINAL ……..
            For a start, Jesus comes from Ihesous(Greek), & Jehovah from YHWH(Yahweh) being changed to JHVH>Jehovah, both in KJV from 1611……

          • The King James version is the most inaccurate translation.

            The Sumerian tablet predates the bible by thousands of years. Everything in the bible is a SHORT story based on the Sumerian tablet. Such as the Garden of Eden story. It’s a LONGER story in the Sumerian tablet version.

            The bible is just a poor copy and the translated version is just a crappier copied used to brain wash dumb fucks like you.

            For example, Yakub in the bible (Jacob) is a creator of white people. You didn’t know that right? Cause the bible was translated by stupid priest who had their own agenda.

        • Dave Eboch

          Tell me why…I want to know..

        • Joshua H. C.

          I can tell you’re a truth seeker by your responses. So I
          thought you might like to know that you are missing some valuable information.
          The only reason why the clay tablets are here, is because they survived the
          first destruction of the earth and are just remnants of a failed society. The
          tablets are a good reminder to us today that if we as a society doesn’t heed
          the Holy Word of God in the Bible then he’ll destroy us. Isn’t it reasonable
          that the owner of the planet and all the universe has a right to do whatever he
          wants with his property?

      • Habib

        No the Holy quran is not lies it’s all true the Annu- is in the holy Quran . Zakaria sechin is mistaken on some point of history . The correct history is in the holy Quran

      • Skore

        Actually yehosheva said don’t praise me give God the praise.

    • Joshua H. C.

      You seem knowledgeable but you are severely misguided.

  • shamael

    one bigotry replaces another one, like so often. Religions use books that they will never be able to read, and Sitchin uses hieroglyphs that he also, and none of you, will ever understand. I read every single word of this tablet in clear and know what is written and symbolized there. This has nothing to do with aliens or any vision of the starry sky as such. It is the same story like those that come and tell us that the hieroglyphs in Egypt found on walls in the main temples are the history of Egypt, or that Jesus was alive and Julius Caesar or Hannibal where reality. When does humanity stops living with false beliefs and visions and killing each other for the greatest forgery of lies. Religion, our governments, and Sitchin have one in common, they tell us just any crap to earn money on the expense of those who believe in their stories.

    • marc

      No doubt. Even I could go up to the tablets, act like I’m one of the only people in the world with the ability to read it, and say anything the government or church wants for money…

  • Adam

    Why would the Sumerians write these stories on clay tablets about 5000 years ago? Because it was important to them and because it was real-it happened to them. Seriously..they spelled it all out for us…they couldn’t have given us any better proof that it occurred than this. And of course the bible continued with some of this information as well.

    • Habib

      Adam who was the father of All mankind have and had all the knowledge from Adam came Sumerian and Ad people the were the two giant race that Annu or God or Allah destroyed. Because they lived with the dinosaurs and the dinosaurs were their source of food for these giant people. The hight was from 60 feet to 12 feet and Annu thee God Allah destroyed all of them alone with the dinosaurs. They build pyramid all over the earth and only their artifact and pyramids remin. The is the absolute turth. Men kinds history goes back 300 millions years.

  • Paul Yak

    It truly makes sense as our overlords (Elite royalty, so called nobility, industrialists and politicians etc) are so addicted to gold. It is just a shiny metal unless you can see/sense/research its subatomic/monoatomic/triboelectric properties, which they/their alien leaders can/did/do. This is why I believe we must take back the rule of OUR world. Not an elite working in conjunction with an alien race to steal OUR Resources!

    • chris

      Rules? They don’t have one I guess…

  • ForeverYoung

    I believe the elliptical orbit is 36,000 & not 3,600 years as shown in the text above. Also, the Anunnaki arrived approximately 450,000 years ago but didn’t create the homo sapiens until many years later – after they threatened to strike from many, many years of toll in the gold mines.

  • obama_sucks2

    Sitchin was a fake. The Annunaki mean of princely blood. Also it’s not a watch on their wrist. One it’s on both wrists AND on their head, if you look at other pictures of the Annunaki.

    People want to believe in spend SO much that they believe everything they are told without checking the author’s facts.

  • Habib

    No the Holy quran is not lies it’s all true the Annu- is in the holy Quran . Zakaria sechin is mistaken on some point of history . The correct history is in the holy Quran. Believe or not Annu is the God of heaven and earth. Holy Quran quote ” wa Annu u rabul shearaa. He is the owner of star Sirius. The tire word of Annunaki is Annu Malik is the owner of heaven and earth. O dam asses follow Islam and only path to God Allah(Annu-Malik ) or Annunaki.

    • marie mortaeza

      Pls quote which Surah and verse in the Quran is this: wa Annu u rabul shearaa..? TQ

      • Little Stevie the Love Turnip

        Little Stevie wonders if Marie is a mystic?

    • Joshua H. C.

      I admire your passion and fervor. But I have to ask you a
      simple question. Were you there when the world was created? I sure hope you’re
      not someone who just takes their mother and fathers word for it and instead
      studies for himself all possibilities before making a decision, because if you
      didn’t that would be reckless! I do suspect that your answer will be
      “no” and that is why I would strongly suggest that you look closely
      at all of the facts and read the Holy Bible front to back and pray asking God
      to show you the truth so that you can be sure your soul is not in danger of
      hell fire and damnation. I think this would be a very wise and safe approach,
      don’t you?

      • Peter J Hansen

        and Joshua, I too believe in the truth of your words, and that one should always be a practitioner before preaching, else from where has one begotten such wisdom without the experience? So I think you too should closely look at ALL the facts and read the Holy Quran front to back and pray asking El (his name in the Old Testament) or Al-lah to show you the truth so that you can be sure your soul is not in danger of hellfire and damnation. I think this would be a very wise and safe approach,
        don’t you?

  • Habib

    Adam who was the father of All mankind have and had all the knowledge from Adam came Sumerian and Ad people the were the two giant race that Annu or God or Allah destroyed. Because they lived with the dinosaurs and the dinosaurs were their source of food for these giant people. The hight was from 60 feet to 12 feet and Annu thee God Allah destroyed all of them alone with the dinosaurs. They build pyramid all over the earth and only their artifact and pyramids remin. The is the absolute turth. Men kinds history goes back 300 millions years.

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  • carres kennedy


  • carres kennedy

    I have proof of all things , important to the elect of God . No we dint come from aliens , they are fallen ANGELS , stupid people belivers them ? Well there not the only ones ! The Edomites , and Canaannites know this , look at NIMROD why y’all know nothing about the sun and moon god they worship . The hole world dose .
    I KNOW the truth this ant it ! Thats Zach s opinion ! Stupid one ! There is a HISTORY you dont know about , I have it ! Example NIMROD , Babylon is were ? IRAQ , WHY NO ARABS KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE SUN AND MOON GOD ? WHY ?
    If there is no God why are all tge evil people worshiping Satan ? Oh I see , your so dam brain washed I so many ways , he’ll you think there no cures for cancer , aids ( by the way cordial silver Aids , Ebola Scars ect , so many cures ! Yall so brain washed none of you will look , to see if im telling truth . Crazy ! Realy . I know people for years they know I can cure all kinds of stuff , but they dont try it , many times to death .
    Look at RELIGION , go show a man HISTORY and Archaeological facts , that Allah is both false sun gods . Most dont know . Any way , Satan the sun of the morning , bible said , what raises in the mornings ? RELIGION is not of God ! All religion is another way to heaven . Ask anyone how you go to heaven they all will say I believe and tell you there way , tell them that’s not the way ? Well there is war right ?
    Pride vain people we have become ! Its not about us , its about GODS SEED ( the lost 10 tribes ) AND SATAN SEED THE EDOMITES , THEY ARE NOT JEWS .
    We are Angel replacements , that’s it God wanted another way to make Angels that’s why Satan fell , a more and better Angles , I guess ? Any way , in the begging of light ( when god made the first suns , planets , the first solar system . God made angles out of fire , Thats it , no more , its in to he bible of course .
    All this great Godly Wisdom , no one has the ears to hear ? Do you know why there’s no one to hear . That prophecy is unheard of , many are because they cant ! None of the NIMROD worshipers can , they dont have the real Holy Spirit , is the ability to precive in the Law of DOCTRINE and Prophecies( there is only two elect teaching it on the internet right now , look it up LAW of DOCTRINE , please .
    The Apostasy is RELIGION , NIMROD is like. JESUS , he probably is the son of SATAN , Any way Nimrod is the nuber one worshiped fales sun and moon god of the world !
    NO RACE NETHER . Race is a. Curse , also HISTORY and archaeological evidence proves it ! The Edomites never told us ! Well many thing .
    If you were SATAN’S son Edomites hate the real God . The one that made every thing ! And the future ! please if you learn 5 things you had no idea , you make copies . Please not the American way ! Ps . Stop WORSHIPING NIMROD and SATAN !
    People he lost one time prophesied to lose again ? DUH !!! THATS STUPID !
    LOOK YOU EDOMITE , I wonta know if there is a prodisten CHRISTIONS ? Or half breed Edomite will one of the lost tribes od Israel , please call me .
    Zombies ? Last 6 Months of tribulation , probably right befor the rapture , as the wordsaid they seek death but cant find it

    • Joshua H. C.

      I had a very hard time understanding your poor grammar and with your bad attitude I’m not sure you’ll be an effective witness for Christ. So good luck!

      • Rene’ Widzicki

        Yes Joshua that’s right! Judgemental people think… They are like God!
        There’s only one judge & they aren’t it! Good luck Faux Judgers!
        God will judge you!

  • carres kennedy

    Hey you disqualified all the apostles , I think only 2 had good gramer ! Listen to Stephens testimony , they killed him and us for ! Your right ! You think like the world. Nothing ? Of truth ? No ccomment ? See !

  • carres kennedy

    We can coln animals so we must be gods ? Thats stupid !

  • carres kennedy

    Why would people belive fallen ANGLES ? Wouldn’t they be prof of God ? Thats as stupid as the DEVIL worshiping KAZARIANS , illuminati , our your goverment , believing SATAN will honor the deal they made with them ! Look at Adoms and Eve , he lied evry time ! Read the book of Enoch on my site . Never never read many CATHOLIC version of any thing ! They worship SATAN openly now look it up !

    • Kyle Boster

      I believe in angles! Obtuse, acute, right…they all exist! But why do you think that angles teach any of the gods? Angles don’t teach anything or anyone. They are taught in math classes all over the world. They have nothing to do with the gods.

      You’re an illiterate tool.

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  • Rene’ Widzicki

    Gold is malleable, is a soft metal that is useful in transmitting,