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UFO Spotted at the Neumayer Station III?

Neumayer-Station III, also known as Neumayer III after geophysicist Georg von Neumayer, is a German South Pole research station of the Alfred-Wegener-Institut in the Antarctic. It is located on the approximately 200 metres (660 ft) thick Ekstrom Ice Shelf. The station has been...
Posted On 04 Jul 2013
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UFO seen on Russia Today Live TV

  A fast moving UFO appears on the TV emission Russia today. This UFO can bee seen shooting across the sky on live TV while Russia Today was being recorded. This type of video footage is as pure as it can get, nothing fake, nothing mixed up, and little to say otherwise, this...
Posted On 17 Jun 2013
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UFO bursts into several orbs

One of the most unusual UFO sighting we have come across in a while. We have a very bright UFO that hovers in the sky and after a few moments this strange object starts multiplying until there are 5 different orbs in the sky. We cannot think of anything and try to explain this...
Posted On 13 Jun 2013
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NASA’s STS-74 mission and the MIR UFO’s

STS-74 was a Space Shuttle Atlantis mission to the Mir space station. It was the fourth mission of the US/Russian Shuttle-Mir Program, and it carried out the second docking of a space shuttle to Mir. Atlantis lifted off for the mission on 12 November 1995 from Kennedy Space...
Posted On 11 Jun 2013
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UFO over dome of the rock in Jerusalem

Video Footage from February 2011 Video Credit to YouTube user isjackal A glowing orb filmed hovering over the skyline of Jerusalem has left UFO experts dumbfounded. The circular object was seen descending slowly over the holy city’s iconic Dome of the Rock before flickering...
Posted On 04 Jun 2013
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UFO Enters The Popocatepetl Volcano

Another great UFO footage, one that you cannot debunk? This one isn’t as ordinary as you might believe, and in our opinion the video shown below is one of the best UFO materials to appear online. Televisa’s cameras pointed at this Mexican volcano have done it again as...
Posted On 01 Jun 2013
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UFO’s tapping into Thunderstorms

Many unidentified sightings are witnessed every day all around the world. UFO’s seem to be connected to specific places on Earth and a pattern is being identified. More and more UFO’s appear to be traveling according to Earth’s grid, but many UFO’s are...
Posted On 15 May 2013
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Best UFO sightings 2013 April Part 2

  A video compilation by YouTube user UFOSightings2013. We see some “famous” yet unidentified flying objects exploring our planet. Some great UFO were captured on film. Check out this video compilation and let us know what you think! Are we alone after all? Video...
Posted On 02 May 2013
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UFO Caught Orbiting The Moon

This object was caught on video while YouTube user DarkSkyWatcher74 was filming the moon. The bright object remained in the picture for bout 7 minutes before it disappeared. What do you think? A great catch in our opinion. Share and comment!
Posted On 29 Apr 2013
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Another UFO Spiral maker over Yamal Peninsula Russia

YouTube user infowarrioralexjones uploaded this video of an alleged UFO over Russia that was making a shinny spiral in the night sky. While looking like a comet with a huge tail, the object moves fast across the sky. What do you make of this one?
Posted On 29 Apr 2013
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