Teotihuacan and Mica: What is Mica, a powerful radioactive insulator doing in monuments that date back thousands of years?

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  • Steve Humphries

    If we could only find the means of equipment that they had used to tap into their power source. Several years ago I read about atmospheric electricity and using it as a power source. I would have to look up all the books’ names in my 30 year old journal but the author had believed the ancients used the atmospheric and earth charge to power a global energy grid. Also mentioning that the future glass domed cities we will build on the Earth will be powered by that system as well. With 1 volt per 3 feet elevation they knew how to collect the charge and concentrate it for their lighting and wireless communications. Anyone who has ever seen a crystal radio that is made with a real crystal and a few simple items know how they can tune in a radio station. Some of us built them in grade school science projects. With this system of information transmission and the human runners news could be sent to centers around the world on their network.

    Some Egyptian ornamental statues seem to be possible transmitters and receivers. The Inca towers may have been transmitters although their equipment is not still there. Grid patterns are being found through Google Earth that indicate a global system of unbelievable scale that was collecting the Earth charge. What did they do with all that power still seems to be as little understood as the need to collect it.
    The actual equipment used with these power sources was probably melted into other useful items or just destroyed by a conquering civilization because they were examples of evil remnants of the prior occupants. We need another library of Alexandria to understand what these engineers of long ago were developing. It is interesting to see the pieces of the past beginning to take shape with more discoveries made for a new understanding of those that have called this Earth home. Seems as though this has been greatly suppressed for millennia due to lack of acknowledged evidence in order to prevent the return of another occurrence.

    • dirkbruere

      “All that power” amounts to about 200MW globally, or about 1/5 of a modern power station. On a related theme, even if we collapsed the entire geomagnetic field it would only supply enough electricity for about 1 year’s worth of global use.