The Hollow Earth maps of the Third Reich: There is an entrance to the Hollow Earth

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  • Any one got any more info on all this subject?

    Excluding youtube and novels

  • Kliter Semson

    I’m sorry, can you translate the letter by Karl Unger so we can read what it says about reaching the inner earth and never coming back?

    • I have added the alleged letter translated in English. Citation is needed.

  • Genever Abrianna

  • David Broadhurst von Balltas

  • earth isnt exactly hollow..its more…honeycombed 😉

  • can highly recommend a book called IN SECRET TIBET by T.ILLION.found it through google free ebook and it comes up. you guys will love it like nothing i imagined. wonderful man.and he also wrote Darkness OVER TIBET also found free ebook. enjoy…

  • Run silent run deep I teach operation high jump in my class

  • Talbot Hanley

    Maybe they found a dimensional door way. It would explain some UFO’s

  • i cannot see any gaping hole?????????

  • Mariah Barnett one of my favorite topics!

  • Joe Doe

    Take a deep breath people.

  • Joe Doe

    may be several deep breaths.

  • entheogenius

    Newton believed I. The hollow earth theory so vividly, thru Hus own discoveries of mathematics and mass, that when he had hu
    Is portrait painted he made sure to have a picture of his hollow earth theory sitting on his leg as a kind of symbol of his try feelings and the importance he dealt upon the theorem! Check it out! I learnt this many many many years ago.. 😉

  • eeerm,… ohkay…

  • If it was hollow how does the ocean stay out?

  • Spin of earth causes water to covalently attract along with air pressure pushing up from center .

  • iamajimm

    Balderdash dash says I.

  • There’s easily possibilities of underground cities with life within them. With the technology we’ve got in the day and age I’d expect one to be bloody huge aswel!
    Maybe not quite the Hollow Earth theory but definitely a hollowed out area. We all know that many Nuclear Bunkers are scattered around to place in global Elites should ever a nuclear war break out. Bloody shame though that we all don’t live our lives properly knowing that we are thought of by them as expendable.

  • Its hollow alright with molten metal and rock floating around lmao

    • GA Boy

      Which was and is also a theory.

    • LL Miller

      that molten rock you are talking about, find proof of that. Science will tell you there is none.

      • smith

        Then what is all that reddish orange stuff coming out of volcanoes? Did you know that rock and earth weigh about 4,000 lbs. per cubic yard and there are too many millions of cubic yards of earth pressing in on itself to put a number on it and that amount of pressure causes such immense heat that it actually melts the rock? Everyone knows that immense pressure creates heat and it’s inevitable that it melts even the hardest of rocks and metal. The internal combustion engine runs on the same principle. So ya, it’s already been proven that there is molten rock inside the earth.

        • greenspider

          “Everyone knows nothing can travel faster than light”.
          “Everyone knows a heavy machine cannot fly”
          “Everyone knows Agent Orange is safe”
          “Everyone knows Saddam is killing babies in incubators”
          “Everyone knows man will explode if he travels faster than 25 miles an hour”

          When will the world “know”?

  • It can’t be hollow because it’s flat retards… DUH!

  • Hollow Earth? Really?

    • Bardócz J Izabella

      yes really

  • LL Miller

    I have been there it is really there, an entire world, completely unrecognizable, very, very, different indeed.

    • Bardócz J Izabella

      nice to hear about ///you can also join use in Transilvanian Sfinx, Bucegii mistery///

    • Kettan Achrekar

      Hey Miller can you pls elaborate your experience with me. I am too a believer of this Hollow Earth theory. Can you pls share the link where i can read your experience?

  • jorge

    coments are funny.
    i don’t think we should rule it out, trying to prove this would be the same as trying to proove that you can hear your voice inside your head.
    or for those who believe in GOD or some kind of religion.
    lets be open minded and instead of speaking out our ass.

  • jenkem5

    Old Newtonian mathematics have been disproven, regarding his hollow earth calculations. The earth is most assuredly mantle and hot liquid magma, as well as an iron core. Now, the earths moon is most assuredly hollow. And was driven and parked here.

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  • Mike Yzaguirre

    Do they still teach science in schools?

  • Mickey

    Mentions the North Pole and shows a map of Antarctica; really?
    “That year, pictures taken by a satellite orbiting Earth clearly showed a gaping hole located at the North Pole”

    Please, proof read before publishing, as this takes validity out of the article.

  • Raducu Eu

    So , about that underground world , u think its possible ?
    Maybe its Tartar , the world of Hades. Maybe the ancient stories are true , but why u want to descover that world ? U want to release the true demons of the underground ?
    Its just a story , nothing more.

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  • Western Front

    I don’t believe the theory states the entirety of the Earth is hollow, and at a polar location, it just seems possible that a void could exist that might persist in a non-tectonic state.

  • give credit
    • What? First of all stop spamming, and second of all the article originated on ancient code and not there.

      • Cryptid

        Actually the story originates back in 2006 on ourhollowearth, then is repeated on davidicke and hollowplanet.blogspot. But go ahead and tell the readers you originated it, a simple google search shows the truth since every link google provides is dated when it was posted.

        • I cited everything I needed to cite, nothing was taken from anywhere without permission.

          If someone wrote about it before that’s not my problem nor am I forbidden to touch the subject.

          I try my best to comply with other websites and authors. Something other authors don’t do.

          Good day.