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UFO at the Pyramid of Giza

Is it that strange to find pictures of UFO’s and the Pyramid of Giza? We have not seem that many images of strange objects at the Pyramids but we have come across this image which shows a strange UFO hovering above the Great Pyramid of Giza. What is the first thing that comes to your mind? a fake? Photoshop image? bug on the camera dirt? Or is there a remote possibility that this is a genuine UFO sighting at the Pyramid of Giza? The owner of the image stated the following:

I was on my vacation in the pyramids at Cairo. I was on the camel heading away from the pyramids, when doing this, I was taking photos with my Galaxy S3, with the frontal camera. Taking a lot of photos. But I did not realism the UFO until I got home, when I started to look at the photos. I thought immediately that it is a UFO. Amazing indeed.

Could there be a genuine connection between otherworldly visitors and monuments such as the Pyramids? Do the Pyramids attract these visitors and what is it to them that makes them so special. Chekc out the images of the sighting:

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