3 predictions made by Baba Vanga that could become true in 2017

Baba vanga predictions

Called the Nostradamus of the Balkans, Baba Vanga –grandmother Vanga— who died nearly 20 years ago is believed to have made numerous predictions that eventually came true. She accurately predicted the rise of ISIS, and said that the Great Muslim War would eventually destroy the European Continent. Over 85% of her predictions came true. Baba Vanga led the normal life of a girl until the age of 12 when she was mysteriously devoted of sight during a massive storm. According to legends, Baba Vanga was flung into the air and dashed to the ground by powerful winds.

It is believed that Baba Vanga successfully foresaw the rise of ISIS, the destruction of the twin towers (9/11), the catastrophic Tsunami that occurred in 204, and the sinking of the Russian Nuclear submarine the Kursk among other things.

“Horror, horror! The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds.” “The wolves will be howling in a bush and innocent blood will gush,” believed to make reference to the destruction of the Twin Towers.

The Blind Mystic seemed to have predicted in 1980, the sinking of Russian Nuclear Submarine the Kursk in 2000:

“At the turn of the century, in August of 1999 or 2000, Kursk will be covered with water, and the whole world will be weeping over it.”

Here are 3 predictions made by Baba Vanga that could end up becoming true by 2017.

On January the 20th of 2017, president-elect Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the United States of America. However, not according to Baba Vanga who said foresaw that the 44th US president would be an African American and also the LAST president of the United States.

According to Baba Vanga’s predictions, Obama would leave office at a time when the United States would be in economic ruins, and there would be a huge divide between the northern and southern states – as was the case during the American Civil War.

China will become the new super power: As per Baba Vanga’s predictions, China is set to become the new superpower in 2018, bringing an end to the United States and its economy.

According to the Blind Mystic, the exploiters –making reference to the developed nations— will become the exploited –by the third world. Interestingly in 2011, the International Monetary Fund predicted that China’s economy would overtake that of the US by 2016-2017, emerging as the new superpower.

The Invasion of Europe by Muslims. Baba Vanga also foresaw that Muslims would eventually ‘invade’ the European continent and that there would be widespread destruction by extremists. This destruction would continue for many years until the European continent eventually ceases to exist. Interestingly, Baba Vanga also predicted that the ‘Great Muslim War’ would start in Syria.

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    1. The bastardised version hijacked by the fundamentalist nut jobs is. Religion as a whole is a farce but i have Muslim friends who are the kindest people i know

        1. I hate how people generalise. It’s like saying all Christians are George Bush. My friends are genuinely good people and help out in the community at their own expense but all you see in the msm is bloodshed and marches. Boils my piss

      1. Islam was not , is not and never ever will be religion. It is way of life.
        Jesus sad that no1 come to the father just thrue him. Jesus rise from death. If he did not our believe and religion has no hope.
        Therefore who obey Mohamed and his islam got no part with God cause Mohamed himself is His creation and even according of KORAN he did not rise from death ? and for his sins end up where he belongs, his folovers will go and end up same way.

      1. “Not many people believe that Trump will be a good president,” she eventually responds. “At the beginning people will be negative, but in the end he will put things in the right place and America will be very happy with him.” It’s not the answer I was expecting, nor does it seem remotely likely, but whatever—who am I to argue with a dead Bulgarian lady?

        Also, Trump will serve two terms.

        Next up: Brexit. Should we be worried? “Brexit is not a bad thing for England,” Vanya responds. “It will be hard for two years and then the third year will be very good for England. We will be very strong.”

        It strikes me that, for a dead lady, Baba Vanga is very right-wing and reactionary and xenophobic. For example, when I ask Vanya to ask Baba about the threat from ISIS, she dismisses it and tells me that the real threat is from unchecked immigration.

        “This country has to be more careful with immigrants who come from other countries,” says Bulgarian-born Madame Vanya/Baba Vanga. Weirdly, Baba is extremely specific in identifying the precise parts of the UK (or England, as she persists in calling it), where Muslims are supposedly failing to integrate.

        “It’s Nottingham, Birmingham, North London,” Vanya says, “Those are the places that the special police need to concentrate on.”

        At this point I start scanning the room for copies of the Daily Mail, but all I can see are those infernal china dolls. Is this Vanya or Vanga talking? Revisiting my biography of Vanga later in the day, I notice that everyone in the book is white (to be fair, the book’s in black and white so it’s hard to tell.) Maybe it is Vanga talking, after all. Could it be that Vanga, beloved baba of Eastern Europe, really is a racist? Yes. She is a rabid racist.

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