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360-video shows what the United Arab Emirates’ colony on Mars will look like in 100 years


360-video shows what the United Arab Emirates’ colony on Mars will look like in 100 years

As part of a plan to put mankind on Mars within the next 100 years, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has presented its vision of what a colony on the surface of Mars would look like, and how things would work out for people living on the Red Planet.

Oh, and it is not anywhere near to what we saw in the Movie the Martian, starred by Matt Damon.

The 360 video begins with a ‘holographic’ representative of the “United Government of Mars” welcoming you to your “second home”.

The digital host explains that what you are seeing is “70 years after humanity has established a colony on Mars”, suggesting that the UAE projects a manned mission for the year 2047.

This is what the so-called City of Wisdom will look like. Image Credit: YouTube

Then a pod takes you on a 2.5-kilometer route showing you the ins and outs of the “City of Wisdom”, the name of the first human-robot settlement on another planet. This ‘Martian’ settlement has it all and is equipped with state of the art laboratories, a university, skyscrapers and beautiful architectured homes for around 600,000 inhabitants, or Martians.

As it was announced earlier this year at the World Government Summit in Dubai, the UAE aims to be the first Muslim country to contribute to an interplanetary mission.

Image Credit: YouTube

For this, they have already taken the first steps in their incipient space program, with a robotic probe to be launched in 2020 with the aim of orbiting the red planet the following year, when the 50th anniversary of the founding of the country will be celebrated.

The VR Footage of the City of Wisdom on Mars revelers the city built on Mars by the UAE is equipped with a Hyperloop Transport system and is a place where robots—just like Sophia—walk among Martians. Countless vehicles are seen moving around in the city of Wisdom as well as people gathering in the city just as on Earth.

Image Credit: YouTube

The UAE made sure to design the city to look as similar to Earth as possible, which is why they included plenty of vegetation in the City of Wisdom.

For the full experience, viewers should see the video using a VR headset.

For those who don’t have a VR headset, the video which has already been uploaded to YouTube is still an impressive experience.

In September, Dubai announced it will be building what is considered the LARGEST space simulation ever when it erects a city that will cover 1.9 million square feet. The city which will be built as an effort to simulate life on the Red Planet will cost more than $120 million dollars.

‘Mars Science City’ as it will be called, the massive simulation will be home to researchers who will live in the city for a year, carrying out experiments and growing foot, producing water and energy, just as people on Mars would need to do.

Image Credit:  Dubai media office

It is believed that the ‘Mars Science City’ will be home to extremely advanced laboratories that will simulate the harsh terrain, weather, and environment on Mars.


Ivan is editor-in-chief at, he also writes for Universe Explorers.
You may have seen him appear on the Discovery and History Channel.

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