4 mindboggling astronomical mysteries that scientists can’t solve

Even though the moon is magnetically inert, in the distant past, it was surrounded by a mystery ‘shield’ that protected it from harmful solar winds and asteroids.

Now it’s gone —mysteriously— and researchers cannot explain it.

In addition to that, it turns ou that there are SEVERAL so-called ALIEN MEGASTRUCTURES spotted around two stars, another discovery that has created confusion among experts.

It turns out the universe is full of unexplained discoveries.

Everyone is fascinated with space. Simply put, we all love to read about the universe, the origin of life, chances of alien civilizations existing elsewhere, planets like Earth and everything in between. With each discovery, more profound questions are asked by experts, but some of them remain a profound mystery, as researchers are unable to explain them rationally.

Here we bring you some (five) fascinating astronomical discoveries that still remain a mystery.

The Mystery Island of Titan.

Titan is the largest moon of Saturn and one of the most similar to places to Earth in our solar system, with an atmosphere, liquid water, wind, rain and apparently geological activity. In 2007, Cassini snapped some images of a region called Ligeria Sea with no apparent oddities. Six years later, the same area was photographed, but it showed a land was in an area where there was previously only ocean.

Shortly after, a new photographic record verifies that the island vanished without a trace.

An asteroid with… wings… uhmmm I mean rings

Are asteroids supposed to have rings? Well, not exactly.

It turns out that in our solar system there are four planets with rings: Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune.

That’s why it was very strange for scientists to find an asteroid that also has rings. With 250 kilometers in diameter, it has a ring system made of (apparently) space debris which scientist have never before seen and it is of an unknown origin.

The moon’s magnetic field

Even though our moon is magnetically inert, some four million years ago the moon was surrounded by a magnetic shield that protected it from solar winds and space objects. Well, it turns out that Science cannot explain how this magnetic field was greater than the Earth (it was apparently) being that the mass of the moon is significantly lower. Its origin, as the reasons why the magnetic field disappeared, remains a profound mystery.

Actually, the mystery behind the moon’s magnetic field is just one of the many enigmas that surround our natural satellite. As it turns out, the moon is one of the most mysterious objects in our solar system.

The Alien megastructure, or should I say MEGASTRUCTURES?

Apparently, there is a massive ‘alien’ megastructure located surrounding KIC 8462852, aka Tabby’s star.

Strangely, it isn’t the only one as scientists have discovered another one –apparently.

One of the most amazing stars in our galaxy, KIC 8462852, aka Tabby’s star, has been the subject of debate in recent months.

The main reason? Well, the star has some really strange fluctuations in brightness that could be the ultimate evidence of the existence of an alien megastructure –a Dyson Sphere— constructed by a highly advanced alien civilization around the star, in order to harness energy from it.

Now researchers believe they have discovered yet ANOTHER mega structure elsewhere in the universe. Scientists explain that over 78.8 days of observations, the ‘SECOND DYSON SPHERE STAR’ displayed irregular dimming of up to 65 percent for around 25 consecutive days. A planet orbiting a star will cause it to dim just 1 percent, so what could possibly be big enough to cause a dimming of 65 percent?

Aliens are well… not an option somehow.

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