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‘Alien mega-structure’ again baffles astronomers


‘Alien mega-structure’ again baffles astronomers

KIC8462852, aka Tabby’s star is definitely the most mysterious star in the known universe.  Scientists first announced that they had observed weird dips in the brightness of KIC 8462852 in 2015. Until today, scientists are unsure as to what exactly is going on at KIC8462852, despite the fact that some have suggested its just ‘dust’. However, a new study further complicates things.

Scientists have identified two brightness increases in a star whose obscuration patterns are totally impossible to explain, at least naturally, prompting many researchers to wonder whether it’s possible that a massive alien mega-structure is to blame.

The star KIC8462852, also known as the “star of the alien mega-structure,” aka Tabby’s star, in honor of its discoverer, astronomer Tabetha Boyajian, is one of the most mysterious stars ever found in the Universe.

It became world famous in September of 2015, when a group of astronomers announced a series of strange brightness dips that followed no apparent pattern, creating confusion among experts since they were unable to figure out what causes the star’s brightness to dim.

Would is located in front of Tabby’s star that covers its light in such a strange way?

Everything indicates that it is not a cosmic object, as a planet, but instead something much bigger, complex and irregular.

Is it a planet with rings, a cloud of comets, the remains of a destroyed planet or even some kind of structure built by an alien civilization?

Too many questions yet too little data for astronomers to explain it.

The search continues

A team of astronomers has presented a preliminary version of a study whose publication has already been accepted by the Astrophysical Journal and shows the latest findings regarding the mysterious Tabby’s star.

Scientists Josh Simon, Benjamin Shappee and collaborators wanted to solve the puzzle by analyzing the past behavior of the star.

As they have concluded, Tabby’s star has not only gradually darkened and suffered sudden drastic falls in brightness. In 2007 and 2014 it increased its brightness significantly, which as they say will further complicate the mystery behind KIC8462852.

“Up until this work, we had thought that the star’s changes in brightness were only occurring in one direction—dimming,” Simon explained. “The realization that the star sometimes gets brighter in addition to periods of dimming is incompatible with most hypotheses to explain its weird behavior.”

“An important next step will be to determine how the color of the star changes with time, especially during its brief dips in brightness,” added Shappee. “That information would help narrow down the possible explanations for why this star is doing such strange things.”

What is going on over at KIC8462852?

KIC 8462852 in infrared and ultraviolet. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Why in the entire known Universe, this star is the only one (that we know of) that has such drastic changes in brightening?

Normally, the brightness of stars diminishes when something solid, like a planet or a cloud of gas and dust is placed between it and us—the observers, but usually patterns are either repeatable or chaotic, while over at Tabby’s star, something totally unprecedented is going on.

In any case, in this new study astronomers have observed two moments in which the brightness of Tabby’s star increases, resulting in a phenomenon that has never been observed in any other star in the universe, making all logical explanations untrustworthy.

Maybe after all we are observing the long lost remains of an extremely ancient technology, left behind by a distant ancient alien civilization.



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