Aliens have already visited us, but it’s kept from us due to political and economic interests

Have Aliens really visited mankind?

Is it possible, as some theories suggest, that our civilization has been contacted thousands of years ago by beings not from Earth?

The idea that aliens are real, that we are visited today, and that advanced alien beings influenced the development of mankind as we know it is something that millions of people around the globe believe.

This idea–that aliens are real–is something that has been backed up willingly or unwillingly by various governments who have released, in the last couple of years, a plethora of declassified documents that show how much the military and government were interested in UFOs and potential alien visitations.

Videos like this one, only show that UFO’s aren’t only sighted by ordinary people with lousy cameras.

The above video footage was captured by an F/A-18F Super Hornet. It is considered the real deal when it comes to proof of UFO’s and ‘alien life.’

And ufologists consider it as one of the best pieces of evidence supporting the idea that UFO’s are real, and they are not from Earth.

One UFO expert who believes that aliens are real and have been visiting us since time immemorial is Steven Greer.

Greer assures that there is strong evidence to support the idea that UFOs have been among us on several occasions and urges world public opinion to demand that the truth be known.

The UFO Researcher believes that even though we have strong evidence to support the notion that aliens have been visiting our planet, these have been kept secret for decades due to a supranational conspiracy to protect the economic and geopolitical status quo.

In an interview with RT, the Ufologist revealed a lot about UFO’s and what is currently going on in the world.

Are aliens just visiting Earth or have they settled here permanently? Sophie Shevardnadze from RT asked Mr. Greer.

“No, these are reconnaissance, and civilizations that are visiting the planet certainly increased after we started detonating atomic weapons, there’s clear evidence that they have a concern about our destructive capabilities and weapons of mass destruction, and if you look at the modern era of sightings of so-called UFOs, those increased markedly after we developed atomic and nuclear weapons, and the hydrogen bomb,” Mr. Greer answered.

“That’s a fact, and we have many top-secret witnesses who were present at nuclear facilities where these extraterrestrial vehicles would come in to observe and to see what we’re doing.”

According to Greer, not only have governments around the world cover up ET visitations, new technologies that would render obsolete the current means of transport and energy sources have also been kept a secret.

Why? Because according to Greer, knowledge of their existence would undermine the current macroeconomic system.

Read more about Mr. Greer, alien visitations, UFOs and secret technologies in the full interview with RT.

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