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An Atomic Bomb went off on Earth 12000 years ago?

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An Atomic Bomb went off on Earth 12000 years ago?


Ancient civilizations and pagan religions have left many mark in history with scripts, monuments and numerous objects that make us reevaluate what we know so far regarding our past and where we are going as a civilization.

One of the most important questions most of us have tried to never ask, is if we were visited in the distant past by other civilizations beyond earth. There are hundreds and hundreds of unanswered questions, but there are texts that shed much light, if not almost entirely, illuminating the path of a truly untold story.

The Mahabharata and the Ramayana offer many answers to numerous questions regarding our past, present and future.

The Mahabharata is one of the two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India, the other being the Ramayana. It consists of 100,000 verses divided into 18 parts or books that are equivalent to eight times the Iliad and Odyssey combined. these ancient texts are more than a historical narration. It is a combination of facts, legends stories and myths. A vast collection of didactic discourses written that were written in a beautiful language, nurturing all Hindu mythology and creating one of the major world religions: Hinduism.

Among those historical texts, we see a story of a devastation that occurred in the past, one that cannot be compared to anything else in the past, a devastation much similar to what we know today is destruction caused by nuclear weapons. Historian Kisari Mohan Ganguli, argues that the Mahabharata and the Ramayana are full of descriptions of large nuclear holocausts that are apparently of incredibly higher proportions than those at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

When a student asked Dr. Oppenheimer if the first nuclear device that went off was the one at Alamogordo. during the Manhattan Project, he responded… Well … yes. In modern times, yes, of course.

The ancient Hindu text the Mahabharata:

“Gurkha, flying a swift and powerful vimana,
hurled a single projectile
charged with the power of the Universe.

An incandescent column of smoke and flame,
as bright as ten thousand suns,
rose with all its splendor.

It was an unknown weapon,
an iron thunderbolt,
a gigantic messenger of death,
which reduced to ashes
the entire race of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas.

The corpses were so burned
as to be unrecognizable.

Hair and nails fell out;
Pottery broke without apparent cause,
and the birds turned white.

…After a few hours
all foodstuffs were infected…
…to escape from this fire
the soldiers threw themselves in streams
to wash themselves and their equipment.”


 A second passage.

“Dense arrows of flame,
like a great shower,
issued forth upon creation,
encompassing the enemy.
A thick gloom swiftly settled upon the Pandava hosts.
All points of the compass were lost in darkness.
Fierce wind began to blow
Clouds roared upward,
showering dust and gravel.

Birds croaked madly…
the very elements seemed disturbed.
The sun seemed to waver in the heavens
The earth shook,
scorched by the terrible violent heat of this weapon.

Elephants burst into flame
and ran to and fro in a frenzy…
over a vast area,
other animals crumpled to the ground and died.
From all points of the compass
the arrows of flame rained continuously and fiercely.” — The Mahabharata


There are many other references in the Ramayana which seem to be very similar to those described in the above texts. It is very clear that these texts allude to a great holocaust that killed thousands of lives. One that can be easily traced to nuclear weapons we use today.

But is there evidence, other than the texts supporting the theory that a nuclear device went off on Earth thousands of years ago? In 1992 researchers discovered in Rajasthan a layer of radioactive ash, covering an area of ​​about eight square kilometers, 16 kilometers west of Jodhpur. The radiation is so intense that it still contaminates the area today. Researchers excavated at Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro, discovering skeletons scattered throughout the area as if a sudden event occurred that devastated entire cities.

 “(It was a weapon) so powerful
that it could destroy the earth in an instant–
A great soaring sound in smoke and flames–
And on it sits death…” . — The Ramayana

The site where researchers have found skeletons and remains of radioactivity is very similar to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but with one striking difference: the radiation levels found at Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro were 50 times higher than the remains of the nuclear holocaust of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

What really happened? Are the Mahabharata and the Ramayana really describing a nuclear device exploding on Earth tens of thousands of years ago? If so where id it come from? Ancient astronaut theorists are talking about a nuclear holocaust which happened around 12,000 years ago. An explosion that according to theories, created a crater with 2154 meters in diameter, located 400 kilometers from Mumbai.
The dating ranges from 12,000 to 50,000 years ago so researchers have a gigantic time frame to work with.

  • Alma Mercer

    I dont buy the atomic bomb theory , but I would buy a massive Volcanic eruption so massive it shoot the earth and shot tons of rocks , ash and fire into the sky , just like that of Pompey.

    • ANOSS

      “Gurkha, flying a swift and powerful vimana, hurled a single projectile charged with the power of the Universe” like Pompei has radioactivity.

    • Rodolfo Pena Jr.

      Except there aren’t any volcanoes in India. So no…

      • Alma Mercer

        we are speaking 12,000 years ago ? do you know the earths surface at that time ? none of us do . just saying .

        • Lulzenberg Blanco

          we do actually.. it’s called geology.. and it can show you how the earth looked hundreds of millions of years ago, let alone 12-50 thousand years ago.

      • regvernon .

        No volcano maybe but vulcanism caused the Deccan Traps

    • Nathan Togain

      I didn’t know volcanoes left layers of radio active ash 50× greater than Hiroshima.

      • Antonio Roberto

        they do… when they are blown artificially by a nuclear artifact.. like in the case..
        but about these bodies, they are result of nuclear bombing on soil..

        the rest of cataclysm however,. resulted from Volcano blown.. ( Krakatoa) ..

        • Nathan Togain

          No sh** Antonio, that was my point. It ain’t “natural”.

          • Antonio Roberto

            what happened here was both a ground war and an aerial war.. .
            but what “ended “this war was the destruction of the world – the big flood ,, a giant tsunami caused by volcano explosion..
            they dropped a nuclear device inside Krakatoa giving birth to hot ages and dispersion of man, also, loss of knowledge and wisdom…

            Exactly like stated in Ramayana..

            a nuclear war of complex nature.. that lasted ten years and ended in a nuclear disaster…

    • draco cortez

      Your theory had one little problem i myself am from india and it was said tgst it was a weapon not a natural event and tge only natural event was the flood that came later….and thete is no proof of radioactovity after volcanic eruption even in recent times… but the one thing that existed even back then was uranium,plutonium etc. I think tgere is a mine of either of this elements near the indus valley and knowing that tgese compounds are highly unstable detonation of such compounds is not a big deal…
      Ancient primitive humans of million yrars old learnt using tools surely humans of 30,000 yrs old or something can use this compounds to destroy.

      • Antonio Roberto

        of course there is..
        C14 dating error is caused by radioactive in past…
        we can figure there was nuclear activity in past..
        Also, volcano left trail of dust and nanodiamonds.. (Younger Dryas) that is a clear proof of relation to Flood,,, world wide ,, that decimated 75% of life forms… at once,.

        what resolves this puzzle and has compromise to truth is volcano went off 12000 years ago caused by nuclear artifact thrown inside it .. there was an immense war 12000 years ago.. .and the world got destroyed in it ,, artificially. . like was demonstrated by Prof. Arysio Santos.

    • Antonio Roberto

      truly superb statement

      it was in fact that a Volcano (krakatoa) was blown off by a nuclear weapon thrown inside it .. leaving a trail of destruction all over the world…
      Loved your brilliant intuition/

  • Mofo Ex Machina

    Look it up. This passage bears only a small resemblance to the real passage and has been altered through mistranslations of mistranslations then conflations of disparate passages and other creative editing with the intent to make it appear much more like a nuclear attack than the passages actually suggested.. About as authentic as the Ezikiel passage in Pulp Fiction.

  • farid.m Roushdy

    It was the great collision. Read this:

    • Antonio Roberto

      no way …
      no comet ever stroke us..
      it was the great blow…
      nuclear weapon thrown inside volcano..

  • Ashutosh R

    You can also review this post perspective over it as well: Japanese and others can learn a lot from the aftermath of this blast.


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  • George Hiliau

    Sounds similar to what was used to destroy Sodom n Gomorrah…the radiations still there n black sand…

  • Flying Gabriel

    The evidence can also be interpreted and explained by astronomical cataclysm.

  • Enn Kaljo

    Kurukshetra war was 5000 years ago and Ramayana 20 000 years ago.

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