Another mystery star has something huge blocking its light & Scientists say it could be Aliens

Alien Megastructure

There’s another really odd star in the universe and scientists say that alien life may be the best explanation for the odd dimming behavior of the light coming from star RIK-210. The star is located some 472 light-years away from Earth.

Scientists who made the discovery believe the dimming COULD NOT be caused by orbiting planets of features on the stellar surface.

Remember that last year; astronomers spotted the most mysterious star in the universe. Officially called KIC 8462852, the star displays uncharacteristic features; its brightness has been fading over the last couple of decades. Even more interesting is the fact that over one hundred years ago, early astronomers spotted the strange behavior.

Now there is another star that’s equally puzzling.

“We find transient, transit-like dimming events within the K2 time series photometry of the young star RIK-210 in the Upper Scorpius OB association. These dimming events are variable in depth, duration, and morphology,” the scientists wrote in the paper.

Given the fact that natural phenomena are not the logical explanation for the dimming of the star(s), scientists say that a randomly dimming star may be a telltale sign of extremely advanced alien civilization who have managed to build a massive ‘structure’ around the star, blocking some of the star’s light when they pass in front of it.

The star in question –RIK-210— is believed to be around 10 million years old and half as massive as our sun. Researchers say that given the size of the star, its very unlikely that it has any planets orbiting it.

The star is located some 472 light-years away from Earth.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that dense formations near stars RIK-210 and KIC 8462852 appear to be similar to “Dyson Spheres,” hypothetical, energy-harvesting “mega structures” aliens could build by rearranging the solar system.

The idea that Dyson spheres exist in the universe has been debated since the 1960’s when scientists thought such a megastructure could be the potential solution for energy problems faced by an extremely ancient civilization.

Mysteriously, so far, experts haven’t found a single naturalistic explanation for the star’s dimming, which puts an end to the mystery behind its unusual behavior. 

“We spent a long time trying to convince ourselves this wasn’t real. We just weren’t able to,” Ben Montet, a Caltech astronomer who co-authored research on the star, told Gizmodo. “None of the considered phenomena can alone explain the observations.”

You can read their full paper online at

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2 thoughts on “Another mystery star has something huge blocking its light & Scientists say it could be Aliens

  1. I’m sorry, but the headline made me laugh. I do have to ask…what scientists? Some made up person from a California school? And how did they determine it is Aliens blocking the light? A star by definition is an extremely hot ball of fire and various deathly rays, ejecta and flares…yet 472 light years away, we are to believe “them scientists” that aliens have successfully built a structure in front of it.
    I try to be objective here, sometimes goofy…but this story is truly banal and should be relegated to the “You’re not gonna believe this, but” box

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