Baalbek: The ultimate evidence of a lost ancient technology


If a long lost advanced ancient technology ever existed on Earth, then the megalithic stones of Baalbek are surely evidence of it. The ancient megalithic site of Baalbek boasts perfectly fitted stones weighing up to 2,000 tons aligned together forming one of the greatest ancient construction mysteries on the planet. Were the supermassive stones of Baalbek really the result of ‘sticks’ and ‘stones’ like some scholars suggest?

The Archaeological site of Baalbek, located in modern-day Lebanon is one of the most mysterious ancient structures ever erected on planet Earth. It also contains some of the largest and heaviest stones on the planet.

It is located east of Lebanon, 86 kilometers northeast of the city of Beirut, in the valley of Beqaa, near the border with Syria.

This fascinating site –like many others around the planet— has baffled scholars who are unable to understand how or why this massive ‘sanctuary’ was erected.

How primitive mankind transported, cut, and placed into position massive stones, thousands of years ago, using nothing but early Bronze Age tools sounds hard to believe.

According to experts, history at this ancient site can be traced back nearly 10,000 years. It was an ancient city named after the god Ba’al. Phoenician legends suggest that Baalbek was the initial location where Ba’al arrived to Earth in ancient times.

However, the truth is that no one can say for sure how old this ancient site is. Many believe that Baalbek goes back tens of thousands of years, even possibly some 20,000 years, making it one of the oldest sites on the planet.

Interestingly, the Age and history aren’t what’s causing confusion, the MEGALITHIC blocks of stones at the site are simply put mind-boggling.

The ancient Temple built in honor of Jupiter stands on a platform that should not exist, at least not with the ‘primitive’ technology used by its builders around 9,00010,000 years ago.

In fact, the Trilithon at Baalbek shatters all logical explanations. It is composed of three supermassive blocks measuring 22 meters in length and 5 meters in height having a width of 3.5 meters.

May not sound so big right? Well, the weight of these massive stones ranges between 1000 and 2000 TONS.

So please tell, how did our ancients achieve this? Did they really cut, transport and place into position stones weighing 2000 tons with sticks and stones?

The official explanation that Archaeologists suggest is that thousands of men, with simple technology like sticks and stones, participated in its construction and transportation of these huge blocks of stone. Some researchers suggest that this is something mathematically improbable and nearly impossible, moving and raising huge stones with groups of men with rudimentary tools. So if they did not possess technology like ours today, how did they do it?

The three blocks are positioned on a row of six granite blocks, which measure 10 meters in length and 4 meters in height, their weight is estimated to be over 300 tons.


It seems highly improbable that Baalbek is the result of ancient construction methods including sticks and stones and thousands of men dragging massive stones around the place. Many suggest that the lack of references for the construction of the site makes it even more questionable. Why aren’t there any records that tell us something about the builders?

Why create something this tremendous without leaving behind a reference? Credits?

There is a massive missing link when it comes to Baalbek.

This ancient site boasts perfectly fitted stones weighing up to 2,000 tons aligned together forming one of the greatest ancient construction mysteries on the planet.

What if, this ancient site was built by an ancient civilization that had in their possession advanced technology? Technology that is now lost? A technology that even possibly helped create many other megalithic sites across the planet?

Question everything.

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  1. In his book “Stairway to Heaven”, Zecharia Sitchin has pieced together parts of Egypt’s “Book of the Dead”, The Epic of Gilgamesh and other myth’s and stories to come up with the idea (great idea at that) which says Baalbek was an aerospace facility, of sorts, complete with a rocket to send the Pharoah or whomever (Utnapishtim/Noah for one), skyward to heaven. This land lay east of Egypt in the Book of the Dead (as does Lebanon) and. according to the Epic of Gilgamesh, in the “land of the Cedars”…commonly known today as Lebanon, as it was then, .

    He has put forth that the massive structure at Baalbek was in fact a launch pad…big enough, massive enough, strong enough to endure the weight of a rocketship, and withstand the fires and intense heat of blast-off and touch-down.

    Why the Romans who erected their temples and structures on top of these stone megaliths did not question or inscribe down where they came from or pondered what they were there for is an intriguing question. Likewise for the earlier inhabitants, amongst them the Canaanites

    Next to the Great Pyramid, Baalbek is truly a baffling feat of engineering and usage.

    1. Only an involved archaeological dig, to go down level by level to look for more evidence such as physical markings, scorching, residue and maybe even remains would prove or disprove his theory. Until then, I’ve got nothing more to go on and neither does anyone else and I’m sure the Lebanese gov’t wouldn’t want anyone snooping around. Why the use of such massive stones? Why is it built over 60 feet high off the ground?
      These are worthwhile questions that no modern science can explain.
      Crazy or not, it’s very plausible.

  2. I visited Baalbek in many ocassions, it’s known of history for over 10000 years, my conclusion was that back then, humans were much bigger in size and stronger, as its incredibly high columns explains that once, Giants used to live here…

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