British Astronaut Tim Peake makes shocking statements about Alien life

According to British Astronaut Major Tim Peake, life exists elsewhere in the universe. Major Tim is confident that we are not the only intelligent species in the universe. Peake has joined a long list of Astronauts and government officials who claim that Alien life does exist in other parts...

The Lost Cosmonauts of the USSR: dramatic transmissions picked up from outer space

Have you heard about the secret space programs of the USSR? Lost Cosmonauts in Space? It is almost a plot out of a science fiction movie. There are hundreds of books and publications around the world which have talked about the space race and the numerous incidents that occurred. Who...

Were the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt hybrid Aliens?

Were the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt hybrid Aliens? And is it possible that Humans are not from Earth as some suggest? There are many people who believe that Ancient Egypt and its history are filled with mystery. From the construction of the Great Pyramid to ancient Egyptian mythology there have...

Researchers discover a ‘Stonehenge’ on Mars

A Stonehenge on Mars? Strange rock formation resembles the iconic British monument found on the surface of the red planet. Meet ‘Marshenge’, a mysterious rock formation that has been spotted on the surface of the red planet. The mysterious formation rests on a mound that rises from the ground and...

The 100-million-year-old fossilized human finger

Many people believe that mainstream history is totally wrong. There are people who argue that we are being served "filtered information" and that many things regarding the distant past of mankind have been kept safe away from society. What if our History is all wrong? Legit finding or not,...

Have researchers found evidence of an “inner sun” heating the planet?

Planet Earth produces a heat flow of unknown origin according to scientists According to experts, "Ghost Particles" are coming from the Earth's center Researchers have found, according to Geoneutrinos; around 70 percent of Earth's heat is generated from radioactivity Is it possible there is an "inner sun" heating our planet? Researchers have found...

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