A 60 Ton Sarcophagus Has Been Found at Abydos

The University of Pennsylvania has discovered the tomb of little-known 13th Dynasty pharaoh Sobekhotep I at the archaeological site of Abydos 300 miles south of Cairo. The team unearthed the massive 60-ton red quartzite sarcophagus last year but was not able to identify its owner until last week when they...

Ancient Engineering mysteries: How did Ancient Mankind move and cut megalithic blocks of stone?

The Western Stone, Jerusalem, Israel. 1.2 million pounds. The Ramesseum statue, Thebes, Egypt. Two million pounds. The Trilithon at the Temple of Jupiter, Baalbek, Lebanon. 4.8 million pounds. So basically spread all over our planet, ancient sites reveal engineering mysteries that mainstream scientists believe were achieved with slave labor and simple tools...

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