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Cigar-shaped UFO appears over France after being seen over China and Australia

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Cigar-shaped UFO appears over France after being seen over China and Australia

The ‘stunning’ footage of a cigar-shaped UFO hovering in the sky was filmed over France after a similar object was seen in the skies over China and Australia.

New videos have emerged from a fascinating UFO sighting that occurred over France. A cigar-shaped object was filmed over the skies of the European country after a similar object was seen in the skies over China and Australia.

The newly uploaded YouTube video shows an alleged cigar-shaped object floating in the skies above Paris, France. The object is seen emitting ‘beams of light’ while staying ‘suspended’ in the sky. Similar reports come from Australia and China where people also witnessed—and filmed—a similar object.

The video footage was uploaded by YouTube channel SecureTeam10, a channel known for regularly posting videos about alleged sightings and conspiracy theories. Tyler Glocker, the creator of the channel, explains that the video was sent to him by email and that the sender did not provide much information about what is observed, only the fact that was recorded near Paris last week.

Another sighting of a “cigar-shaped UFO” also took place in early 2014, over Gold Coast, Australia.

In the last couple of years, UFO sightings all around the planet have quadrupled as mysterious videos and images of strange—unexplainable—objects appear on a daily basis.

What are these enigmatic objects? +

Is this video yet another hoax? Or is it possible—like we’ve seen a few times—that we are observing something that we truly cannot explain, at least not logically?

For those who are convinced that we are being visited by advanced alien civilizations, this is perhaps one of the best pieces of evidence.

Skeptics, on the other hand, will most likely debunk this sighting as yet another fabricated hoax—which it certainly can be—as numerous similar videos have been debunked in the past.

Curiously, in addition, the countless UFO sightings around the globe, there are many highly ranking officials and even former astronauts who believe we are being visited by advanced alien civilizations.

One of our favorite quotes comes from Dr. Brian O’Leary, a former NASA Astronaut, and Princeton Physics Professor:

“There is abundant evidence that we are being contacted, that civilizations have been monitoring us for a very long time. That their appearance is bizarre from any type of traditional materialistic western point of view. That these visitors use the technologies of consciousness, they use toroids, they use co-rotating magnetic disks for their propulsion systems, which seems to be a common denominator of the UFO phenomenon.”

But many others seem to agree with O’Leary.

Edgar Mitchel, one of the best-known Apollo astronauts and the sixth man to walk on the moon, a retired Captain in the US Navy, aeronautical engineer and founder of the Institute for Noetic Sciences (IONS) who had much to say about Alien life:

“I happen to be privileged enough to be in on the fact that we have been visited on this planet, and the UFO phenomenon is real…Yes there have been crashed craft, and bodies recovered. We are not alone in the universe, they have been coming here for a long time.”

Franklin Story Musgrave, an American Physician, retired NASA astronaut who worked on the design and development of the Skylab Program and the only astronaut to have flown missions on all five Space Shuttles had very interesting things to say about life elsewhere in the cosmos:

“Statistically it’s a certainty there are hugely advanced civilizations, intelligences, life forms out there. I believe they’re so advanced that they’re even doing interstellar travel. I believe it’s possible that they even came here. It’s logical to presume the universe must have other life in it and by virtue of association that we could be visited at some point.”

Former Astronaut Eugene Cernan, former US Navy captain shares Musgrave’s idea about advanced alien civilizations in the universe. Cernan said:

“I’ve been asked about UFOs and I’ve said publicly I thought they were somebody else, some other civilization.”

  • Fuzzybunny

    This was interesting before “Secureteam10”
    Tyler is not to be believed I don’t think.

  • katkelly57

    I was always a believer that we are not the only ones around, to think otherwise seems to be a bit elitist.

    I, my son and about 30 others were witnesses to a total of 4 UFO’s on the night of July 4, 2009.
    All of them were orange spheres that changed to red, back to orange, then an almost golden color then back to orange again.

    The first one appeared and traveled somewhat slowly overhead, then out of nowhere 2 more appeared directly behind, creating a triangle formation.
    Similar to this….with the 2 behind a bit further apart to form the triangle.
    : .

    They continued moving at the same speed and in that formation for approx. 2 mins., then the top one of the two aligned directly behind the lead one, then the lower one followed suit, till all 3 were directly behind each other.

    Total time I would say was at least 5 mins., we were all in awe…and lemme tell you, I was as sober as could be…not a drop or toke of anything mind altering.
    We continue watching the formation and then suddenly POOF, they were gone.

    I believe because we were all so awestruck, that we continued looking up…we were not disappointed, as one single one showed up about a minute later…did it’s glowing thing, stayed still for about 20 seconds then shot away so fast you couldn’t follow it anymore.

    Some may think I’m a nutter, but that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

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