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The discovery of the century: Have researchers found the mythical Hall of Records?

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The discovery of the century: Have researchers found the mythical Hall of Records?

It is said that the Hall of Records holds the key to understanding our civilization and real history of humanity.

Mythologically, it is said to be a library buried somewhere in Egypt, and many people believe it could be located under the enigmatic Sphinx of Giza, watching tall and proud over the Pyramids of the Giza Plateau. A discovery of a vast underground library made in 2008, could forever change history and the origin of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization. 

Ancient Egyptian Hall of Records Ancient Code

The Hall of Records is said to house the knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians documented in ancient papyrus scrolls and is believed to account for the history of the lost continent of Atlantis, as well as its location. Compared in importance, the Egyptian Hall of Records is just as the Great Library of Alexandria, which housed Grecian Knowledge.

While mainstream scholars firmly state there is no evidence whatsoever to indicate that the Hall of Records is real, scientists like Robert Schoch and Thomas Dobeck among other believe it could be located underneath the Sphinx.

In the book Message of the Sphinx, Graham Hancock, and Robert Bauval state that the Egyptian government together with American archeologists have blocked any investigations around or underneath the Sphinx, preventing anyone from locating the underground cavities and finding out what is located beneath the Sphinx.

While those who believe the Hall of Records exists was built by the ancient Egyptian civilization, there are others who think that the Hall existed but was not built by the Ancient Egyptians, but rather by a much older ancient civilization that predates the Ancient Egyptian.

However, what if the Hall fo Records was not located underneath the Sphinx? What if there is, in fact, a giant underground library somewhere in Egypt?

Suppressed by mainstream archeologists and scholars, there is an enormous underground library discovered in Egypt a while ago. It can easily be considered as one of the greatest discoveries of Ancient Egypt, yet only a few know about the existence of its existence. It is a discovery that could be considered as one of the most significant findings of the century, yet, for an unknown reason, most mainstream scholars, together with the Egyptian researchers have tried very hard to keep anyone far from it.


The Lost Hall of Records, finally found?

Is it possible that this is the long-lost Hall of Records? Interestingly, the existence of the ‘underground library’ was mentioned by Herodotus and Strabo who had the pleasure of visiting and recording the legendary labyrinth before it vanished from history.

Among the first to mention its existence was Herodotus:

This I have actually seen, a work beyond words. For if anyone put together the buildings of the Greeks and display of their labours, they would seem lesser in both effort and expense to this labyrinth… Even the pyramids are beyond words, and each was equal to many and mighty works of the Greeks. Yet the labyrinth surpasses even the pyramids. Herodotus (‘Histories’, Book, II, 148),

According to writing by Herodotus I the IV century BC: the labyrinth was “situated a little above the lake of Moiris and nearly opposite to that which is called the City of Crocodiles” (‘Histories’, Book, II, 148).


Based on the descriptions of ancient texts such as those from Herodotus, and others who visited the magical labyrinth in the distant past, a 17th century German Jesuit scholar called  Athanasius Kircher, created the first pictorial reproduction of the enigmatic labyrinth just as Herodotus described it: It has twelve courts covered in, with gates facing one another, six upon the North side and six upon the South, joining on one to another, and the same wall surrounds them all outside; and there are in it two kinds of chambers, the one kind below the ground and the other above upon these, three thousand in number, of each kind fifteen hundred. The upper set of chambers we ourselves saw […]

The incredible underground library could easily be what is referred to as the Hall of Records. Discovered in 2008 by a group of Belgian and Egyptian researchers, the underground temple consists of over 3000 rooms which are filled with incredible hieroglyphs and paintings, the enigmatic underground complex is located less than 100 kilometers from Cairo at Hawara, not far from the Pyramid of Amenemhat III.

This incredible discovery has been kept away from society under mysterious circumstances. The results of the expedition were published in 2008 shortly in the scientific journal of the NRIAG, and the results of the research were exchanged in a public lecture at the University of Ghent. Media from Belgium attended. However, the finding was quickly suppressed since the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities (Egypt) put a hold to all further communications about the discovery due to Egyptian National Security sanctions.

In 2010, de Cordier opened a website, Labyrinth of Egypt in order to make the discovery available to the entire world. Even though researchers have confirmed the existence of the underground complex, major excavations need to take place in the future in order to explore the incredible finding. It is believed that the treasures of the underground Labyrinth could hold the answers to countless historical mysteries and the ancient Egyptian civilization.

Is this the long lost Hall of Records? Moreover, is it possible that because of its extreme importance, the government decided to deny further studies and excavations?

Interestingly, the discovery of the mystery underground library seems to fit perfectly into the accounts of the mythical Hall of Records.

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  • Deb

    Oh my gosh… they have to suppress this location… the Islamic fanatic extremists go and destroy everything like this… all in the name of their evil “god” They have already destroyed SO many antiquities. It’s just evil.

    • missiongal

      Don’t worry Deb Egypt has sold on all the records found to the USA, however there are 3 halls of records around the world so more to come


        can you kindly elaborate for me please as I’m trying to gather evidence on this subject.

        • missiongal

          Sorry Deb I can’t to be honest as it’s an Edgar Casey prediction so only he knows and he’s dead I’m sure they will all come to light though at some stage and we can look forward to them if they are not GIVEN AWAY to the USA or Smithsonian Museum the evil ones

  • iScience

    By your awful penmanship, punctuation, and actual use of the word, “conspiracy” when referring to a scientific discovery concerning something like this, especially when the speculation of it possibly being the Hall of Records is nothing more than mere speculation, I can tell you lack proper education and intelligence… If your brain was capable of common reasoning and logic you would have pieced together by the end of the article that with all of the government and archaeological experts refraining other bodies from gaining access to these newly excavated areas, this article has provided as much imformation as any other article could at the time of it being originally written. Please refrain from regurgitating this awful nonsense on other informative and interesting articles in the future. Please!

    • JamieYaar

      Cough splutter, you are clearly projecting your fantasy upon history and reducing the Science of archaeology to a nonsense. Show me the science and I am in. Speculation is however just that- projection.

      • iScience

        You make absolutely no sense. Go ahead, keep reinforcing the statement I made previously when pointing out your lack of intelligence. You can’t even properly piece together the words in which you know no meaning.

        Cough, sputter* science* moron!

        • Shaun Bracewell

          LOL, wow. What was that guys problem. haha

          • JamieYaar

            I didn’t find the piece credible ffs that is the problem is that so strange ? The internets are awash with assumptions and leaps of reason claiming this and that mythical truth, debunking god knows what, but without any substance. I would love the mythical hall of records to have been discovered really I would, but guess what .. here we are again a bold claim then silence, no follow up, no peer reviewed science or real archeology anywhere to be witnessed. Hence I counter the claim only to be called a moron haha I love the internet it can be highly entertaining.

          • Ian Eakins

            Scientific evidence? I don’t understand why there’s two types of people who either debunk things like this or accept the notion that this is “probably” true. No scientific evidence is even allowed to be conducted here dude….the hall of records is more of an allegory than a myth. This is much more than a conspiracy. Based on actual findings of the Labyrinth, an underground city. The point is the library exists and is confirmed by officials and this is what most closely matches the Hall Of Records if you even know what it is…

          • Ian Eakins

            the Egyptian government has blocked investigations around what is said to be the site of the Hall of Records. This is a fact. Why do you think that is?Its self explanatory

          • Stephen Coyle

            Why look for the answers of the past in Egypt, why not open the catacombs under the Vatican (Babylon)

        • JamieYaar

          haha you lap it up sir, calling me a moron genius, but there is zero science on display in this assumption and therefore your rather rude and ranting response does nothing to further the actual claim that something mythical has been discovered. Where is the science to back up this piece ??? The Mythical hall of records remains just that a myth at this point. You appear angry and aggressive towards any position that is not in sympathy with your own grasping reality. Until there is science this is just another assumption for the conspiracy types to latch onto and rant about. You display classic straw man and odhominem responses, whilst singularly avoiding any depth or argument related to the claim, show me the science please you angry weird person,

      • Maurice de Montaine

        Accepted history, including archaeology, is awash with an admixture of fact and fiction, truth and error, so I would be careful in daring to pronounce anything that doesn’t agree with the a cepted and official line as nonsense. You instead, rather than pompously promoting the astuteness and unalloyed accuracy of s ience, show me real science – not merely scientific declarations of which may or maynot be true. The science- minded project their own fallacies, arrogance and insecurities relative to alternative postulations, speculations and considerations. The scientific method is as much compounded of speculation as anyother presentment, regardless of that which the scientific dogmatists assert to the contrary. The dogmatism of science is as much prominent as the dogmatism of anyother field of human endeavour. Just because it’s a modern concept, theory, hypothesis, or whatever one prefers to call it, doesn’t of itself automatically make it correct. Science, let us not forget, can’t even agree with itself on almost eveything it involves itself in. Thos bei g so, science has no right to claim either superiority or exactness.

        • JamieYaar

          And yet the best system we have is the method Science employs, of course it is not 100% correct in all its findings and assumptions, BUT here we are on the internets, engines combust, Helicopters fly and antibiotics cure infections. Archaeology tries its best to deduce from evidence a narrative. Speculation and grasping at straws helped no one ever deliver a solid theory and explanation.

          • Maurice de Montaine

            Unfortunately your assertion is an assumption and one made from a point of ignorance, for the scientific method as you and most of humanity knows of it and understands it is neither the best system nor the best system humanity currently possesses.

            You speak of speculation and grasping at straws, well science is good at that too. Quite a few years ago now I attended an international archaeological conference sponsored by the University of Liege, Belgium, the university of Tasmania and the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens, and a variety of conceptual viewpoints were presented by the then world’s supposed experts in Aegean bronze age archaeology.

            You likewise mention that the scientific method is not 100% accurate. This is a given. Nonetheless, those immersed in their version of science and worldly authority are the first to point the finger of scorn at any other area of human knowledge and endeavour it blindly and fanatically doesn’t accept and concur with. Dogma in science is as prevalent as it is in any other human activity.

          • JamieYaar

            Oh dear lord, so has the hall of records been found, discovered or not ????? And what would it take in terms of reliable trustworthy evidence peer reviewed to confirm this .. Science in its core system is just a search for verifiable facts and solutions. Proof, testing, reviewing and presenting for cross checking. Archaeology is one of the great Scientific endeavours, you are belittling an entire branch of studious careful painstaking work by thousands of dedicated and qualified individuals. What proof can you present that there are ‘secret’ ‘hidden’ civilisations or pre history activities that refute the current timeline of human progression ??? Science is the best system we have to encounter the world around us or the internet would not function !!! What exactly is your point or position you make no sense .. if you have information that is verified please I’d love to read it as I love all things History and Archaeological, please go ahead present .. I am reacting to the piece presented above, it was posted, I am asking for additional evidence is all ….

          • Maurice de Montaine

            Whether it is the purported Hall of Records or not is open for dispute, however your slant on it is indicative of pseudo-science rather than real science based around an unbiased perspective and eventually perchance generally irrefutable and substantive proof from evidence – not a blind and fanatical refutation or acceptance. With all due respect to you, your concept of science is disturbing to say the least and is indeed a concept that is unfortunately widely held. For your viewpoint is as much non-evidence based as you assert the contrary viewpoint to be.

            Moreover, you have the misfortune to consider yourself intelligent. Read the applicable works of Sir Francis Bacon and properly absorb his delineation of the Idola Mentis (Idols of the Mind), which are the errors in thinking and approach to knowledge that are tightly held to by most of humanity. I, therefore, ask for your evidence instead of scientific speculation presented as fact.

            You assert the ridiculous notion that you ‘love all things history and Archaeological”, but your viewpoint is based in the main on scientific interpretation and speculation. History is continually being rewritten and past beliefs discarded by your much vaunted authorities.

            There is no possible so-called evidence of which anyone could provide that would satisfy your preconceived ideas. Your approach and the adopted pseudo-intellectualistic stance precludes anyone who actually knows, and is in possession of the facts you claim to desire, to communicate them to you. humble yourself before the seat of real knowledge and perhaps it will be opened to you.

          • JamieYaar

            you do speak a load of nonsense (and very simplistic obvious nonsense at that), the hall of records could easily be proven to exist please stick to the subject. Of course science is continually adapting and developing its theories and concepts based on new verified information and discovery. I have no notions about the limits of science being anything but an attempt to observe and discover the world around us by fact checking and testing theory. I am simply saying this kind of article panders to the emotions and presents nothing of any depth. If they can unearth this mythical hall then go ahead, otherwise its babble … babble .. does this article present some facts or not .. does it advance the serious efforts of Archaeologists ??? Not by a single jot.

          • Maurice de Montaine

            So much for your intelligence and your humanity. Besides, your stance and claims changes like the proverbial wind, which is a particular trait of pseudo-intellectuals and troublemakers.

          • JamieYaar

            if you say so, but I am still not slightly more informed as to what the aim of this article actual was … ‘The Discovery of the century’ hahahahaha

          • Maurice de Montaine

            You seem to be unusually obsessed with that thought and statement, even though I have specifically posited that it is not the case. Your obsession with the purported superiority of science is a delusion held by most, if not all, science fanatics and extremists. Arguing for the sake of arguing is a tool utilised by the pseudo-intellectualist and fanatical adherent to a specific methodology.

            Archaeology doesn’t try its best to “deduce from evidence”, what it does is interpret from observation and experiment and build a hypothesis around that interpretation. It doesn’t stop there, though, as the resting on preconceived ideas (which is exactly what you do) is married to the hypothesis.

            The notion of science you’ve adopted for yourself is the unthinking and blind acceptance of a science partially constructed, usurped by the purely materialistically-minded and irrational skeptics without due consideration that science could be far more than this. In other words, the official definition and description of science is not only blurred by a fanatical one-pointed designation, but it is so artificially restricted to that thought form it has no hope of obtaining to its true nature until that contrivance is overcome. People like you accept the touted line without due thought and consideration. Real science is vastly different and far superior to that which I’d designate as worldly or materialistically-contrived human science. Because of this, science has lost a lot of its potential and lustre. The dogmatists and unthinking zombies in science and those of a similar nature interested in science have effectively destroyed the overall capability of science through trying to force it to adhere to human concepts. Proceeding this way, science, like any other human endeavour, is done an unbelievably sorrowful disservice.

            You are also obsessed with speculation as it is applied to whatever you don’t believe in and accept. this likewise distorts your vision, your perception and your conception. There is little solid theory in theoretical science. Practical science usually has a slightly increased level of solid theory behind it, but even then the attempt to enlarge on that solid base through fanciful interpretations has it not only grasping at straws and indulging itself in speculation but making the same mistakes as you so fanatically and blindly accuse everyone else of doing who doesn’t accept your particular version of science and the scientific method. I have noticed in your mistaken attempt at intellectual posturing, you ignore the salient points proffered by another and immediately go on your pseudo-intellectualistic rant. it is no point, therefore, for me to elucidate on any substantive point anent that which I could convey and explain further that which I mean by refuting your contention relative to the accepted and touted definition and procedures of science as the world currently knows and understands it. Your mind could not grasp it nor would you give it sufficient time to digest it. You need to understand first that the argument from authority (argumentum ad verecundiam) is insufficient to the cause and is in many respects based around a false sense of acceptability – a flagrant error that science itself consistently indulges in as it seeks to impel humanity to blindly accept its authority as though its virtually absolute.

          • Clickbait articles huh? I believe your profile image says all I need to now about you. Calling this a conspiracy or clickbait articles makes you look like a complete fool, due to the fact that there’s enough evidence (which you obviously cannot understand) that this does exist. Do you even realize how well documented this discovery actually is? Do me a favor and avoid Ancient Code in the future. Internet trolls are not welcome here.

            I cannot understand why I take my time to respond to such idiotic comments in the first place… Uh!

  • Brian Majewski

    What’s the reason behind Egypt not allowing more research into this place? Why won’t Egypt allow research under the sphinx? Why does Egypt deny and refuse to accept any modern views that contradict their narrative of the past? I wonder who is really in charge?


    Once again its all about money, Egyptians who want to make money and those who don’t. I am
    sure Zahi Hawass has a lot to do with! That ol fart won’t let anyone in he doesn’t trust.

  • REP

    All these BS conspiracies. Americans and Egyptian government don’t want to reveal the truth? Hmm..i wonder why. They’re probably afraid that the TRUTH will hurt their races and that Jesus is not white lol. So, if society are suppress from finding out the TRUTH, they continue to live a better lives based on color of their skins and also the Jewish people being God’s children is probably false as well. Jerusalem is not a race or a country but misinterpret in order for a race to gain.

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