Still think we are alone in the universe? These 20 images will make you change your mind

The idea that we are not the only lifeforms in the universe has captured the imagination and interest of not only scientists but philosophers, historians and even archaeologists.

Many people would agree with me that to even think we are the only living species in the universe is totally absurd.

The universe is SO big, that it’s hard to put it into perspective. Now imagine if there isn’t ONE universe but that there are more universe as scientists have speculated in recent years.

Anyway, to understand where we are located in the universe, and just how big it is, here are 20 mind-bending images that promise to make you rethink everything you thought about the universe, our solar system, Earth, and whether or not we are alone in our journey through space.

Welcome to our solar system, our very own ‘private’ corner in the universe. Our star system –which is composed of 8 planets and several ‘dwarf planets’— is considered as a galactic oasis.

As you are reading this, the Earth revolves around its own axis; it orbits the sun, the sun moves through space at a staggering 792,000 kilometers per hour around the galactic center, and our universe moves at a mind-bending 2.1 million kilometers per hour.

In fact, everything within the universe moves, from our planet –which rotates on its axis at a speed of nearly 1700 kilometers per hour— to the solar system and even the galaxy.

Here’s our star system, oh and by the way, it’s still not fully explored.

Solar System

But as I’ve said above, we aren’t stationary so it looks more like this:

The largest planet in our solar system is Jupiter. It’s size is truly glorious and to get an idea as to how big the Gas Giant is, here’s an image that illustrates the size of Jupiter compared to North America.


Here’s a comparison of Earth and Jupiter.

Jupiter Earth Spot comparison

Here is a different perspective:

Jupiter Earth comparison

In terms of diameter, this is what it looks like:

Jupiter Earth diameter

Here’s another mind-boggling image, six Earth’s compared to the size of Saturn.

saturn rings 1

Saturn Diameter

Now, let’s take a look at the Sun compared to the remaining planets in our solar system:

1024px Solar system

Here’s a comparison of the Earth and the Sun:

earth compared to sun

Even though the sun might seem MASSIVE, the truth is that it’s actually really small compared to other stars in the known universe. For example, VY Canis Majoris is approximately 1,000,000,000 times bigger than our Sun. 

sun and vy canis majoris

There are objects in the universe which are SOOO big, it’s hard to even imagine it. In this image we see the size of the Milky Way Galaxy compared to some of the known galaxies in the universe, located millions of light years away from Earth.

Here, you can check out a 46 billion-pixel Milky Way picture, which is considered the largest astronomical image to date. Here’s a small part:

Amazing image of the Milky Way

This is our solar system’s neighborhood:

solar system

…Which is actually small when you zoom out.



In this image we have our local GALACTIC neighborhood:

Galactic neighborhood

However, if you zoom further out, yu will find yourself looking at out neighboring galaxies which are surrounded by other galaxies with their own neighboring galaxies. Astronomers refer to this as the Virgo Supercluster.

Virgo SuperCluster

The Laniakea Supercluster is the galaxy supercluster that is home to the Milky Way and 100,000 other nearby galaxies.

The Laniakea Supercluster encompasses 100,000 galaxies stretched out over 160 megaparsecs (520 million light-years). It has the approximate mass of 1017 solar masses, or a hundred thousand times that of our galaxy, which is almost the same as that of the Horologium Supercluster. It consists of four subparts, which were known previously as separate superclusters.

o LANIAKEA facebook

And guess what, if you zoom further out you will realize that the Virgo Supercluster is also surrounded by neighboring superclusters.


And here is an image of the observable universe.

observable universe

Now ask yourself the question: Are we alone in the universe?

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  1. Arrogant, presumptuous ants in an ant hill. Absurd to imagine we are the center of anything in this existence, whatever it may be.

  2. Absolutely one of the best articles you’ve put on this site, Ivan. GREAT JOB !!….I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, making comparisons and marveling at our insignificant contribution to the universe and how very moot humans are.

  3. We are the only human life forms in this Universe which was made for us by God. There ARE no other planets in the universe; they are STARS. I GO BY WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS, but you believe what science says, which is false data.

    1. The Bible doesn’t mention computers, so how did you post that?

    2. You’re wasting your time with magic marlio. You see, GOD created the whole universe for humans so we could inhabit a mere 0000000000000000000000.25% of it. It must be true it’s in the bible

      1. the decimal point should be in between the first two zeros. the number you have written 25%

    3. The bible was created by man to control men.

      It’s sad that you are so delusional and can only think in terms of what others tell you what to believe. Open your eyes and mind to what is truly wonderful about life, the universe and everything….

      Why are you here posting this ridiculous drivel? Please don’t drag out that old “spreading the word of god” crap. First off god could have us believing with the snap of a finger (If that’s what he called his digits). Second this god didn’t tell you anything, it’s the guy standing on the pulpit wanting 10% of everything you make so he can have a hooker bring over pizza and beer.

    4. Yes please, let’s not use any logic, common sense, or real scientific facts, let’s just keep believing Harry Potter created the Universe, try getting an education past the 3RD grade before talking to adults, Ok Marlio

  4. Hi MyUniCorn,

    One thing you have to realize is that other civilizations out there are way older than us. They more than likely have developed the technology to get here by now. Go to the mountains of Chili or any mountainous region and you will see them. These civilizations could be billions of years older than ours. They possibly have fleets that go out seeking life like planets like ours in order to help us grow. Some could be benevolent and some could be malevolent. I know on this planet due to ignorance and our society having ignorance toward anything that’s not produced by media we refuse to seek the true knowledge. Stolen artifacts from years ago when the world was trying to find a control factor have yet to be recovered because they were hidden. The vatican most likely holds all these treasures which is why we have yet to prove for ourselves as a society that aliens are real. This is how we are controlled by the world governments. Things have been held back by the religions we hold so dearly. Because some things were removed from the traditional Bible we have today for example. This evidence is at the vatican. The planet not wanting to believe it’s real is pure ignorance in and of itself. Which is something that has been phased out more and more as our people and planet grow. However we are obviously still in the immature stages so therefore our ignorance besieges our quest for knowledge. So in a nutshell it sounds like you aren’t ready for the truth.

  5. Back to when fish came crawling out of the water and evolved everyone has believed in something science is what to believe in why are you scared to believe

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