Dozens of mummies discovered in ancient Egyptian tomb not far from the pyramids

In Brief: The Egyptian Minister of Antiquities Dr.Khaled El-Enany announced the first discovery of the year 2019 from Tuna El-Gebel, an archaeological site in Menia, where a joint archaeological mission has discovered a collection of Ptolemaic burial chambers engraved in rock and filled with a large number of mummies of different sizes and genders.

Egyptian Archaeologists have discovered a new burial site believed to date back from the Ptolemaic era of ancient Egypt, (323 BC to 30 BC).

Inside it, experts discovered as many as 40 well-preserved mummies.

One of the painted mummies and the excavation site (Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities)

They eternal resting place, not far from the Great Pyramid of Giza, includes the remains of men, woman as well as children, which most likely belonged to a large wealthy family, reports Egypt’s Minister of Antiquities, Khaled El-Enany, who unveiled the site to a group of journalists and diplomats from various countries.

A joint mission from the Ministry of Antiquities and the Research Centre for Archaeological Studies of Menia University has stumbled upon a collection of Ptolemaic burial chambers engraved in rock and filled with a large number of mummies of different sizes and genders, reads a statement published by the Ministry on their Facebook account.

The ministry has revealed that some of the mummies were buried inside of stone and/or wooden sarcophagi, while other mummies were found on the floor of the tomb.

The archaeological site where the discovery was made was actually discovered last February, when a group of researchers from the Ministry and Minya University “stumbled upon” the burial site in Menia, noticing “a tomb engraved in rock composed of a corridor leading to sloping stairs that opened to a rectangular chamber with a number of burials,” the ministry added.

Soon after, archaeologists discovered evidence of another burial chamber where more mummies were discovered inside of large stone sarcophagi. A third chamber, housing more mummies and ancient sarcophagi were also discovered.

Researchers have said that the mummies date back to the Ptolemaic era. The age of the mummies was discovered thanks to the help of papyri fragments unearthed in the grave.

A plethora of archaeological discoveries has been made in the past few months in Egypt.

Last year, I reported the discovery of a second Sphinx. Construction workers working on a groundwater reduction project at the Kom Ombo Temple in Aswan discovered the sandstone sphinx a few meters below the surface.

Furthermore, archaeologists have also recently discovered the existence of an ancient Egyptian coastal fortress, famous for providing the Pharaoh’s army with War Elephants.

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