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Experts issue chilling warning: Annual Taurids meteor shower could hide doomsday asteroids


Experts issue chilling warning: Annual Taurids meteor shower could hide doomsday asteroids

Experts warn that the Taurids meteor shower could hide asteroids that could WIPE OUT entire continents. Furthermore, it is believed that the Tunguska event of 1908, probably caused by the impact of a cometary body was a fragment of Comet Encke—the originator of several related meteor showers known as the Taurids

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According to experts, a comet which lights up our skies each year with hundreds of fireballs could hide within it doomsday asteroids that can wipe out ENTIRE continents.

This is according to a team of scientists who have focused on the annual Taurids meteor shower and researched it thoroughly.

They warn that cosmic fragment of ICE and ROCK could be so LARGE that they could wipe out entire continents on our planet, creating a doomsday scenario within minutes.

Experts predict that one such fragment could collide with our planet in 2022, 2025, 2032 and 2039.

The annual Taurids meteor shower is created by the debris of Encke’s comet—named after Johann Franz Encke who in 1819 managed to compute its orbit. The diameter of the nucleus of Encke’s Comet is 4.8 km

Interestingly, the Tunguska event of 1908, probably caused by the impact of a cometary body, has also been postulated by Czechoslovakian astronomer Ľubor Kresák as a fragment of Comet Encke.

This is why researchers from the Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Science have been following the comet’s fragments closely. They discovered that two asteroids—dubbed 2015 TX24 and 2005 UR—part of a previously undiscovered branch of the Taurids’ debris might prove to be problematic for Earth.

As explained by experts, our plane only crosses through this potentially dangerous trajectory once every few years, when the danger of impacts is greater and future encounters are predicted by experts in 2022, 2025, 2032 and 2039.


The Taurids are an annual meteor shower associated with the comet Encke. They are named after their radiant point in the constellation Taurus, where they are seen to come from in the sky. Because of their occurrence in late October and early November, they are also called Halloween fireballs. Image Credit: Shutterstock

The above-mentioned asteroids measure between 200 and 300 meters in diameter and have been registered on the International Astronomical Union’s list of “potentially hazardous” asteroids.

However, experts from the Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Science believe that a hidden debris field may hide even LARGER objects, which is bad new for Earth.

In a pre-print paper published on arXiv, scientists said: ‘Since asteroids of sizes of tens to hundreds of meters pose a threat to the ground even if they are intrinsically weak, impact hazard increases significantly when the Earth encounters the Taurid new branch every few years.

‘Further studies leading to a better description of this real source of potentially hazardous objects, which can be large enough to cause significant regional or even continental damage on the Earth, are therefore extremely important.’
Interestingly, there is a theory that connects the ancient Swastika symbol to Encke’s comet.

It is believed that the appearance of the Swastika symbol—which is widespread across nearly all continents on earth, may have been inspired by the appearance of a comet from head on, as the curved jets would be reminiscent of the swastika shape, and Comet Encke has been identified by several experts as the comet in question.

In the book titled Cosmic Serpent by Victor Clube, and Bill Napier, the authors reproduce an ancient Chinese catalog e of cometary shapes from the Mawangdui Silk Texts, which includes a swastika-shaped comet, and suggest that some comet drawings were related to the breakup of the progenitor of Encke and the Taurid meteoroid stream.

Source: Discovery of a new branch of the Taurid meteoroid stream as a real source of potentially hazardous bodies


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