Fascinating Video shows what the Earth really looks like from Space

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There is a worldwide debate going on whether or not the world is flat. Many people claim that most videos from NASA are in fact, the product of CGI and that there aren’t any videos that show the exact shape of the Earth.

Interestingly thousands of years ago, before anyone came up with the idea that the Earth was flat, people believed the Earth is in fact, a sphere.

Flat Earth vs Round Earth?
Flat Earth vs Round Earth

Anyway, thousands of people around the globe believe that there is a possibility that the Earth isn’t round, and is, in fact, FLAT.

On December 24, 1968, the crew of the Apollo 8 mission captured one of the most famous photographs in human history known as “The Earthrise.” The image, photographed by Astronaut William Anders displays one of the most beautiful images of our planet, the first color image of the Earth from space.

However, there are many people who claim that the Earth isn’t round, that the images from NASA are faced and that the Earth is, in fact, FLAT. The flat Earth theory is considered by many people as the greatest conspiracy in the history of our civilization.

Those who backup the Plat Earth theory indicate that the Earth is, in fact, a disc with the Arctic Circle in the center with a wall of ice of 150 meters around the edge in Antarctica.

Day and night are explained as the sun, and the moon is spheres measuring 51 kilometers and moving in a circular motion 4989 above the plane of the flat Earth. Like spotlights, these celestial spheres illuminate different parts of the planet in a cycle of 24 hours. In the flat earth, there is also an invisible “anti-Moon” that obscures the moon during lunar eclipses.

In the flat earth, there is also an invisible “anti-Moon” that obscures the moon during lunar eclipses.

However, a video recorded aboard the International Space Station earlier this year may put an end to the mystery, sort of.

Astronaut Tim Peake filmed what is without a doubt one of the most beautiful views of our planet from Space.

The short video allows us to take a peek at what the Arabian Sea looks like as seen from the International Space Station. In the video, you can clearly appreciate the spherical shape our planet has, and even though many will STILL not agree, it clearly shows that the Earth is in fact, round.

Many people who believe in the flat Earth theory suggest that since most of us have never seen Earth from Space, we cannot blindly follow what NASA and other agencies are telling us. Well, here is a video that seems to prove we don’t live on a ‘flat disk’.

However, this video may be a game changer for those who believe we live on a flat disk.

Check out the video and let us know what you think:


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      1. Just read the other comments Ivan. This article makes the credibility of your site close to zero.

        1. I believe people don’t read the articles as they should.
          In fact, this article presents a video that is supposed to end the controversy surrounding the flat Earth theory which many people still believe in.

          I’m not sure what you are trying to accomplish by suggesting the article lowers the credibility of the website.

          1. Hey Ivan if that was the intention I totally missed it. My apologies I take back what I said. Credibility restored 🙂

          2. Well you are entitled to write anything you wish, I just wanted to point out that most people come to ancient code with a preconceived opinion that is not based on reason on anything written here. This article is an obvious example.

            That’s why most people rush to make comments without actually reading what it’s all about. 😉


  1. We can’t see stars from that close to the earth due to light pollution as the earth reflects the suns light. It’s the same effect as standing under a streetlight.

    1. What is? The article suggests –based on everything written within the article– that Earth is a sphere. I’m not sure what you mean.

  2. Never argue with flat Earthers as its like masturbating a pig. Confusing, embarrassing and you both walk away feeling dirty. The Earth is a sphere, all the science backs this up. I had a flat Earther try and tell me that the reason the earth appears curved when looking out of a plane window is because the airline industry are in on the conspiracy and all aircraft windows are convex. Retarded

      1. Pity the guy below isnt responding, could have some fun there. These guys are unreal

    1. What it appears that you are retarded ask a proper pilot the question you may just get the truth idiot, next you’ll be telling us the globe spins, well we wouldn’t be able to land a fucking plane let alone fly it if this was the case, do some real research for God’s sake or just remain asleep nite nite

      1. Bullshit. You lot are utterly deluded. I work for British Airways and speak to pilots on a daily basis so don’t come that shit with me. Fucking nutter

        1. Oh boy you are so funny so you work for British Airways they only dish out brooms to retards to sweep the floors.

          As for gravity I have an open mind explain ti to me I DARE YOU? But please don’t tell me zero gravity exists because it doesn’t, go ahead the floor is yours Rick

          1. First explain the why of your deluded theory. Why do the guild of morons persist with this?

          2. Maybe you should ask yourself why so many morons believe this true fact that the earth is fdlat, go and listen to Admiral Byrd’s version of what he saw and oh that guy from 1938 who went up in a balloon it was told in a magazine what he saw all these people can’t be wrong can they or would you rather listen to what NASA tells you if this is the case then you must realize you really don’t have a brain

          3. Have you heard yourself? You are actually arguing with me that the earth is FLAT. It’s surreal but are you able to explain why all the other planets, both gas and rock, are all oblate spheroids? It’s because of gravity, isnt it?

          4. Really spherioids you are funny where did you get this information I’m guessing NASA well for your information those photos of our planets are all CGI photo shop stupid we don’t know what they look like but you go ahead and believe what you wish, but I’d love you to explain to me what gravity is as no one else seems to know here but you seem to have all the answers so please do educate me thanks

          5. “photos of our planets are all CGI photo shop”

            -LOLOLOL!!!! you can see the planets with a children’s telescope, in your back yard. MORON!

          6. My daughter got a telescope for her birthday so I took it into the garden and looked at venus. See if you can guess what shape it was, I’ll wait.

          7. Jump off a building and then tell me that gravity isn’t real.

            Let’s just say your bullshit about all photos being photoshopped is true. How do you explain that there isn’t even 1 attempt at getting a photo of flat earth? How do you explain that there isn’t even a drawing of flat earth that makes any kind of logical sense?

          8. I don’t know how the lack of existence of something can exist, but if you are in space and not within the gravity well of a massive celestial object, there will be no gravity. Just because you can’t understand it doesn’t mean it it isn’t true.

        2. Hhaahahahahahahah work for British Airways hahahahahahaha so that makes you a authority on inertia and gravity hahahahhahahaha

          1. Nope. But I have seen the curvature of the earth, I have a working knowledge of physics. Flat earthers are the dumbest Fuckers alive

      2. “we wouldn’t be able to land a fucking plane let alone fly it if this was the case”


        Holy shlt dude! You are fuking retarded!

  3. Earth is flat…. How many morons is on this world. We should die all, human stupidity is infinite.. sad..

    1. I love how certain these idiots are that the earth is flat even though there is not a single piece of evidence to support the idea. All they do is use their ignorance of how things work to try and discredit facts they don’t even remotely understand.

  4. Whoever thinks the Earth is flat must live in Westeros. There is a big wall at the edge of the disc to keep the White Walkers out. Be prepaire Flat earthers. The Whites are coming to kill us all, and #winteriscoming.

    Y’all have to be a very, very special kind of stupid. Explain to me how Magellan sailed around the world, and didn’t see this big ass wall that’s saving all of us from the impending doom.

    Real shit, whoever believes the Earth is flat is literally destroying our Country, and the fucking planet. If you were alowed to rule we would end up right back in the Dark ages, and end up being exsterminated as a species.

    Please I’m begging you. If you are this stupid you would be doing the world a favor by offing yourself. That would be my first choice for you. But if you dont have the balls to do that pick up a fucking 2000 year old Geometry book, and you could figure it out for yourself. Or, you could take a remedial cosmology course on line. No math or physics required just common sense.

    1. Patrick I don’t understand you comments. Does the article imply anywhere (or does it state) that the Earth is flat?

  5. This article is propaganda BS for a start Tim Peaks didn’t go into space, there is no ISS it’s a hoax made up by NASA, and secondly the earth is flat and what’s more there is plenty of evidence out there to proove it’s so, but all you morons who think it’s a sphere just go back to sleep, yu are ignorant and you can’t argue with stupidity so I won’t be answering or argueing with anyone in this forum full stop!!!

    1. Pity youre not up for an argument as i can poke a million holes in the bull shit you are spouting.

    2. After I took a few minutes to stop laughing at what you posted, I had to come here and tell you that your statement of “You can’t argue with stupidity” is exactly the reason I wont argue with you, especially after calling everyone names and such.

    3. Agree with You my friend. I woke up few weeks ago. People don’t want to even look at the hard evidence like for example never ending horizon or why we dont have live streaming videos from Hubble telescope ? we don’t have EVEN one video of earth from Hubble telescope, only CGI videos from ISIS … why the don’t show us even one video from the ISIS like they are looking thru “normal” telescope on earth in real time ?

      1. AGREED Kris but these kind of morons also believe that 747’s crashed into the twin towers which is impossible but there you go, like I said you can’t argue with stupidity so we just have to leave them completely naive and asleep shame isn’t it

        1. It is impossible for planes to fly into buildings? It is literally amazing how stupid you people are.

        1. Sheeple? Really? I have studied the space program since I was 5 so I know a thing or two about it. If you believe the world is flat or that the ISS does not exist you are either living under a rock or you need your tinfoil hat adjusted. Anyone that believes the earth is flat is a moron. Same for all the other conspiracies out there.

          1. You believe Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK ?
            You are the moron a arrogant one at that, good day

          2. You believe Obama is a shapeshifting reptilian from outer space? You are a shit-for-brains retard. Good day.

          3. Stannnnlllley who mentioned O bomber ? you are a fool and a stupid one at that.

          4. Christooffferrrr who mentioned Lee Harvey Oswald ?

            “you are a fool and a stupid one at that.”
            -Says the guy who thinks space is fake! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! ROFL!!!!! Oh the irony!!!!!

          5. Yes I do. But I know he didn’t do it alone and was paid to do it. The federal reserve was responsible. And I’m not arrogant. Just right.

    4. The whole space crap is fake, can you see all the satelites hahahahhaha peace

      1. You can see satellites yourself at the right time from the surface of earth. Go out and by a $100 telescope. You will have to leave whatever cave you have been living on though.

    5. It is the INTERNATIONAL space station, idiot. NASA isn’t the only space program on the planet. Are you really trying to suggest all of the other countries and their space programs are lying also?

      You won’t be arguing because you have no ability to have a discussion that contains actual facts. The position of elite intelligence you are taking is just a deflection. You know full well you don’t have a fucking clue what you are talking about.

    6. I love how the flat earthers are so quick to denounce NASA, but they always run away when you inform them that there are 100s of space agencies that are not NASA, and you don’t need any of them to observe the fact that the earth is a sphere for yourself.

  6. To all you “flat earth” types out there….please remove your tin foil hats and place them in the nearest recycling bin. We should be able to get a few million tin cans out of the bargain. To all you who thought that somehow this article was a “pro flat earth” statement please….well….what? To missiongal….your drugs have stopped working….go back to your doctor immediately!
    Hey…I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’

    1. Can you believe it? My god, I may have to start wearing tin foil hats, maybe that way I’ll sound more reasonable?

        1. Congratulations! You have correctly identified a video clip taken with a fisheye lens. Now if you take this image, and put it into a program that reverses the fisheye effect, you will still see curvature. Thank you for demonstrating your mental retardation.

          1. Ok, we’ll bite on the fish eye lens bullshit for a moment.

            How does that explain how you can’t see all of the continents? Also, where are the ice walls? Clearly you can see the edge of the planet, but even if you modify the image to try and support your argument, you still can’t see any evidence of a flat earth.

          2. You are replying to the wrong person. I am not arguing for the flat Earth.

        2. If you reverse warp the image so the earth appears flat, the piece of the satellite you indicated becomes severely warped. Whereas If you warp the image so the piece of satellite is straight, the Earth still appears curved.

          1. Stanley you are a brainwashed indoctrinated slve to the new religion of NASA science

          2. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! ROFL!!!! You are so pathetically dumb!!!

    1. Ok, fish eye lense…sure. But if they are looking down on the planet, wouldn’t you see the whole thing, including the sun and the moon? Regardless of any kind of lens effect?

  7. i dont care if the world is round flat pear shaped square triangle or pretzel shaped. the way you ppl communicate with each other is just inhuman. you just ridicule and mock and insult and spread hate. who gives a shit what somebody believes especially when it has no negative effect on u. it is good to question authority. it is good to question everything. but a lot of u r being divided n conquered just like with politics, thats how the elite controls us all.

    1. “who gives a shit what somebody believes especially when it has no negative effect on u.”

      This kind of stupidity does have an effect on everyone. These people are incapable of rational, intelligent thought.

      Whereas it may be good to question things, it isn’t good to simply disagree with things because you are under the impression that the information is coming from some kind of “authority”.

      It is not an insult if it is an accurate observation. The observation in this case is that if you believe the world is flat, you are stupid. Period.

  8. i just watched the video and u cant distinguish if the earth is round or disk shaped. neil degrasse tyson says the earth is oblong flatter in the middle pear shaped sooooo idfkngknow. i think we can all agree the earth is hollow with cities of giants within 😉

    1. You can’t distinguish a sphere in that video? They were looking straight down on the planet from their perspective. If the world was as the flat earth theory suggests it is, you would have seen all of the continents as well as the sun and the moon at the same time.

  9. So the sun and a moon are flat and I give the impression of being spherical … hahaha.

  10. I need a full view of earth! this video is not it !… you should change the title of this article my friend !

    1. You need a full view to prove that it is a sphere, yet you believe it is flat without a shred of evidence?

    1. Does your dumb ass really expect to be able to see satellites during the day???

    2. The problem with flat earthers is that their brains are incapable of comprehending how massive our planet is and how even more massive space is. The idea of “scale” doesn’t compute.

      1. Unlike you I do not swallow all the shit dished up by NASA, as for seeing satellites, you claims are spurious .

        1. You fucking moron. NASA isn’t the only space agency, and you are not smart by simply taking a position of opposition against something you know nothing about. Get out of your basement and take a look at the real world for once.

  11. One thing I can not understand. For people who think, believe, that the earth is flat: What’s the point of being a lie that the earth is round? What’s the fucking point? Is this something against your religious beliefs?

  12. There is no way you can keep all the water on the earth on a spinning ball. Every experiment on this subject shows that it is impossible. Gravity is not what we think and is very questionable. Gravity can keep trillions of kilo’s water in it’s place but can’t do it with a tiny butterfly of 4 grams?

    1. “There is no way you can keep all the water on the earth on a spinning ball.”

      “Every experiment on this subject shows that it is impossible”

      “Gravity is not what we think and is very questionable.”
      -Only in your small brain.

      “place but can’t do it with a tiny butterfly of 4 grams?”
      -Are you serious right now? Are you really that dumb?

      1. I read you replies to people over 800 of them, name calling’ many many acronym’s ( look that up)
        Rudeness, ignorant arrogance and above all no evidence or sensible responses.
        So I conclude you are not worth responding to any more after this, good luck in life .

        1. i am not defending the guy name calling…. But flat earthers often reply rudely with name calling and slanders just the same… everyone needs to stop, if they cant debate without it

          1. Yeah the guy Stanley 811 is a bit weird, no reason or logic just abuse like a few others they need to accept other peoples opinions without taking things personal.

  13. The solar panel is curved indicating fish eye lens deception… Flat Earth disclosure is coming!



  14. solar panel curved thinking about buying some of those do my castle tower lol

  15. Clearly a lens distortion, even the solar panel has a distorted line. Ask and nasa will admittedly state some distortion is expected with these type lenses. (wide angle).
    You can’t believe you’ll get a whole earth without one…

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