Ancient Noah’s Ark Blueprints Reveal The Ark Was Round?

A clay tablet believed to be around 4,000-year-old details the material used in the construction of the Ark and indicates Noah’s Ark was in fact ROUND. The so-called Ark blueprints are among the most important ancient documents ever discovered.


The Noah’s Ark blueprints are 4,000-year-old lists instructions which detail how the Ark looked like, the material used and its peculiar ’round’ shape.

It was considered as one of the most important human documents ever discovered on Earth.

According to researchers, the ancient text details the materials and exact measurements for building Noah’s Ark.

But most importantly, the 4,000-year-old texts describe Noah’s ark in an unprecedented way indicating the Ark was in fact ROUND.

According to Irving Finkel, British Museum curator and author of “The Ark Before Noah,” who detailed the discovery in 2014 the tablet containing Noah’s ark blueprints were found by chance.

One day, a man by the name of Douglas Simons came to the museum holding a tablet that he received from his father who in turn obtained it among other artifacts that originated from Egypt and China.

The tablet brought by Simons “turned out to be one in a million,” said author and researcher Finkel.


The tablet containing Noah’s ark blueprints date back to around 1750 BC and tell the ‘Babylonian’ story of the Great Flood.

While Finken acknowledged that the Babylonian story of the Great Flood and the accounts recounted in the Book of Genesis had many similarities and were already well-known, the net table contained „startling new contents,” Finkel said.

The ‘Blueprints of the Ark’ detail materials used in the construction.

It even recounts the materials a ‘God’ instructed Babylonian Noah to use in order to build the Ark.

Interestingly, according to the ancient text, “Quantities of palm-fiber rope, wooden ribs and bathfuls of hot bitumen to waterproof the finished vessel … The amount of rope prescribed, stretched out in a line, would reach from London to Edinburgh.”

Even more fascinating is the size of the Ark itself.

According to reports, the ark would have had an area of a staggering 3.6 square kilometers, some 2.2 square miles, with walls rising 20 feet in the air.

But one of the most interesting details the ancient blueprint mentions is the shape of the Ark.

Like Finken mentioned in the past, “To my knowledge, no one has ever thought of that possibility,” precisely why many consider it one of the most important human documents ever discovered.

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  1. The Christian guy who just built the oblong one for the “end if the world” is going to be mildly upset. ?

    1. Why? This tablet is a fraud as is the ridiculous notion of a round ark. The Babylonian flood story is a bastardization of the biblical story and is absolutely ridiculous. The only supernatural elements in the Bible flood story is God talking to Noah. That’s it. But the Babylonian one has gods arguing, getting angry at mankind because they wouldn’t let then sleep and other ridiculous elements. The only reason those stories are given any credence at all is to attempt to discredit the Bible.

      1. The babylonian flood story is older than the bible. And how can you guffaw at one religious story being ridiculous while upholding another equally ridiculous story. The bible is nothing more than a pamphlet for the deluded, there is no god, there was no global flood. Show me the evidence

        1. The babylonian story is older than the Bible as a whole, as some books were written just over 2000 years ago, but NOT older than Genesis, the story it was stolen from. I’m not “guffawing”, I’m being honest. Explain EXACTLY what’s ridiculous about the Genesis story. And if you’re an evolutionist, then you are the biggest hypocrite of them all because you believe that in Nowhere and Nowhen, Nothing exploded for No reason, creating Everything incl. the Universe, Time, Matter, Life, DNA and all of our scientific laws….except that explosions don’t create things, they destroy them; and wouldn’t something have to exist first before it could explode or create anything? But you want to hypocritically mock the truth of the Bible. Wrong, liar The Bible is the word of God written down and preserved for us just like God promised it would be whereas your religious tome, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life is openly bigoted and full of lies, speculation and guesswork but you don’t seem to care about that, hypocrite. There IS God and there WAS a global Flood, regardless if you wish it weren’t true. You’ve proven to be very stupid so I don’t think you would accept any evidence, no matter what. If you haven’t found it by now, when its in your face and would take you two seconds to research, then you don’t WANT to find it. Where is your evidence of a fictional explosion creating Everything incl. a fictional invisible process that you can’t see unless you live for “MILLIONS of years”??? Exactly. There is none. You WISH that unscientific ridiculousness were true.

          1. Wow JSG….I believe in the Bible for the most part, but you are over the top pushy. If Rickd opines that he doesn’t believe in it or the stories, so be it. No need to let the zealous in you out and force upon someone else your beliefs. I’ve had my confrontation with Rickd before, but cmon…as adults we get over it and try to use this forum as intended. He says there is no God, I say there is. At that point it’s a push….why argue.

          2. ???? I ‘m not remotely pushy and he’s not just saying, “I disagree”. He’s lying and saying “God doesn’t exist”. Well, when one makes dogmatic statements, they then need to back them up w/ facts and evidence which he hasn’t done but he’s trolled pretty hard. I’d love to have a civil conversation but people like him are cowardly bullies. And ignorant.

          3. I’m actually not. I’m a very reasonable guy I just have a deep hatred of organised religion and when people try to force that crap on me it makes me very angry. I could spend days explaining why religion needs to be eradicated but you are to far gone

          4. You’re making a lot of assumptions about me. Only a deluded mind could possibly believe the fairy tale that is the bible. Where was god during the Holocaust, the Rwandan genocide, the Ethiopian famine, the tsunami? And don’t give me the “he works in mysterious ways crap”. Either he exists but doesn’t give a shit, or he doesn’t exist. I go with the latter and there is more evidence to back up my opinion than yours. Drops mic, exits stage

          5. No, I’m going off of your very bigoted ignorant comments that you yourself posted but weren’t you the one who lied and said “I bet you’re racist and homophobic”, you hypocrite? Only a deluded hypocrite would deny the veracity of the Bible in favor of the PSEUDOscientific religion of evolution w/ the Universe, Time, Matter, Life and DNA, ALL creating themselves our of Nothing for No reason so don’t act like you don’t like fairy tales! God is where he’s always been. Where were you when those tragedies were happening? Doing NOTHING and definitely not even caring. God absolutely exists but you stupidly want him to be a superhero righting wrongs and flying around like Superman which shows ignorant and hypocritical you really are. We have freewill and sometimes people use that to do stupid evil thing, people like you. You have ZERO evidence to prove God doesn’t exist. You WISH he didn’t exist so he wouldn’t judge your wicked life when the time comes. But God doesn’t wish away. Its useless.

          6. What’s useless are your efforts to convert me. On the one hand you hold up your religion as some sort of armour against criticism and on the other you prove yourself a hypocrite by spouting homophobic bullshit. You religious guys are all the same and trust me, I know.

          7. Forget it Rick. Apparently youve had a wicked life ? and now have to go to god and be judged by the Guy who screwed up your blueprint in the first place. Im 65 and gave up on god at age 7. Science and this site amongst others are digging into many unexplained areas. The truth will out.

          8. These people infuriate me. So full of “GOD” that they think it forgives their massive character flaws.

          9. Furthermore, you’re a religious nut job and there really is no reasoning with you people

          10. Wrong, YOU are the religious nutjob who can’t be reasoned with. If you had an actual intelligent argument, you would’ve presented it. Instead, you just troll.

          11. How am i a religious nutjob? I’m rational in my arguments against your delusions. You call it trolling but i have presented reasonable arguments where as you just spew vitriolic bile. Where is that famous christian patience and underastanding? I would surmise that like most religious spouters you are a hypocrite, you’re probably racist and homophobic too.

          12. ??? Is that trick question? You freely admit to mocking God and the Bible, making you an evolutionist and hypocrite. You haven’t been remotely rational but emotional and have lied multiple times. If you had prefaced your lies with “In my opinion…” and then made your ridiculous statements, that would be one thing. But you’re making dogmatic statements which beg the question. You keep describing yourself in this stupid post. LMAO!!!! I’ve been more than patient w/ you and you juts threw in more LIbtarded stupidity and hypocrisy. There is no such thing as “races” as that is an evolutionary term and evos like you MURDERED people of darker skin because you stupidly fantasized that they were somehow “less evolved”, you racist bigot. There is no such thing as “homophobia” as NO ONE is afraid of homosexuals, they’re disgusted by their vile, perverted acts and lifestyle.

          13. If two people love each other what does it matter if they are the same sex. Doesn’t the idea of your god embody love? Believe what you want mate, just stop shoving it down people’s throats

      2. The Bible (the books organised religion wants us to follow is part fact, and a LOT of fiction. When the rest of the Bible books are released. THEN we may have a REAL history book. So many books omitted by our *learned preachers” what crap.

        1. The Bible is the inspired word of God and has zero to do w/ organized religion. And all of it is true regardless of your personal opinion or wishful thinking but don’t stop there, be specific. What’s no true? You’re absolutely right that some books are omitted because those books were vetted and determined not to be true. You make it sound like just anyone could pen something and it should just automatically be accepted. Vetting something is a GOOD thing. Why would you be against that???

          1. Wrong, but its clear that you’re just a sad, hypocritical, ignorant Satanist. If you had an actual argument, you would’ve presented it.

          2. Why, so you can ignore it? You people baffle me. You accuse anyone who disagrees with you of being closed minded while coming across as the most closed minded individual i have ever encountered. Basically your whole basis is “Agree with me or i’ll insult you”

          3. Show me where I ignored anything you posted. I don’t accuse anyone of anything, I simply explain things to the brainwashed. I’m not close minded, I’m positive in what I know and if I don’t know, I freely admit it. Something neither you nor your ilk would ever do. Wrong, and show me where I insulted anyone. I simply responded to others how they responded to me. So you admit that your argument was weak, had zero facts and was completely arbitrary? OK.

          4. Religious indoctrination is the most effective form of brainwashing there is. They’ve been doing it for years and are VERY good at it

          5. The catholic church cherry picked what was and wasn’t in the bible to suit their agenda. That’s why they’re still “Studying” the dead sea scrolls after sixty years. What is in those scrolls undermines catholic dogma and we cant have that, can we?

          6. The Catholic Church has their own Bible, which is different than the KJV. It tries to deny Jesus’ divinity and omits the verse were Jesus heals Peter’s mother in law because they wanted to keep it secret that Peter was married. They also try and elevate Mary to god like status even though Jesus simply called her “woman” because he knew that in the future, people would try that. Wrong, the DSS have already been confirmed as authentic and the Catholic Church has nothing to do w/ that.

          7. YAWN!! Potato, potatoe. Nothing you have said disproves what i have said. I admire your conviction but not your stupidity

          8. YAWN! Yourself. I explained why you are mistaken but I don’t have to disprove your ignorant opinion as it has zero value and isn’t even a fact. Its just your two cents. So admire your own stupidity.

          9. How can the bible be inspired? Does it mean the authors went into a hypnotic trance or were they told exactly what to write? Inspired my …… How can 2 Sam 24:1 and 1 Chron 21:1 be inspired? Is “god” satan or not?

          10. Easy, how does anyone get inspiration? Who knows? Easy, its just is. ???? Why would you think God is Satan? Satan doesn’t control us but he absolutely influences us. Somehow Satan manipulated David and God is angered but we don’t really know why.

      3. You have it backwards.. Genesis is definitely a bastardization of the Babylonian creation myth in the Enuma Elish, just as the Bible’s flood story is. There really isn’t much in the Bible that is original material. Even the Biblical god was based on earlier Babylonian and other regional gods. This is historical and archaeological fact, sorry.

        And FYI, evolution is a fact as is the big bang. That does not mean that a “creator” or “God” of some sort does not exist of course.. but such a being would by default be far a more intelligent and rational mind than the author of anything to be found in The Bible. It is the product of primitive minds.. human minds.

        Face it, the Bible is an absurd bronze age fantasy novel on par with Greek mythology.

        1. No, I had it right the first time and only someone who’s desperate to discredit the overwhelming evidence for God would willingly admit to believing an absolutely ridiculous and inane story as what the Sumerians allegedly wrote. Wrong, EVERYTHING in the Bible is original although pagan faiths have stolen from it in one form or another for forever. Not true. And now you’ve proven that you don’t even know what a fact is. Yes, you ARE sorry.

          And AGAIN, you flaunt your ignorance as evolution is the fairy tale that you wish the Bible was. Wrong, either we were created, or we weren’t. There is no third choice. God IS more intelligent and rational than a hack like you could ever fathom, which is why you lie and denigrate the Bible. The Bible is inspired by God and written by prophets he had chosen and has information in it that secular frauds/modern scientists didn’t learn for THOUSANDS of years AFTER the bible had been written.

          Face it, The Bible is absolutely the word of God and has disproven your religion of evolution ad nauseum.

          1. No it hasnt. You are on a site that proposes the idea of God’s came from the fact we were visited in pre-history by advanced aliens and we mistook their advanced technology for god like power. Why come on here? Are you trying to convert us, because you’re pissing in the wind

          2. I followed a link, idiot. If dumbasses like you are going to lie, I’ll respond. Show me anywhere where this site is dedicated to aliens mistaken for gods. Is this the kind of site where you have to be a hypocritical dolt to post?

          3. The bulk of the articles on here. Are you another bible and bullets, backwater inbred? Spouts god on the one hand but thinks “queers” and “n****rs” should be exterminated?

          4. Who cares about the bulk of articles on here, hypocritical dumbass? Did those same articles say one couldn’t respond to lies or scientific illiteracy? If this site is going to post lies regarding the Bible, I’m obligated to refute them. Are you just another hypocritical dumbass who lies that he hates prejudice or violence then attacks Christians for being 21000 times smarter than him simply because we’re not stupid enough to believe in absolutely ridiculous myths like the Sumerians cooked up? Or your religion of evolution? If your religion of evolution is true, then why would exterminating “queers” or “n****s” be wrong? Why isn’t it simply survival of the fittest? See? It took two seconds to show your hypocrisy and stupidity.

          5. A billion sperm and YOU are the one that made it. That in itself is proof of a godless universe

          6. You really should read actual scholarly books on the Bible. Your Bible is no more the word of God than this website is. Do you know that there was a Bible published that said “Thou shalt commit adultery” — was THAT the word of God.
            Ah, forget it. I am disgusted by so-called Christians who flout their absolute ignorance of history and civilization as some sort of virtue — “We don’t NEED facts, we’re better than that!”

          7. I have read, genius. Just because I don’t subscribe to your own religion of evolution doesn’t mean I didn’t. Its not “my Bible”. Its THE Bible. Do you know that it doesn’t matter one bit what some idiots will publish blaspheming the Bible as it has zero to do with anything? Liars lie, let them lie.
            I too am disgusted w/ scientifically illiterate hypocrites and dumbasses like you that have done zero actual research on their own but because their college professor sold them a bill of goods about the religion of evolution, now they’re diehard evos. And YOU are the one flaunting your ignorance about true science, history and the Bible. You have no clue what a fact even is, dumbass, so stop acting like you like them because they destroy your own religion of evolution.

          8. So…..much…….stupid. Your carer shouldn’t let you near a computer. There is Waaaaaaaaaaay more evidence supporting evolution than there is in that collection of bronze age fairy tales you people like to wave in others faces. Never once met a hyper religious type who wasn’t a hate filled bigot, but they use their religion as a sort of free pass to be awful

      4. The babylonians predate bible nonsense by a pretty hefty margin. You can’t ignore proven fact because it doesn’t fit in with your warped ideas

        1. Dated that way by other brainwashed idiots like you. You have NO CLUE what a fact even is or you wouldn’t stupidly be calling that liar’s opinion, a fact. Your own ideas are warped, idiot or didn’t you just lie and call the opinion re: the dating a “fact”?

          1. Ok, there are facts which back up my opinion. You have a bible and then have the temerity to call me idiot. You cant win because you are a crazy person and i am not

  2. someone is telling porkies, another tablet found giving details of building the ark as a totally different fit out with a pyramid top, I think there’s been a bit to much smoking from all the golden bongs that have been found.

        1. Hardly. All of Wyatt’s findings have been scientifically peer reviewed and corroborated. Where have you been!?

          1. Not true but if you can post a link to something confirming this, I’m interested.

  3. There must be a mistake somewhere. If the blueprint is correct with the dimensions 220 feet in diameter by 20 feet in the air, after computing these values, it should have an area of 3524 square meters. In the article you have mentioned that the ark “had an area of a staggering 3.6 square kilometers”. Please update either the article or the blueprint in order to reflect the correct value.

  4. The eart axis may change time by time, may be every 10 thousand years. What happens when earth axis changed ; North and South Poles location that we describe the area with cold and ice covered area , imagine when happens ; North and South Pole is changed means billion tons of ice those wass in Poles newly located in equatorial hot area and of course will start melting. that means the water level will rise and cover all lands even continents. After new Poles are located up and down of the earth ,New North and South pole will start producing ice , heavy snowing until new poles covered by ice mounthain. that means water level again will decrease.

  5. You guys try to compare Bible (or other holly books) and this tablet. Why dont you think there are more then one flooding , or flooding in other Planet like earth.

  6. That’s the same way God told a man in the Book of Mormon to build a ship also! Bowl shaped! WOW! Now I wonder how Joe Smith knew that or could’ve have known that? When this information was just found out in 2014? ??? Gee… I guess the Book of Mormon is true after all! To All you non believers now what’s your excuses??? Mm mm?

    1. Demons know the shape too… any spirit that contradicts the Bible can only be a demonic spirit.

  7. 1750 BCE? Here’s the timeline… The Sumerian account of that ‘Flood’ (Written approx. 4,000 BCE) predates that of Genesis by 1,696 years, yet still 1,600 years after the Black Sea flood of 5600 BCE.
    That’s a long time!
    Moses (et al) would have known of this event, but probably would not have known of the Sumerian record of it, or its origins. Whatever the case, it was an epic catastrophe . An unimaginable extraordinary cataclysmic event of historic consequence well known in the region and easily attributed in lore, legend and mythos to whatever the desired narrative may have been in various cultures.
    In that the Biblical Genesis was written between the 700-600 BC during the captivity of Babylon, did the actual author(s) of Genesis combine the ‘Eden’ expulsion’ event with that of the Exodus from Egypt and the earlier Mesopotamian (Sumarian) account of ‘Creation’?
    Did the actual author of Genesis combine the ‘Eden’ expulsion’ event with that of the Exodus from Egypt and transpose the expulsion from Eden with the story of ‘the Flood’?
    Consider… this was written some 5,000 years after the event. As for ‘Noah’… the Sumarian ‘Noah’ is base upon is Ziusudra of Shuruppak. We assume that the Biblical tales are in sequence, but I have theorized that they are not. They never were. What we have are elements of history out of sequence, entire constructs and misrepresentations of vaguely understood, or misunderstood events. Religious fundamentalists will argue ‘This is the Word of God’… but it’s not. These are the words of men, mostly unknown, regardless of supposed authorship ascribed. I’ve always wondered about the Biblical reference to the ‘Cubit’ unit of measure a few thousand years before writing was invented. Something else had to be at work here. The rest would have been ordered to evacuate, in no uncertain terms. (Cast out of the Garden of Eden?)
    This would have created the largest mass exodus and dispersion of a civilized population up to that time in history. People (then as now) identify themselves by their region or origins. ‘Who we are’ is important. It’s a natural inclination of belonging… to a tribe, group, ‘house’ clan, nation, or belief. Imagine the group psychological impact of having your entire history wiped out, along with many (if not all) important people, cultural artifacts and everything else that defined who you, as a people are. Even your Gods are gone. This, compounded by the idea that you’re people are ‘special’ among all others. The chosen to survive. Deprived of that history, you invent a new one. Post flood apocalypse. You begin with a sire… the ‘patriarch’ and re-create your own genealogy… then explain away the rest. All of this in an oral tradition up until 5-600 BCE when it was finally written down some 5,000 years after the event. In addition… we have the alleged ‘Exodus’ (1446 BCE-1406 BCE) some 900 years prior to recount. In all intellectual honesty, nobody is going to keep the same story straight for that amount of time. Eden, the Flood, Exodus are in all likelihood the same story out of sequence with overzealous embellishments to forward he narrative of the ‘Glory of God’. It is during this time period (583 BCE) that Ezekial has his Close Encounter of the 1st Kind, or the tale is fabricated from an earlier event.
    Truth is difficult to unravel. Once unraveled, even impossible for some to accept. I believe this theory is closer to the real truth than anyone will choose to admit.

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