Gigantic UFO-like cloud ignites debate on Social Networks

Will Smith where are you when we need you?

Are you one of the many who thinks that the phenomenon that occurred in the sky above Cartagena, Colombia a couple of days ago is a giant cloaked UFO? Read on.

A number of images and videos have been posted online showing a gigantic cloud formation in the sky. The internet connected two dots: Independence day 2 and an awesome video resulting in numerous titles from: “Enormous Camouflaged UFO Mothership” to “Where is Will Smith when you need him.”

The images posted on a number of media outlets have created a debate among commentators as to what the mysterious images and videos are actually showing. UFO or not, the debate has begun.

While some claim that we are looking at an enormous UFO mothership hiding among the clouds, others believe there is a far more simple explanation to what people filmed.

While in the last couple of years the number of UFO sightings has exponentially increased, there are some sightings which aren’t anything we should be even bothering in analyzing.

On June 30 thousands of people witnessed a spectacular phenomenon in the sky as they rushed to take videos and images of the occurred. The event over Colombia lasted for quite some time which resulted in social media being flooded with images and videos from what some people are calling a gigantic mothership hiding in the clouds.

However, this isn’t the first time such a phenomenon is recorded on video. In fact, a video uploaded to YouTube on September 15, 2015, shows a similar phenomenon in the sky over Costa Rica.

The oddly shaped clouds, which can have several miles in diameter are considered by many the ultimate evidence that there are UFO’s hiding among the clouds. While this may be true ( I still haven’t seen a UFO coming out of the clouds) there is a far more logical explanation for what people saw a couple of days ago.


Two words: Cumulus cloud.

According to the Institute of Meteorology and Environmental Studies of Colombia, the enigmatic UFO-like cloud is in fact the result of meteorological conditions. Christian Euscategui, who took time to look at the images and videos, believes that the phenomenon photographed and recorded by residents over Cartagena is the result of a ‘change in pressure.’

Euscategui explained that the cumulus cloud was a product of a very ‘particular situation’ when certain levels of atmospheric pressure are present.

And as the United States was celebrating their Independence Day on the Fourth of July, people got a bit overly excited and decided to connect two dots and suggest we are looking at s massive cloaked UFO, which this is, of course, not.

So, while we would love to see a video and image of an actual UFO hidden from prying eyes in the clouds of our planet, suggestions like these can only hurt the UFO community which works very hard to prove we are not alone in the universe.

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    1. Timewasting! No my dad is cracked on CERN so I was finding ammunition to stir him with

        1. Very, very disturbing. I’m not going to comment to any great degree I don’t think, their might be consequences

  1. We see these clouds with monotonous regularity in summer in Australia. Lightning flashing throughout the rim gives it a somewhat unearthly appearance and they are indeed magnificent. But perfectly natural. Remember that all weather formations work to a greater or lesser degree in a spiral. Next thing you’ll be saying tornadoes are tentacles.

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