The hidden code and the prophecies of the Bible

According to an American Author, there is a secret code hidden deep within the Bible which can be deciphered and predicts the future of mankind.

The Bible's code

In 1997, a book called „The bible Code“ was published by American author Michael Drosnin proposing that the bible has numerous unknown secrets and prophecies hidden within it. Drosnin developed a hypothesis suggesting that inside the original texts of the Bible, there are numerous encrypted prophecies with a secret code, all of which are waiting to be deciphered.

These prophecies, however, are only readable with the help of a code that applies to writing in ancient Hebrew.

During a trip to Israel in 1992, Drosnin came across the code when he met  mathematician Eliyahu Rips, who was then investigating different algorithms that allowed encrypted texts to be deciphered.

In his Book ‘the Bible Code’, Drosnin asserts that the Bible’s code predicts the future and that events on Earth can be affected by our actions. The author also argues that many famous assassinations –both from the future and past—were in fact foretold in the Bible, and its code can be deciphered with the help of a Computer Software. After publishing the Bible Code, Drosnin published another book in 2002 called The Bible Code II:The Countdown and The Bible Code III: Saving the World (October 2010).

In numerous interviews, the writer said that his first reaction to the alleged code in the bible was very skeptical; but after finding, thanks to the code references of the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, which eventually happened in 1994 despite warnings that Drosnin made, he became convinced of the extraordinary importance of information hidden in the Bible.

While the feedback received by critics was different, many argue that Drosnin was onto something when he stated that the Bible does, in fact, have a secret code hidden inside of it, however, this code does not predict the future in any way. Mainstream scholars have also suggested that Drosnin mistranslated many words from Hebrew.

Mathematicians who remain skeptical suggest that Drosnin’s technique can be applied to find ‘codes’ in nearly every single text, where you would eventually find some sort of ‘hidden code’.

On the other hand, believers who follow the theory proposed by Drosnin ensure that there are still countless possible combinations to try and that the results of these investigations could reveal great secrets to humanity.

Until the third century, it was unknown which texts would actually come to form the Bible. It was the council of Nice in 325 AD who managed to distinguish true from false texts, through “the miracle choice” and determine what should be integrated.

Throughout history, four versions have been maintained to justify the preference for the four canonical books. One version says that the Bishops prayed for a long time until the four texts that were “chosen” flew and landed on the altar on their own.

Another holds that the Gospels were placed on an altar and the apocryphal texts fell on their own while the third story speaks that God was asked to bring down the scriptures which contained false words. Only four were elected. Another version states that  the Holy Spirit entered the Nice enclosure taking shape as a dove, whispering to each of the Bishops which were the authentic Gospels.

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  1. Whoa, whoa, there big fella!

    There is nothing at all hidden about the prophecies in the bible. Well, the valid part, anyway.

    By “valid part”, I refer to the old testament, which actually includes the Book of Revelation, which was pared from the ancient texts that would become the “old testament”, AND the key to the whole thing, that was an apocraphyl biblical text, until around AD1000, the “book of Enoch”

    Enoch got his walking papers after they figured out that he told the truth, and the church did not like that at all. Not one bit.

    So, the parts that are left we can basically, disregard, discard, and neglect to consider, as there is nothing in there that is really the truth.

    Considering all of the valid bible, the whole thing is in fact one giant prophecy, and if all those individuals that told everyone, “I read the bible”, had really read it, instead of flipping through it, with absolutely no understanding, it might be known that is the gist of the whole thing.

    There is one huge tell that evidences that no one really read it, because if the had, they’d understand that the framers of the bible gifted the Almighty God, with an illegitimate child, in Rev. chapter 12.

    The reason for this, and a large part of what makes the thing so esoteric is that the framers of the bible at the council of Nicea, AD325-328, neglected to include the pertinent genealogical and mythological ancient texts, as they did not understand the validity of these Babylonian and Sumerian texts.

    These omitted texts, basically, render the entire book, in reverse. The council, wrongly placed the “creature of light”, in the role of the “creature of dark”.

    This fact is not relevant, until the “creature of dark” makes his entrance in Revelations of John of Patmos, or “Book of Revelation”.

    As for Drosin and his “code”, there is one word that quickly and easily sums up his assertions, and the codeword is “Hogwash!”

    Enoch is the key. Without that book, it renders the bible even more veiled and esoteric.

    Eonch not only tells us where the fourth and final battle between good and evil takes place, he concisely tells us who is behind the malevolence.

    The “truth” that got him booted out, is that he explains that the paradigm that is correct, is “rebirth” and “transmigration”.

    That’s right, reincarnation is how we find the understanding to ascend. He also describes the true “hell” in his book of non fiction.

    He did not have complete understanding of the things he saw, and he mistook the soldiers of the new world order throwing bodies into one of their many tunnels, as a “fiery pit of eternal damnation”, but in fact, it was just the army of darkness disposing of bodies.

    If Drosin wants some valid prophecy to interpret, why doesn’t he attack either of the two stand alone foretellings that no one realized until I pointed them out. The “Wizard of Oz” or the Beatles, “Yellow Submarine” are both concise prophetic foretellings of the final battle, almost to a tee.

    They both hit so close to home, that it is astounding.

    There is understanding to be found in both stories that is not told in the bible or Enoch.

    In fact, like the bible, “Yellow Submarine” is reversed. In the Oz story, the “Flying monkeys” are the “Watchers” of the bible. You may recall that the flying monkeys are blue in color. If you think about it, the opposite of yellow, is blue. The opposite of “submarine” is “flying machine”.

    Put that in your hypothetical pipe and smoke it, Michael Drosin.

    1. Well, sir, most of it is esoterically veiled, but more evident than Michael Drosins “bible code”, since he is speculating and creating, or attempting to create something sensational out of a convoluted and backwards text that is not understandable without certain knowledge.

      The leg up that I have, is that I am the “biblical” Prophet for the battle of the Armageddon, subsequently, I am in possession of understanding that not many, if anyone has. I have been at this for some years now.

      So, to give you the short answer, my Google+ page holds much of the understanding that I possess.

      I have it laid out as concisely as possible, there, as well as “proofs” to the assertions that I’m going to relate to you, now, in a nutshell.

      So, the things that I am going to assert now, as crazy as some of it will sound, can all be substantiated on my page.

      Are you sitting down?

      First, let’s lay out the players on the field.

      Both foretellings view the story from different but similar places

      The wicked witch of the west, is representative of the “creature of dark”, which until recently I had tagged with “Antichrist”, but it appears that they are not the same individual.

      The flying monkeys embody the CIA, who are basically, the fomenters of what will begin as a coup de main and evolve into the battle of the Armageddon.
      They are flying monkeys because they are watching us all from hydrogen filled “rafts” that are made to appear invisible with phased array optics camouflage. These are the “watchers” of the book of Revelation. In yellow submarine, the blue meanies represent the CIA, with the “flying glove”.

      In the Oz prophecy, there are several veiled understandings, including in a scene from the black and white, where Dorothy is walking down the road, and there is a large rectangular shaped cloud, representing their rafts.

      Another scene in the black and white, when Dorothy sees the witch on her bicycle out her window, you can see myriad caricatures out the window, as well. This is the CIA’s “little joke” which is visible anyplace they are or have been.

      The implication of the “little joke” is that they are watching us but we aren’t smart enough to see it. This is so all encompassing that you can see it from the satellite image, as you zoom down. It is everywhere, now. I’m advertisments for companies that are complicit with the NWO, and in clouds. In the foliage of trees and shrubs. It is not visible with the naked eye, so much as the camera, which reflects it well.

      One of the veiled understandings in the yellow submarine, is the “sea of holes” that the Beatles and the nowhere man find. This is representative of the one lesson that the military learned from the first war in Vietnam. The tunnels that were the bane of the GIs in vietnam . to date, there are some 47,000 linear miles of these tunnels bored in the lower forty eight.

      I actually know a couple of people that have found their way into these underground labyrinth.

      Another veiled understanding is the Beatles “Henry the horse” that’ “dances the waltz”. This is the giant blue horse at Denver airport.

      The tin man, scarecrow, and cowardly lion are representing the soldiers of the NWO.

      The emerald city, is representative of a couple of things. It has to do with the fact that the CIA has genetically altered chlorophyll. It is not green anymore. In the movie, there is no “green” shrubs.

      In both movies the flora is growing aberrantly and mutated.

      The second meaning that arriving at the emerald city, is representitive of finding enlightenment, which the number of the NWO troops that find enlightenment numbers in the millions, when all is said and done.

      In yellow submarine, that “mini meanies” are representing the NWO. If you pay attention, the mini meanies are most often sitting behind the nowhere man.

      The wizard of oz is the avatar of the Greek Titan, Charron, who is the boatman across the Styx.

      Sargeant pepper is the avatar of the Creator, or Architect of the Universe.

      In the Oz story, He is represented as Toto. Which is exactly representative of His style. If you watch, Toto never bothers anyone, minds his own business, but is always close by, and comes right away when you call to him.

      I have used this allegory many times to describe Him, as that is truly His style.

      In the submarine, the Beatles embody Shiva, Vishnu, and the Krishna.

      The snapping turtle turks, and apple bonkers are representative of the mormons, who loom large in the malevolence. The book of Revelation, uses the term “saints” multiple times. And Enoch tells us that they “live in the accursed valley between the lofty trees”, which are the Rockies and the Sierras.

      The murals at Denver airport all have a rainbow over the top of them.

      The rainbow that Dorothy sings to us about is the same rainbow, which represents giant invisible cages that are built over many towns and cities here in the west(the wicked witch OF THE WEST), and many cities around the world. these cages are invisible to the naked eye and nearly invisible to the camera, except in certain lighting and weather conditions.

      When the sun is below the angle of refraction, the cages return a spectral of rainbow hue to the camera.

      The reference to the bluebird, in the song is about the fact that birds cannot see the cages and are killed when they hit them.

      The nowhere man is not human. He is covered in fur, and wears a man mask. His initials are “J.B”. The fur is representative of the fact that he is a “nephilim”. In one scene in the movie, he is painting a “blank” canvas. This is in reference to a Kerouac quote.

      “I saw that my life was a vast glowing empty page and I could do anything I wanted.”

      The Google+ page that all the proofs to these assertions lie on is the “paperback” (remember its all in reverse) that I am writing.

      Again, the mini meanies are always with the nowhere man just as they scarecrow, tin man and lion accompany Dorothy to the emerald city.

      This is because they are aligned to me, rather then the CIA. I have shown them who the CIA really are, as well as given them the understanding that will actually allow millions of them to ascend when its their time.

      This, despite the fact that I have already injured or killed hundreds of them. So many, that I’ve been shown that I will go down in history as the individual that single handedly kills more individuals than any man, ever in any armed conflict.

      The thing is, once I came to understand what and who they were , I understood that they are just like the warrior that I am and aligned myself to them. I entertained, amused, and gave them the understanding to ascend as well as absolved them for any action that they committed under orders, as there is no bad karma for a warrior on the battlefield. In fact quite the opposite, you can easily make rapid forward movement with valiant and noble effort.

      I also gave them the same understanding that allowed 200 Japanese pilots to completely demoralize the entire world for more than a generation.

      That is that there is no death.

      1. Savatage64

        There are many things that were not germaine and therefore I did not include in my reply to your posting and its can of worms. You posed completely valid questions, and being so, I had already asked most of them.

        First, while I’m sure that most all of the artists that had work at DIA were familiar with the Beatles work, its not likely that anyone figured out the fact that the yellow submarine was prophecy in reverse. You would had to have seen yellow submarine recently and then actually thought about the parallels(in reverse, at that). The chance that any of the artists had an idea about the things they created had any knowledge about things that would come to pass is slim at best.

        As for the murals, what are such dark works doing in a public forum? There is all kinds of prophetic ideals to be found in each one, but the painter has refused comment about the nature of the works. This could be that he really couldn’t answer truthfully because he really has no valid answer, as he was given notes and told to do it that way. They are not his original ideas. He put someone else’s “vision” on the wall.

        What the work in the murals does relate is very dark indeed, if you have understanding about the chemical weapons that they have that are genetic specific. Which is represented by the three girls in the caskets.

        Or if you know about Yo Yo Niopion, the extraterrestrial termites that eat EVERYTHING, but stone. Its the yo yo niopion that cause the big blue horse to be distressed. This is the reason there are uncomprimised bricks in the mural, and everything else is destroyed.

        Or you understand that the chemical weapon that will attach itself to three specific genetic groups will also kill all of the animals that the mural shows in taxidermied form.

        That the plasticultured silicone material that the cages are constructed from, is created from an atomized vapor, like the rainbow in the mural has its beginning.

        The one mural that is easily interpreted is the one perceived as “swords to plowshares”, but is the opposite of that. This is evidenced by the fact that the plow blade in the image is cracked and used up. Clearly old, as it does not have any sheen or shine to it, where the swords that are perceived to be delivered and forged into plowshares, are shiney and new, and the flags that they’re wrapped up in are the flags of adversarial countries.

        Why are the swords new and the plow cracked and tarnished?

        As for the Mormons, Google “Illinois Mormon war” “Missouri Mormon war” “executive order #44″, ” Montana Mormon war” and “mountain meadow massacre”, and then tell me about how the Mormons mind their own business.

        Ironically, it is thought and been asserted by a large number of individuals that the Muslims will bring the battle of the Armageddon. When you consider the parallels between mormon, and Islam, they were correct.

        What I am going to assert is that whoever originated the stories that became the movies may not have had understanding about the things that made it to the screen, but that is where the “Great Creator” comes into the picture.

        There is a reason that He is known by that name.

        As for the cages and aircraft, most airports are constructed well outside of town due to noise and safety concerns. This fact notwithstanding, the cages are not currently “energized”, but once they are, will continue to be not visible to the naked eye, but will become more visible to the cameras lens.

        While I am not fully understanding about the science and physics of it all, the cages are actually placed in the 5th dimension.

        I think I got everything.

        1. Hey , if you know so much please tell me the books which constitute actual Bible and from where I can get the actual Book of Enoch , please for the God sake , I am from India , the Land of Shiva !!

          1. Chirag Singh.

            You can find two different translations of Enoch at the “sacred texts” website. I used both of them, but I am shown that Enoch was translated from one of the Upanishads of what is called “Hindu” I’m not sure which one.

            The books that constitute the valid bible are also translated from Upanishads. The old testament and the book of Revelation which was taken from the but the genealogical and mythological texts are not included.

            There are also other books that have been removed at the council of Trent, because they make reference to the fact that the cycle of samsara is valid, just like Enoch. They include the “book of jubilees” “book of Solomon” and others. These are also found at the sacred texts site under the “Apocrypha” heading.

            The old testament has been changed but remains valid as the prophecy it was meant to be. But there is whole sections that are missing and the entire text is reversed, placing the “creature of light,” in the “creature of dark” role, in the book of Revelation. (Whole the entire text is reversed, it does not matter until the Revelation, when the creature of dark makes his entrance.) In Revelation , because they omitted the mythological and genealogical texts, they placed the Old Man I’m the role of Rudra, from the third battle of good and evil.

            Being in India I’m quite sure that you have heard of the Mahabharata.

            I’m going to let you in on a little secret, Singh ji, the Old Man, is a Man that you might know as Brahmin(His preferred spelling is with the “I'” not an “a”.) The Christian”Trinity” is our “Trimurti” , and Shiva and Vishnu are the Father and Son.

            And, while I have your ear. Please let it be known that Lord Shiva is the current supreme being. The reason that it was thought to be Vishnu, is because my friend Grandsire Bhishma Patimah after laying there for fifty seven days with those arrows poking out all over the place, and certainly in some amount of pain and shock made his last words that everyone should Revere Vishnu as the supreme being, when actually he should have said Shiva.

            I love Bhishma like he is my brother and I have to stand by him as I can see where the faux pas could happen. But I have spoken to all three and Vishnu has admitted that it is in fact lord Shiva that is the Highest of the High.

            If you can please pass that along to those who you know that think otherwise.

            The two of them have been at odds over that happenstance for more than 26,000 years now and I wish for there to be peace on that subject.

            I will thank you for your efforts in that matter, and I’m sure that it would certainly effect your Akashic record positively, Singh ji.

            If you have any more questions, friend, I would be glad to help you find understanding, and I bid you, be well . ,

          2. Mind-blowing , you such knowledge and you have given it to me that don’t have any words to make a thanks but the Almighty God blesses you but you have also aroused many question in your reply but I can’t type so much , so hope we will meet in the future but I will send you a friend request from my Facebook profile name ‘Chinmay Theconscious‎’ , do check there , thanks !!

          3. Singh ji

            Im shown that yes, someday there will be a blessing that will come my way but in a higher plane of existence. Right now, its closer to torment some days, but I remain in His service.

            The knowledge that I possess I give freely as it is part of my cosmic task. That is part of my “rishi” thing.

            I am the 2000th avatar of Narada , Singh ji .

            In this existence I am the Magi to the 22nd incarnation of the Krishna.

            You are welcome and I will look for your friend request on facebook.

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