Is History Wrong? 3 advanced discoveries made thousands of years ago in Ancient India

History is wrong: The Atomic Theory, Flight, and Gravity were discovered thousands of years ago in Ancient India.

In this article, we take a look at three ancient Indian Sages which knew about advanced discoverers thousands of years before the modern era. It turns that after all, what we taught as advanced and modern is, in fact, thousands of years old. Strangely, these three discoveries are left out from our history books.

Yes, it’s not a surprise that mainstream science loves to brag about just how cool it is, taking credit for countless technological inventions that today, facilitate our lives in a great way. However, due to the numerous missing parts in our history, and mostly because or education system is so messed up, we are unaware that most of these incredible discoveries we consider as modern, are in fact thousands of years old, dating back to extremely advanced ancient civilizations.

For example, did you know that the Law of Gravity was proposed hundreds of years before Newton? Still, our history books tell us that it was Newton who ‘identified’ Gravity. The truth, however, is very different. Bhaskaracharya II was an Ancient Indian mathematician and astronomer, and his works represent a significant contribution to mathematical and astronomical knowledge in the 12th century.


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In his work, Bhaskaracharya writes: “Objects fall on earth due to a force of attraction by the earth. Therefore, the earth, planets, constellations, the moon, and the sun are held in orbit due to this attraction.”


Even today, Bhaskaracharya’s ‘Lilaviti’ and ‘Bijaganita’ works are considered unique and unmatched in science. In his works, the ancient Indian genius wore about everything ranging from planetary positioning to eclipses and cosmography. However, his most important work is his revolutionary theory of gravity, which predates the theory of Gravity proposed by Isaac Newton by 500 years.

In his work, Bhaskaracharya writes: “Objects fall on earth due to a force of attraction by the earth. Therefore, the earth, planets, constellations, the moon, and the sun are held in orbit due to this attraction.”

Why isn’t this being taught in school?

Ancient Indian descriptions of Flying machines: Rockets and airplanes


Mainstream scholars suggest that the Wright Brother invented the modern concept of the airplane. However, there are numerous indications which point otherwise, suggesting that aviation was developed by the Ramayana and Mahabharata times. Maharishi Bhardwaj described incredible flying machines which could ‘vanish’ and travel to other planets. The Vaimanika Prakarana written by the sage Maharshi Bhardwaj deals with aeronautics, has eight chapters, a hundred topics, and 500 sutras.

In it, Bhardwaj describes vimana, or aerial aircraft, as being of three classes: those that travel from place to place; those that travel from one country to another;  those that travel between planets.

Strangely this part of history is also left out of modern history books, but why?

The Atomic Theory developed 2,600 years ago in Ancient India.

Yeah, history books suggest John Dalton, an English Chemist, and physicist is credited with developing the atom theory. The truth, however, is very different.


It turns out that some 2,500 before Dalton,m an ancient Indian sage and philosopher called Kashyap, developed the atomic theory. People called him ‘Kanad,’ as ‘Kan’ which in ancient Sanskrit means ‘the smallest particle’ after he was seen collecting grains from the street while on a pilgrimage to Prayag. He was fascinated by the small particles and started collecting them. It was Kanad who also put forward the idea that anu(atoms) could be combined in several different ways which would produce chemical changes in the presence of other factors like heat. To provide a more simplified explanation, Kanad gave blackening of earthen pot and ripening of fruit as an example.

This discovery is also missing in our history books. Do you need more evidence that our history books are wrong? Why are we taught incorrectly in school?

Featured image: India – Wheels of time – Konark Sun Temple

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  1. We did not know much about the Indian civilizations until recently. I’m sure some books would mention that this ancient civilization had many ideas like this now. If they were thorough. Probably some college books would mention it.

  2. Well, the myths of vimanas, etc., is simple science fiction. Democritus likewise proposed an early form of atomic theory in about 400 B.C., and Aristotle advanced what may as well be recognized as elemental theory about the same time: he only recognized the 4 classical elements of earth, air, fire and water. And Newtonian gravitational theory goes somewhat beyond the simple observation that things fall. I’d be interested in reading a somewhat more precise transcription of the gravity business, and how much is being interpolated here. One could argue that the Bible anticipates gravitational theory, with the words about all the heavens being held in place by God’s Word, with “God’s Word” being interpreted as symbolic of gravity.

    1. Do read Vedas and many other Indian books and know thoroughly about Indian civilization then you know what is called India and hey just google about Vedic Mathematics and know from where Pythagoras learned.

    2. Google about Vrihad Vimana Shastra and then say what is what is science fiction , there are complete detail about more than 100 types of aircrafts those used by Indians.

    3. The word “Gravity” is a derivative of Sanskrit word “Graha”. With all due respect to those who had discovered many aspects of nature and then rediscovered in recent times, in India we’ve been referring to all objects that are celestial as “Graha” which actually means “One that has gravity”.

      Our culture always believed in sharing knowledge/science, for mankind’s welfare.

      I really admire our ancient sages/scientists for being so thoughtful. They certainly were ahead of their/our time. Only an imagination will manifest to reality!

      “0” too was Indian contribution (I was just trying to imagine the royalty it could have earned if it was to be patented, like many new scientists do).

    4. vimanas is not science fiction…people in the past are not liars !!! because they dont have government and politicians run by democrats and Republicans.

  3. Interesting article… I would appreciate it if you would fill in missing words and spell check too :- )
    I notice that you don’t date any of your articles… why is this? Thanks.

  4. “…and mostly because our education system is so messed up.”
    BINGO !!!

  5. The above facts are missing from the history books because Indian History was written by British colonialists and even after independence the politicains are obstructing to revise the history books due to their colonial mindsets. Also oe set of politicians reject everything in the sanskrit scriptures because also of their mindsets of rationalism. They reject everything they cannot understand.

    1. The bloody British they screwed up the whole planet with their robbery and greedy.

  6. Some actual citations would be nice. Unless you have peer reviewed journal articles or other sources of credible information then anything you say is meaningless. This article also seems to forget that da Vinci also had flying contraptions but is also not credited for it for one simple reason. Noone was able to fly until the Wright brothers achieved it. What a way to skew things.

    1. Read India’s Ancient Scripts,………that’s proof enough for there is a word for Flying Ship,……plus, to mainly the rest of the World, the Wright brothers were definitely Not the first ones to fly,……in our U.S. History books it’s well known that there are many falses and that’s quite sad,……

    2. Shivkar Bāpuji Talpade (1864 – 1916) was an Indian scholar has constructed and flown an unmanned airplane in 1895 before the wright brothers.

  7. Articles like this, challenging long held conventions should include citations, references. Also the human society recognizes those who have made life easier for them. The practicaliser of an idea receives more honor than the Proponent.

  8. The omnipresence throughout space and time of all facts and forces was well-known to the Ancients. Any natural law of the universe that can be discovered has always existed and always will exist, whether or not anyone ever discovers it. For example, in contemporary Western Christendom, scientists assert the dogma, akin to Mediæval quack alchemy, that ‘Thou Shalt Not Travel Faster Than The Speed Of Light’, thus making interstellar travel a practical impossibility. Whilst in Ancient India it was well-known that interstellar travel is perfectly possible. And it is still possible, only that most people in the present age are rendered ignorant by the myriad mediocre distractions which Western scientific thought has made possible, so that it doesn’t occur to them to even attempt it. The progress of Western technological civilization has not so much been one of discovery and innovation, as of the slow degeneration of paranoia and the absurd superstitious dogmas borne of it, little by little allowing into the common human mind small glimpses or ‘discoveries’ of that fundamental truth that was well-known to the Ancients; that all facts and forces are already omnipresent throughout nature.

  9. people in the past are not liars, because they dont have government and politicians run by democrats and Republicans.

  10. We have forgotten to mention another very important discovery (read realisation) made by our ancient Rishis, That is evolution. This realisation has been in our (Indian) psyche for the last several thousand years. The Dashavatar depicts evolution. It depicts the gradual evolution of life on earth. The theory of evolution is attributed to Darwin, who himself had only a partial idea and not the whole truth, and was indeed very confused to say the least.

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