Are Humans The Result Of Ancient Astronaut Engineering?

More evidence has been presented that suggests the modern man is not the result of a linear process of evolution but rather a cyclical creation process, intelligently supervised by beings referred to in ancient times as “Gods”.

Ancient Astronaut theories suggest that Extraterrestrials gods came from the stars and seeded life on Earth creating “modern man”.

Is it possible, as ancient astronaut theories suggest, that civilized man was created by beings, not from Earth? That they helped develop modern man? Is it possible that humans have been on Earth before history tells are telling us?

Mankind has always looked up to the stars. We have always been astonished by the beauties of space, the universe has fascinated mankind throughout history. If one day, we manage to create space vehicles good enough for interplanetary travel, breaking the boundaries that hold us to Earth, will we be able to admire the beauty of other worlds? Other solar systems? Creating colonies on different moons and planets. Isn’t this the ultimate goal of mankind?


If we dream of this possibility, and if we are working towards developing technologies that would allow us to colonize other worlds, is it not possible that there are beings, from elsewhere in the universe developed similar technologies in the distant past?

Many researchers believe that our universe is home to numerous intelligent beings, is it possible that Earth was visited by these beings in the distant past?

Is it possible that these intelligent beings had something to do with the abrupt “evolution” of man? Creating mankind and teaching them how to develop as a species. According to many researchers, otherworldly beings instructed man in sciences such as astronomy, mathematics, metallurgy, agriculture and others. These divine beings restored life on our planet after cataclysmic events in the past, helping our species survive throughout history.

Those who are not very familiar with the ancient astronaut hypothesis often ask: Is there any evidence of extraterrestrial visitors in ancient times? The answer is yes! In fact, star gods left clues scattered across the planet. Ancient cultures worshiped these “Sky Beings” and erected monuments in their honor.

All we need do is examine the evidence. today, in our modern world, It is disappointing that the scientific establishment is extremely fixated on strict doctrines. New discoveries and alternative theories that contradict and put pressure on well-established concepts, are by no means welcome by mainstream scholars. Mysterious discoveries made throughout our planet are considered by some as dangerous, which threaten the orthodox line of history and are tagged as fakes while other discoveries are simply hidden from the public. Despite recent scientific progress in various areas, it sometimes seems as if we never really left the Dark Ages behind us, since in some areas we remain very close minded. One of our biggest advances in recent years has occurred in the area of  genetic engineering. Today, human beings are masters of genetic engineering and can produce clones that breathe, think and act like “normal” humans. Whether this action is ethical or not that is a question that has been widely debated. Surveys clearly show that most people are definitely against genetic manipulations, but this is not the main issue at this time. What is most important is the fact that we have proven that human beings are capable of creating new life from scratch.

Now, if humans can produce new life forms, could the entire human race be a product of genetic engineering by highly advanced extraterrestrial beings?


Many of the ancient cultures speak of Sky Gods. The gods came from the heavens and created mankind”. There are hundreds of creation texts around the world, and all of the ancient cultures talk about the stars gods who came to this planet and seeded life in the distant past. Help us develop in a civilized way. We have to take in count that alien genetic engineering offers a solution for the highly abrupt change in human DNA and offers an explanation for the sudden appearance of Homo sapiens.

Is it possible that these “Sky Gods” manipulated and improved existing species on planet Earth, resulting in the creation of the first primitive forms of mankind, our ancestors. Primitive life forms such as the Neanderthals, Homo Erectus, and the Cro-Magnon could be considered as extraterrestrial genetic experiments.

According to ancient texts, such as the bible, the Earth was inhabited by numerous different species in the past, among them, the Nephilim. These sacred texts, myths and legends could be interpreted as the alien gods who attempted several times, to create intelligent beings. The extraterrestrial gods created a number of human races during different time periods.


Some of the genetically engineered creatures possessed the extraordinary wisdom of the gods and could live for hundreds of years. their power was almost as powerful as the gods themselves.

How is it possible that ancient man lived for 500, 700 or 900 years?

There are several mythological stories which often speak of immortal gods. In the eyes of human beings, an extremely long longevity could easily be interpreted as a sign of immortality. The first human race lived longer than a modern man of today. A classic example of this enduring humanity can be found in the Bible. Adam, the first man is said to have lived 930 years, Seth, the second patriarch lived for around 912 years, Enosh lived 905 years.

“Then Enosh lived eight hundred and fifteen years after he became the father of Kenan, and he had other sons and daughters. So all the days of Enosh were nine hundred and five years, and he died.” – Genesis 5:11

Kenan lived 910 years: “Then Kenan lived eight hundred and forty years after he became the father of Mahalalel, and he had other sons and daughters. So all the days of Kenan were nine hundred and ten years, and he died.” – Genesis 5:14

Mahalaleel lived for 895 years: “Then Mahalalel lived eight hundred and thirty years after he became the father of Jared, and he had other sons and daughters. So all the days of Mahalalel were eight hundred and ninety-five years, and he died.” – Genesis 5:17

Enoch lived 365 years: “Then Enoch walked with God three hundred years after he became the father of Methuselah, and he had other sons and daughters. So all the days of Enoch were three hundred and sixty-five years. Enoch walked with God; and he was not, for God took him.” – Genesis 5:23

Lamech lived for 777 years: Then Lamech lived five hundred and ninety-five years after he became the father of Noah, and he had other sons and daughters. So all the days of Lamech were seven hundred and seventy-seven years, and he died. Noah was five hundred years old, and Noah became the father of Shem, Ham, and Japheth.” – Genesis 5:31

So as you can see, sacred texts speak of incredible things that for us today are unimaginable. Today, we know it is not possible for humans to live for 500 years today, but in the distant past, this was actually possible.

The Popol Vuh, one of the most important ancient texts to the Maya tells a story of gods who descended from heaven, and as the Bible says; man was created in his image. However, the creation of mankind was not a one-time process, but rather an ongoing process, repeated several times over a long period.

Do you think humans are the result of genetic alien engineering? Is it possible to even consider something like this? There are many questions and very little answers.

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  1. “More evidence has been presented that suggests modern man is not the
    result of a linear process of evolution but rather a cyclical creation
    process, intelligently supervised by beings referred to in ancient times
    as “Gods””

    Note; I might accept the theory of cyclical evolution from ‘evidence’. However, that might help explain the physical bodies of human.. The barrier for me is the mental and verbal aspects of humankind. Where is evidence of emergence of human thought and speech? Also, where is evidence of human relationship emotions, birth, death, feelings, tears and laughter, etc. Perhaps easy enough for the ‘others-gods’ to form the human bodies – male and female- but to instill the thinking, emotional, speech expressions, etc, is difficult to accept. I can make a clay image of a man/woman; but instillation of thought and happiness,etc is a mystery.

    1. ” I can make a clay image of a man/woman; but instillation of thought and happiness,etc is a mystery.”

      What you are looking for is what animates the clay vessel and the answer is: US!
      We are what is inside the clay vessel, soul, spirit, immortal being, whatever you want to call it, we are not the clay vessel!!!

      Until science doesnt recognize the existence of souls, we are going to continue thinking we are alone in the universe, when the universe is thriving with life…

  2. What about this…

    Our bodies were engineered in laboratory by scientists of a race, or races, bilions or trillions of years more advanced than ours, in a far away galaxy…
    Not only our bodies, but every single animal, from the mighty whale, to the tiny insect and all the vegetal life was engineered outside Earth too.

    But here´s the catch: WE ARE NOT OUR BODIES!!!
    We are immortal beings TRAPPED INSIDE our flesh containers.
    Every time time we die we return to Earth in a new body, but we forget what we did before, that way there is no progress, we cant escape.
    Escape from what, you ask, Earth itself! Earth is a prison, We are here, a few by choice, but others because some beings, with power beyond our imagination, decided we should be in prison.
    They erase our memories, that way our incarceration is eternal.

    Just imagine if we between lifes didnt forget what we did before…
    Thats what happens throughout the universe, thats the normality, a body dies but the immortal being (us) inside the body just takes another body and continues his actions without forgeting, that way we have progress beyond our wildest dreams…

    I hope this little text helps someone in recovering his true indentity, we are immortal beings, not our bodies!

    Thanks guys!

    1. Scientology? lol.
      Also Death = Dying, live with it :/
      Or are you claiming that somewhere lightyears away some alien race keeps capturing consciousnesses to then quickly put them into our reproductive cells before we use them to make babies?

      What you are saying is not realistic in the slightest, but I’m sure you’re quite happy with your delusions

      1. Im not a “scientologist” and i believe that what i wrote has little to do with scientology, perhaps you should read again and leave prejudice aside…

        You commit 2 mistakes on your reply, first i never mentioned babies, you did, you know that is not mandatory for you to be a father or a mother right?
        Second, you forgot the prison part, think about it, who goes to prison?
        Criminals and very often innocent people that are unwanted…

        I repeat, we are not our bodies we are what animates the body, HUGE DIFERENCE!!!
        And we are in prison because “something” want us here…
        Do a little research, seek and you shall… But leave your prejudice aside…

    2. I agree somewhat with you theory, I don’t agree we were made in a far far away Galaxy, we are the product of an Entity, that is here around us on a different dimension, and yes, we are coming back over and over again until our soul, spirit or any other identity is perfect to the satisfaction of this Entity we call God! I also believe that more civilized being are guiding us in our materialist progress, specially since the beginning of last century. My theory is against my Catholic teaching, but I refuse to believe once we are dead, that’s it

    3. you must have read my book…. GOD… Angels and Aliens….. How to connect the dots…. its on Amazon…. but I cover so much of what you said,,, and MORE…

    4. U r a mason for sure … i dont know what to believe in ur words …
      Tnx anyway

      1. Please go back to school and learn how to spell correctly! You make yourself look like a complete and utter idiot each time that barbaric mouth of yours opens!

    5. You’re exactly right and I could not agree with you more there my friend! Our work here is done so adios amigos!

  3. No. If ET made us I would think they would have done a better job and done a whole lot of retooling. I believe the God of the Bible made us, but I wish the same of him–wish he’d done a better job at first and done some retooling over time.

    1. don’t you sea? the most likely explanation for your “god of the bible” is an extra-terrestrial

  4. This is all baloney. You can’t use ancient statues of pagans in headdress as proof of ancient astronauts because there is a similarity. Also, the bible as proof that people lived for 900 years because, wait for it, the bible said so? That’s proof of nothing but more myth. On top of that, whatever science, archaeologists uncover, they are excited about and they do NOT cover up real discoveries. Why would they? They do NOT stick to dogma, they are the opposite to that. They are truth seekers whatever that truth may be. I do NOT believe in gods or ancient astronauts because there is no proof at all. But if proof were dug up tomorrow, I’d love it. As would any good historian or scientist. Case closed.

    1. True, but this stuff is so coool, it never gets old! If you’ve not worked it out yet, it is a religion in itself!

    2. science kind of does prove that it is possible for humans to live 100’s of years it’s just a matter of having the right genes turned on. From a physic’s point of view it kind of makes sense given that everything is in a state of decay- IE entropy goes down not up in a closed system, Things go from a state of order to a state of disorder not the other way around. Thus humans could have lived 100’s of years but as science dictate over the years those genes became weak or corrupt leading to a shorter life span. Also you are crazy to think that scientist don’t stick to dogma- their entire career, education, and funding is directly endangered by anything different. People generally do not accept with open arms something that contradicts them. Now as far as proof goes there is no proof that evolution is correct but I bet you accept it as fact. I’ll drive home that last point more with this- you know genetic engineering is possible because humans have been doing it for 30 years (GMO’s), now if I presented to you any of these GMO’s could the theory of evolution explain these new organisms? If the theory can not explain or account for what we know to be fact than it is a flawed and wrong theory period case closed.

    3. You’re absolutely insane if you think scientists do not stick to dogma and have never covered up anything! Case closed!

    4. I think it’s quite obvious we’ve been interbred. In fact we’re the seventh ‘experiment’ by this race using eugenics. We’re actually a slave race that is coexisting with over 10 extraterrestrial races, here on earth, without even knowing it. We are a product of hyper evolution through genetic engineering. Any scientist will tell you our evolutionary status doesn’t match how long we’ve supposedly been here. Also sooooo many ancient text and artifacts point to this.

  5. you will find so many of the answers you are looking for in a book…. GOD… Angels and Aliens….. How to connect the dots…. its on Amazon…. it covers so much of what you said,,, and MORE…

  6. The writer or writers of this piece have a technical mechanical glasses when
    studying the texts mentioned.
    If one studies the stanzas of Dzyan in the Secret Doctrine of Blavatsky and / or studies
    cabbala, one will get another impression.

    Man is a composed being, composed of different dimensions. Indeed more cyclical than linear, up to what we are now and this process is still not finished. Influences from other parts of our solar system or beyond should not be interpreted as necessarily being done in a way we now imagine
    that under the influence of current science and technology.

  7. aliens are bacteria that can change our DNA /bacteria that can stand heat , cold /survive deep in the ocean / and hibernate indefinitely / 80% of our immune system are bacteria / bacteria travel on comets and asteroids / possibly being transported by our own space travel.

  8. This ‘image of God’ we were created in is not our external image, but our internal image. We aren’t what we look like on the outside, but our essence from the inside, from this:

  9. Here’s one of my favorite ideas:-

    Earlier in the history of our galaxy, another solar system with an advanced race is nearing the end of its stars life.

    They calculate that with their technology and resources, If they launch a number of last chance ‘life boats’ they have a good shot at reaching a small handful of the nearest solar systems who’s planets show promise of supporting carbon based life such as theirs.

    One of these ‘lifeboats’ makes it to earth, upon testing the atmosphere its discovered its not quite suitable for their species current genetic makeup. So they take the ancestors of modern primates who were the best candidates available and begin to create a range of new life forms that are a mix of them and the current earthlings.

    In order to make a new hybrid that can survive on earth, which is their greatest hope of having a lasting legacy as far as this branch of the mission is concerned, they will have to sacrifice the majority of their mental sophistication (intelligence, logic, empathy and everything in between).

    Obviously homo sapiens were not the only options in this experiment, there were multiple contenders involved that we have evidence of, but we are the ones who ended up in first place by the end of it.

    Why or why not to this idea? For me it comfortable puts to an end the conflict between religious creationism and scientific evolution. Also all the spooky shit going on with the Mayans, Egyptians, Inca, Aztecs, Sumerians and so on that history books barely have record of let alone explanations for. The hints of technology and knowledge far more advanced then anything we are currently capable of.

    Of the other two variants of this hypothesis one is that human’s creation is not a desperate last ditch legacy, but rather an fully planned operation and experiment put here with the intention of enabling them to study and learn about the biology and matter in other areas of the cosmos, whilst also exploiting the planets precious resources that can be used at a later time for their purposes.

    The third option (and most exciting) is that our life was randomly selected and seeded here in a grand and divinely noble plan devised and executed by an ancient and powerful race who wanted to help the galaxy / universe develop its life faster. They have done the same thing in as many systems they have been able to send seed to. It’s their hope that we will someday evolve to an advanced enough state that we might become worthy of joining their galactic enterprise…. dun dun dun…. 😀

  10. I think it’s quite obvious we’ve been interbred. In fact we’re the seventh ‘experiment’ by this race using eugenics. We’re actually a slave race that is coexisting with over 10 extraterrestrial races, here on earth, without even knowing it. We are a product of hyper evolution through genetic engineering. Any scientist will tell you our evolutionary status doesn’t match how long we’ve supposedly been here. Also sooooo many ancient text and artifacts point to this…

  11. If you’re not prepared to offer anything more to support your claims than unsupported anecdotes, many of which have been conclusively disproven by far more substantial and objective forms of evidence, you really have no place to complain about the lack of wider acceptance for your hypothesis. Attributing it to some great coverup or calling people who request actual evidence “stuck in the Dark Ages” or “trying to hide the truth from the public” is simply childish.

    The fact of the matter is that science not only welcomes ideas which challenge mainstream thinking, it THRIVES on these things. A scientist can never make a name for himself, or even justify his claim to being a scientist, without occasionally discovering something new, and the greatest scientists of history are universally those whose theories were most revolutionary. But one mustn’t forget that simply proposing something new and revolutionary isn’t worth a damn unless it has data supporting it, and unless that data is capable of standing up to objective peer review. And THAT is where ancient astronaut hypothesis has failed time and time again, not through some malicious attempt to cover it up (which, if it existed, would swiftly and inevitably fall victim to ITS OWN ability to stand up to peer review), but because absence of objective evidence supporting it, and the overwhelming preponderance of evidence which directly contradicts it. After all, if there were any data to support it, writers like you wouldn’t have to resort to quotemining myths and dismissing the very concept of peer review just to make it seem even vaguely plausible.

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