Inuit elders issue warning to NASA and the world—the Earth has shifted

Inuit Elders have issued a warning saying that the earth has shifted or “wobbled” and that “their sky has changed,” and the sun, moon, and stars are out of place.

Inuit elders say that the sun rises at a different position—not where it used to previously and that the sun is much higher than earlier, meaning it gets warmer and warmer. Furthermore, elders across the north confirmed the same thing about the sky.

If we look back to everything that has happened int he last couple of years, there are some who would say that catastrophic natural events have increased lately.

Some blame global warming, mankind, our way of life, while others are convinced it’s just a matter of natural cycles.

Recently—in July of 2017—a MASSIVE trillion ton iceberg, four times the size of London broke free of Antarctica.

Dubbed  A68, the monstrous iceberg measures 5,800 square kilometers and broke away from the Larsen C Ice Shelf.

According to reports, it is one of the largest ever icebergs to break off of Antarctica with a volume twice the size of Lake Erie according to Project MIDAS.

This, according to many is beyond worrying.

Reports indicate how global warming has never been as dangerous as it is today, and according to reports from USA today, the temperature in the regions are up to 5 degrees higher since the 1950’s and could even increase to up to 7 degrees by the end of the century.

However, the massive iceberg that recently broke off is just the beginning warn experts who are afraid that satellite images from Antarctica show the continent is ‘breaking apart.’

After observing A68 getting separated from the Larsen C ice shelf, scientists say how they have observed remaining cracks to grow towards another feature called t

Inuit Elders say that our planet has ‘wobbled,’ saying how ‘their sky has changed’. Image Credit

The Bawden Ice Rise—a region which provides critical structural support for the remaining ice shelf.


But there are more problems which many of us aren’t aware of it seems.

According to scientists, our planet is experiencing the SIXTH mass extinction, as humans are causing a “biological annihilation” of wildlife.

Experts argue how thousands of species on planet Earth are at risk from disappearing forever, if we don’t change collectively in the next two decades, and counter the ‘powerful assaults on biodiversity’. This dire warning was issued in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal where expert wrote how “In the last few decades alone, habitat loss, overexploitation, invasive organisms, pollution, toxification, and more recently climate disruption, as well as numerous interactions among these factors, have driven to the catastrophic declines in both the numbers and sizes of populations of both common and rare vertebrate species.”

Not the best news right?

Well, according to Inuit Elders—natives to Arctic regions in Canada, the United States and Greenland, the Earth has shifted.

Inuit Elders have issued a warning not only to NASA but to mankind, in General, saying that climate change cannot be blamed solely on global warming and that our planet is shifting.

Inuit Elders say that our planet has ‘wobbled,’ saying how ‘their sky has changed.’

The Inuit are considered as excellent weather forecasters just as their ancestors before them.

They say that the numerous weather changes and Earthquakes that our planet has experienced cannot be blamed on Global Warming as the majority thinks.

Their entire message can be viewed in the below video.

The Inuit observations appeared in the news on November 25, 2009, on Isuma TV.

Interesting reading material:

Consequences of Climate Sensitivity in the Arctic / NASA

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  1. We really are sort of collectively blind? …. well, not thinking about learning from the past. The Earth has gone through massive massive changes over the eons. Once the earth was hugely warmer and wetter than it is today. No ice ages. Then it changed drastically. And changed FAST too. We are only now beginning to RE-learn about the Precessional cycle! Since the mayans knew about it, and the really ancient Egyptians did, too… and the Mayans knew somehow it caused great earth changes. Even the Hindus wrote about the cycles of birth then comes destruction then re-birth and over again. I believe it is a cycle. Only what is written in stone might remain to hopefully help any remaining humans to carry on… and maybe retain some knowledge lest they just go right back to stone age living…

  2. I can’t doubt that when Oklahoma has had the most(ish) Earthquakes this year…Authorities (in what?) swear up and down it is NOT due to fracking…Sooo…It is just as feasible the Elders are correct.

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