The ‘Shepherd King’ Etana who ascended to the heavens on a flying ship

Ancient Sumer has been the subject of debate for numerous years. According to the ancient alien theory it is there, in ancient Mesopotamia where everything began. Among the stories of incredible encounters, Gods, and technology which are part of the ancient Sumerian culture, there are several stories that point towards an extraterrestrial origin.

“Then came the Flood and after the Flood kingship again descended from heaven.”

“After kingship had descended from Heaven,” begins our King List, there were five cities “before the Flood” whose eight fabulous kings ruled no less than 241,200 years. Following the hegemony of these five antediluvian cities, the document goes on to tell us:

The Flood swept over everything. After the Flood swept over everything, and kingship had (once again) descended from Heaven, Kish became the seat of kingship.


The Ancient Sumerians lived in Mesopotamia, between the Tigris and the Euphrates and represented a higher form of culture. They possessed very advanced astronomical knowledge and were able to perform calculations with 15 digits, that is, with numbers above 100 trillion. To compare it to other ancient civilizations, I believe it suffices to say that the Greeks could not count above 10,000. The Sumerians who predate the Babylonians established modern civilization and culture as we know it.

History tells us that the first ten Sumerian kings lived a total of 456,000 years, which gives us an average lifespan of 45.6 thousand years each! Each Sumerian city was protected by a “god”. The numerous clay tablets that have been recovered from the region speak of incredible technology, incredible history and a path that cannot be shared with mainstream archaeology and history.

A UFO in ancient Sumerian History?

Well, if you thought that ancient Sumer and UFOs were two things that have nothing in common… you are wrong. The ancient texts that speak of the legend of King Etana, found at Nineveh, in the library of Ashurbanipal mention a very interesting occurrence in the distant past.

The Ascension of King Etana displayed in this image

Etana was an ancient Sumerian king of the city of Kish. According to the Sumerian king list, he resigned after the deluge. He is listed as the successor of Arwium, the son of Mashda, as king of Kish. The list also calls Etana “the shepherd, who ascended to heaven and consolidated all the foreign countries”, and states that he ruled 1560 years (some copies read 635) before being succeeded by his son Balih, said to have ruled 400 years.

Etana appears on the Sumerian Kings List as the thirteenth king of the First Kish Dynasty, which was established following the great flood. He was “the one who to heaven ascended.”

Etana lived after the flood, and his story is well described by Italian historian Alberto Fenoglio, “King Etana lived about 5000 years ago, he was called the God-king and was taken as a guest of honor inside a flying ship with a form of a shield that landed behind the Royal Palace, surrounded by a swirl of flames. Out of this Flying ship came tall, blond dark-skinned men, dressed in white, who were said to be beautiful as gods. They invited king Etana to come with them, King Etana’s advisers tried to dissuade the King to go inside the flying object.

sumerian no tree
The Ancient Anunnaki were represented as mysterious beings with peculiar characteristics.

In a swirl of flames and smoke, he rose as high that, Earth with its seas, islands, and continents seemed as a bun in a basket, then it disappeared from view.

When he had borne him aloft one beru,
the Eagle says to him, to Etana:
“See, my friend, how the land appears!
Peer at the sea at the sides of the Mountain House:
The land has indeed become a mere hill,
The wide sea is just like a tub.”

With this “flying Ship” King Etana was able to reach the moon, Mars and Venus, and after the absence of two weeks, when the people of his kingdom were preparing to name a new king, believing that the “gods” had taken their previous king with them, King Etana flew over the city and landed, accompanied by one of the “blonde men” who stayed as guests of the king.

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  1. Possibly I dont count it out completly, but I beleive in the fallen angels theory instead. These creatures were fallen angels not Aliens. The time lines seem correct though giving the longer life spans people had then.

    1. You are correct about the “200 fallen angels”. I am descended from one. I am a Nephilim.

      These beings were not ” fallen angels”.

      Etana was Brahmin, the Supreme Deity, at the time. He has since retired. He was the smitting God. Have you noticed anybody being smitted recently?

      The Supreme Deity since before the third flood, that of Noah, has been the King that all other Kings bow before, the Exalted Lord Shiva.

      When the Church made its power grab, they sought to eliminate the competition by erasing any history of any other dogmas. They effectively skewed the timeline in order to make it fit their 6,000 year timeline. They pushed the first Age right off the edge. Then scrunched the second and third ages together. Just as the third Age was twice as long as our 26,000 year Age of Man, the second Age was twice as long as the third.

      Methuselah is an example of the third ages lifespans.

      Enoch lived in the second Age and lived to be well over fifeteen hundred years old.

      The lifespans of the first Age were even longer. Balih actually ruled 4000 years not 400.

      1. Hi Jefferey, I am completely astounded from what you have to say in these discussions. I mostly desire to simply speak with you.

          1. You know Joe, that was a compliment I know but stung a little bit. I’d like to think that you’re a little off the target but you’re righter than I’d like to admit.

            I do thank you for the chance to answer your questions and you were accepting of whatever I told you. You actually are one of the points that touches me in my heart. Knowing I could give you enough understanding to give you enlightenment.

            Be watching for you to come down the path to the lighted room.

            Be well,

            Remember, just whisper his name and know he is there.

            And that knowledge is not diminished by lending it. Give of your knowledge freely.

          2. Ask away Gaspar. I will do my best to get you an answer. They say I have all seeing all knowing at my fingertips. But I know that I will never know it all.

          3. If you’d rather send me your email address and we can handle it without letting every see what you would like to know. Either way, I’ll get your answer for you.

      2. Hi Jeffery, If is ok with you I will add you on my gmail. I like to ask you something.

    2. You know patriot, I know its all hard to swallow, and until I had proof of it all I was not completely persuaded.

      The thing is that these dynasty’s were the reason genealogy used to be so important to everyone. Until I was shown that there is a direct line from me back almost a thousand years, to the House of Anjou House of Maine, that I began to grasp it as mine. These biblical giants are not necessarily their physical size but the effect they’ve had on the rest of us.

      There are two individuals in my dynasty that have loomed large in the big picture. Both Oliver Hazard Perry, who I am a direct descendant of, and Jacques de Molay were avatars of the “giant”. De Molay did self realize as a Nephilim, but Perry did not.

      But looking at his actions and accomplishments he was more than mortal. Anyone that gets a siege engine named after them is “epic” in their accomplishments.

      Grandsire Bhishma Patimah is a shinning example. He was also a biblical giant at almost eight feet tall with twenty inch feet. The siege engine honoring Bhishma, is the t-90 Bhishma tank.

      A search of images of Bhishma will lend to understanding about how epic he was. The battle of the Mahabharata was eighteen years old, and getting old and drawn out for all involved.(the rumor in the west is that the battle lasted 18 days, which was the church compressing the time to fit the 6,000 years they were slinging, wrongfully)

      The images of Bhishma show what seem like hundreds of arrows piercing his hugeness. I asked him was it really that many, and his answer was”no, there were more than that.” His estimate was between 300 and 400 arrows. Fifty seven days is long enough to get a decent count, but he was a bit preoccupied with the stinging of his booboos. He says it hurt like hell. And continues to maintain that, to this day. He was 446 at the time of the battle. He just celebrated his 6500 birthday. He remains as strong as anything I’ve ever felt. Like a racehorse but more taught then that. Sinew and muscle with the demeanor of a kitten until you get him laughing. I am sure that if you were to go the other way, it would be not good!

      Shiva doesn’t eat pork and when ever I get ribs, Bhishma comes to be my “sitter”. We are going to barbecue a goat when I ascend. Maybe two! The boy can eat!

      Bhishma laid like that for fifty seven days willing himself to live long enough to end the battle. Once he had satisfactorily ended the Mahabharata, he moved through the bright light.

      The first image is the best representation of his strength. This is the Bhishma that I roll with. I can feel those eyes but have never seen them, as true angels are both unseen and unheard.

      The second image is an actor that he thinks best resembled his physical appearance.

  2. By all means! Let’s get these things explained.

    Shiva shows me, there are discrepancies in this story.

    First, let’s clear something up. Shiva bristles whenever he reads the word, “alien”.

    I understand that it goes better with ” ancient”, but its not at all unlike the “N” word.

    The proper nomenclature is “extraterrestrial”.

    Now, the flood that it is referring to in this, is the first flood.

    The have been three deluges.

    This one is the one that killed off the dinosaurs. Yes, man did exist concurrently with the dinosaurs, but the were not “men”. That is not the subject here, though.

    The ” five cities” were all protected under the same God, Brahmin.

    The 456,000 years stat is correct.

    That “path” is what the church sought to destroy in their power grab, and nearly succeeded.

    During the first and second ages, kish was not ruled by a “city King”. Kish was the seat of the cosmic power. The city of kish is the seat of power over the entire universe.

    Etana was Brahmin. The 1560 year reign was in Brahmin years. The math works out to roughly 165,000 years on the lunar calendar.

    Balih was not his son, but his grandson, and did not succeed him directly.

    Etana lived both before and after the first flood.

    The Supreme Deity was interested in the craft of the Nordics(dark skinned blond men) that took him to their world in order to join in the federation that he was “consolidating”.

    The Nordic that came back with him and stayed as ” guest of the King” was in fact the Nordic Ambassador.

  3. Guardians Of Dwellers Squadron
    aka —-GODS—-came to earth and found the women pleasurable

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