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Massive UFO appears next to the ISS as NASA cuts life feed transmission again

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Massive UFO appears next to the ISS as NASA cuts life feed transmission again


A massive UFO appeared on NASA’s live feed filmed by the onboard cameras of the International Space Station. As the alleged UFO came closer, NASA decided to turn off the transmission causing rage among UFO believers. UFO hunters claim that this is conclusive proof that Alien crafts are visiting Earth. Is this the Black Knight Satellite?

UFO hunters and those who follow the international space station orbiting our planet have again accused NASA of cutting the live broadcast from the International Space Station (ISS) in order to hide evidence of the existence of extraterrestrials in space.

This time is a ‘massive’ four-armed UFO appeared near the station and can be seen in a video uploaded to YouTube channel belonging to “UFO hunter” Streetcap1.

According to Streetcap1, the video uploaded on October 20 shows a mysterious object appearing in the distance and approaching the International Space Station. As the UFO became ‘visible’ on the live feed, NASA turned off the transmission.

After ‘analyzing the footage’. UFO hunter Scott C. Waring wrote on UFO Sightings Daily:

„The video shows a long armed UFO in the distance. As proof that the UFO is there, as the sun light comes around, the UFO begins to light up, but not before NASA goes to blue screen. I feel that the public is trusting NASA less and less when it comes to revealing life on other planets. Their true goal seems to be to gather important intelligence, and drip feed the public enough to satisfy their curiosity.“

According to Warring, the video footage clearly shows how sunlight is reflected from the body and arms of the UFO, causing them to ‘light up’ in space. The increasing brightness of the mysterious object due to the reflection of sunlight shows that it is a real solid object most likely made of metal approaching the International Space Station.

What do you think the mystery object is?


Ivan is editor-in-chief at, he also writes for Universe Explorers.
You may have seen him appear on the Discovery and History Channel.

  • Richard

    No doubt the experts will say this is a weather balloon, or a reflection.

    • Savatage64 (Always Deplorable)

      Swamp gas is my guess.

  • Either a true ET UFO or Black Knight or, (and this is my personal theory), a Specialized Access Project (secret space program) craft (possibly as they have come to be known) Solar Warden craft, which came into view… It could however be a true ET UFO though, perhaps a new species that showed up inexpectedly and doesn’t know our ‘rules of engagement’ intended to keep the sleeping masses, sleeping (rules like: “Stay out of orbit during sunlight expisure, where the NASA video feed can see your ship”). This is a big one, either way.
    Btw; for those interested, I photograph the little UAP’s often, which can be found via my twitter @tyea99 (click “Media”), there are many pics I have taken, most haven’t been, reported to MUFON or NUFORC most, are only posted to Twitter.

  • robert2365

    Most likely a satellite crossing the path. Now if there had been some obvious “intelligent” movement of the craft I might think otherwise.

    • Do you think it could get so close? Could be…

      • robert2365

        There is that…

  • Stephen

    A Klingon star ship?

  • Adam Osteen

    looks like a reflection on the window of part of the space station itself

    • Agree could be!

      • It definitely is just that. I swear, the crap on this site I wade through just to MAYBE catch a genuine article…

        • Good for you Tim

    • robert2365

      I thought that at first, but why would a reflection slowly enlarge. The camera was stationary so it was not causing a reflection to enlarge.

      • Adam Osteen

        you’re right.. but the station itself is moving at roughly 17,000 mph or about 5 miles per second. so what would be moving in this instance is the light source (a.k.a. the sun) in relation to the camera and window. just my 2 cents..

  • colleenn

    Looks like the Thunderbird

  • Behrouz Shamshiri

    If NASA already knew that alien life is visiting Earth, and wants to keep it top secret? To satisfy people’s curiosity? Why? And achieving what? If they really want to keep it secret, they would have detected the “UFO” before it even came visible to the camera, and cut the live transmission. But then why even bother sending live, if they already know we are being visited? NASA isn’t some political, profit media organization, who’s assignment is to wake people’s curiosity. They couldn’t care less.

    • Avishek Chaudhury

      Do you seriously need to ask this question? The existence of UFOs would completely destroy the concept of religion, and they need religion to keep the masses dumb and unquestioning. They probably have brokered deals with aliens before. I could go into the whole history of “who designed the pyramids” but it would be pointless conjecture – just remember, NASA have also hidden the existence of giants from us, and it has been PROVEN that humans lived alongside giants 200,000 years ago which also means that the people in charge of our information have also been lying about how long humans have existed (the longest they place us at is 5000-10000 years ago with the ancient Sumerians)

      • Ben

        Please provide this proof that you talk of for giants! If giants really existed, they would be the dominant species on earth, rather than humans. And why would NASA hide evidence of giants, unless they were aliens. Any evidence for giants would be archaeological, you’d have bones & fossils buried, and being dug up all over the world by people, just like dinosaur fossils are. People that NASA couldn’t keep quiet in other countries, like Iran, Korea, & China. And yet none of these other countries have announced, or put on display any giant bones or fossils.

      • robert2365

        You seem a little loose with the word “proven”.

      • PonyriderOfTheOblateSpheroid

        Writing proven in caps does not help prove your comment.

        All you have PROVEN is that you are a tad nutty lol.

        • Avishek Chaudhury

          No, all I’ve proven is that you’re too fucking stupid to know how to use the internet except for jacking off.

          • Incognito Rider & His Ass

            Lol. You are a funny guy.
            The other posters here thought so too.

            I did like how you included giants and pyramids in the same crazy ramble. Well done!

            No need to get angry. Lol

  • Dennis Tman

    atleast we can finaly stop looking for hitler

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