More Pre-historic tunnels discovered in the valley of the pyramids in Bosnia

Dr. Sam Osmanagic, discoverer of the Bosnian Pyramids ten years ago, has explored and discovered new sections of the tunnels that are connected with the Pyramid of the Sun in Bosnia. The complexity of these tunnels is breathtaking. According to Dr. Osmanagic, two different prehistoric civilizations participated in the construction process of the tunnels.

After years of excavations of the prehistoric tunnels which are connected to the Bosnian Pyramids, new tunnels have been excavated in recent months. Progress has been slow, but nevertheless progress has been made. Exploring the entire “labyrinth” will take years, but the existence of these tunnels proves that the Bosnian Pyramids are far more complex than anyone believed. One of the more recent discoveries is a tunnel that is blocked by a huge piece of rock. According to Dr. Osmanagic, they decided to go around the giant piece of rock using parallel passages and although Osmanagic and his team found many tunnels clogged by sediment, they were able to advance towards the pyramid using passageways with directions towards the East and West.

The Raven Tunnels are incredibly complex. So far, around 2% of the tunnels has been successfully excavated. The underground labyrinth “Ravne” is a huge network of tunnels and chambers with an average depth of 25 meters. Curiously, the temperature of the underground tunnels and chambers is always the same: 12.5 degrees celsius. So far, no traces of poisonous gases have been found inside the tunnels and the airflow of the tunnels is incredibly well designed. According to testing, these underground tunnels have 20.4 % of Oxygen with an average humidity of 85 %.

In my recent trip to Bosnia and Hercegovina I found myself in the “Healing Chamber” of the Ravne tunnels together with other 50 tourists. Curiously, even though we were a couple of hundred meters inside the tunnels, none of us had problems breathing, the airflow was excellent and the quality of the air was incredible.

The monoliths present inside the Ravne tunnels tell another incredible story. Some of these monoliths have a weight of over 8 tones. Most of these Monoliths were found in 2006 under the conglomerate. Curiously, according to Osmanagic, some of these monoliths are “egg-shaped” monoliths symbolically representing the birth process. On top of these mysterious monoliths “seven hills” were molded on the surface potentially representing the map of the terrain where the Bosnian Pyramids are located. These monoliths are made out of a ceramic material that has a lid on top of it. All of these monoliths are located above the underground water streams, placed there to magnify the underground energy that flows through the area.

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