Mysterious floating orbs over Kansas City confound everyone, including the National Weather Service

Late last week, reports began of mysterious orbs floating over Kansas City. Even the National Weather Service said they were unsure what the unidentified objects might be:

It didn’t take long before people began sharing their own images of the orbs on social media:

So what exactly were those things? The Weather Channel reported that there were two possible explanations, both of which involve balloons. It seems the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) launched three balloons from Maryland earlier in the day:

Or perhaps you prefer the Google explanation, which suggests:

“Google’s Loon Balloons, high-altitude balloons used for greater internet connectivity in rural areas.”

Honestly, though, how many of us had even heard of “Loon Balloons” used for internet connectivity in rural areas? Sounds like a good idea, but does it explain the floating orbs over Kansas City? Well…maybe. But maybe not, as many Twitter users soon decided as they pitched their own theories for the UFOs:

A federal agency even got involved in the speculation:

There have been no other sightings of the orbs/balloons/smoke alarms, but the week is young and they may only show themselves on Thursdays. Then again, maybe the objects have merely employed their cloaking devices so we won’t see them and they can begin their conquest of Earth.?


See a video posted to YouTube showing the orbs over Kansas City on June 20, 2019, below:

Featured Image: Created from YouTube screenshots

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