NASA dropped a 2-ton kinetic missile on the moon

Is it possible that NASA bombed the moon in order to destroy an Alien base? According to many people around the world, the answer is a big YES.

According to a set of images and alleged reports, there are alien structures on the surface of the moon, and NASA launched a 2-ton kinetic weapon to destroy them, despite international laws clearly prohibiting it.

One of the greatest enigmas regarding UFOs and Alien life is whether governments and Space Agencies around the world are covering up such information. While seeing UFO’s on Earth and videos from space isn’t something new, in the last couple of years, a lot of attention has been drawn to Earth’s moon. There, on the surface of Earth’s natural surface lay numerous ‘Alien’ Bases. The fact that many believe NASA and governments around the world have covered up information on these alien bases has become a widely accepted ideology in the last decade among ufologists and believers.

One of the most interesting things about the moon, which involves a ‘typical’ cover-up is the LCROSS mission by NASA where they literally BOMBED the surface of the moon for alleged ‘Scientific’ purposes.

Despite the fact that it strictly prohibited, NASA released a ‘Centaur’ kinetic weapon which ultimately impacted the moon.

In the last couple of decades, several extremely important treaties have made a significant impact on Military Space Policy, and according to the Book The Paths Of Heaven: The Evolution Of Airpower Theory, the following treaties are of note:

1)   The Outer Space Treaty (OST) which dates back to 1967, clearly states that international law applies BEYOND the atmosphere. The treaty of 1967 reemphasized standing international laws and initiated new space-related laws: Free Access to space and celestial bodies for peaceful intent, prohibitions on national appropriations of space or celestial bodies, prohibitions on putting any weapons of mass destruction in space or on celestial bodies.

2)   The Antiballistic Missile (ABM) treaty of 1972 (which was signed between the USA and the USSR) banned the development, testing, and employment of space-based ABMs.

3)   The Convention on Registration (1974) requires parties to maintain a registry of objects launched into space and report orbital parameters and general function of those objects to the UN.

4)   And most importantly, the Environmental Modification Convention signed in 1980 which prohibits the hostile use of environmental modification.

Apart of the above-mentioned treaties, in 1977 a convention was concluded on the prohibition of military or any other hostile use of environmental modification techniques which set out a number of prohibitions also with respect to outer space and celestial bodies. (Source: Perestroika and International Law)

Despite the above-mentioned facts, NASA modified the surface of the moon after launching the 2-ton kinetic weapon which created a 5-mile wide crater.

‘Officially’, the main LCROSS mission objective was to explore the presence of water ice in a permanently shadowed crater near a lunar polar region. The mission was launched together with the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) on June 18, 2009, as part of the shared Lunar Precursor Robotic Program, the first American mission to the Moon in over ten years.

But… why break numerous international laws and go against their very own standards all of a sudden? Well, according to many, the true purpose behind the 2009 LCROSS ‘Moon bombing’ was far more enigmatic than anyone at NASA is willing to accept.

According to many ufologists,-and alleged images which show ‘alien’ structures on the surface of the moon- NASA’s LCROSS mission had a more militaristic objective rather than scientific. Many believe that the 2-ton kinetic weapon that was detonated on the Moon’s South Pole was aimed at an Alien Base located there.

Check out these images:



This “bombed” moon base might perhaps explain why we haven’t been there in recent years, why would we avoid the Moon so much? We know that it is a place filled with minerals, it has water (and they really needed to bomb it to find out?) and it would make a perfect outpost for anyone who wants to continue the exploration of our solar system and it would also help us get to Mars and beyond.

However, despite the fact that many reports and enigmatic images of alleged structures on the moon are there, it’s nearly impossible to prove (or disprove for that matter) their existence and the truth behind until perhaps one day, we return to the Moon. However, returning to the moon isn’t a guarantee that we will finally have disclosure whether or not there is an alien presence on the moon.

It is a profound mystery why NASA decided to break international laws and literally BOMBEDthe moon for alleged scientific purposes.

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  1. Funny when I heard we were bombing the moon, or maybe after the fact, I thought what if we stir up the presence.

  2. It’s all about money..unless they spend millions, how will they raise billions?

  3. Conspiracy theorist say NASA will photoshop “alien craft” out of NASA photos, but apparently they are happy to air a “live alien base bombing?” Come on!

  4. It wasn’t an a alien base, they obliterated ancient structures long since abandoned by humans from our long forgotten past.
    revealing these structures would throw our pre-concieved notions of human history and our achievements(such as the moon landing) into disarray.
    Many government military advisors, scientists & historic societies (and especially NASA) cannot handle the fact they are not the first humans on the moon and our human ancestors were far more advanced than we are today.

    1. Our atheist government would love use evidence on the moon to disprove Biblical history. The fact that they are blowing stuff up there may in fact be because there are artifacts there which indicate that the beings whichnlived there were the beings the Bible says came to earth and interbread with humans and created the nephelim. And other races of beings.

      1. Yeah because archeoligcal evidence to support any human history is just fabricated right?

      2. Our atheist Government?? it isn’t as atheist as you think.. better look up Bohemian Grove if you have not heard of it I suggest you look it up now.. to those who don’t believe in the Devil being real it doesn’t matter if you do or don’t because the ones in charge I can assure you do

    1. O I guess that’s why it pulls our tides & stabilizes our wobble on axis.

  5. Considering that there are telescopes on earth that could see a golf ball on the moons surface, don’t ya think we might have seen these “bases” by now?

    1. That’s not even remotely close to true, most telescopes on Earth could barely see a golf course on the moon, let alone a golf ball.

    2. Or, perhaps recorded a video of the nuke going off on the moon… Wouldn’t that be nice to have? Seeing that operation fishbowl has videos recording the event, but none exist of nuking the moon. Hmm, perhaps we didn’t nuke the moon after all. Maybe it was operation fishbowl part 2.

  6. the moon controls the tied why do you think all the mammals are washing up on shore

  7. If they set The Base, they could control every thing on Earth and they knew humans plans. They are ages in front of us.

    1. Well, then it really wouldn’t make much sense to start aggression or pick a fight with something so advanced. It must be part of some bigger plan; like when Puma Punku was destroyed after it’s usefulness.

  8. they are trying to signal the watchers…..this was a sos to the dormant ship called the moon ….nasa is ringing the door bell and screaming wake up shit is hitting the fan here !!

    1. … if that were the case, wouldn’t there be a much less invasive way to do that than nukes? Kinda like using a bazooka in place of a taser?

  9. The aliens are earthling creatures. BTW, DNA is the method to understand the alien composition. DNA research may be hiding some knowledge because it is not clearly to them or understood but it is the key to understand these earthlings creatures known as humans

  10. That was the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard! At first, I thought the announcement to ‘bomb’ the moon was a joke kind of like Orson Welles ‘War Of The Worlds’. Everybody knows the moon controls the tides and seasons. They are idiots.

  11. it is very likely there are bases on the moon, and why not! we dont own it we dont own the planet we are temporarily living on either we are just destroying it, those aliens must be benevolent not to retaliate and blast the crap out of America if NASA have bombed it as suggested…

  12. the u.s. of war is no match for the aliens, they can destroy the u.s. at will

    1. If “they” can destroy the USA at will ….Just imagine what they would do to your little stink hole of a country??!!!!!!

  13. This type of activity would certainly encourage the Russian reaction. Why is it lacking?

  14. Who actually believes this rubbish?? It is so totally naive to think we are the only inhabited planet in the universe, but this is just totally nuts …. how long have the “aliens” been hanging out there ……. maybe they are too stupid to build a space craft to travel to Earth? Maybe they did ….. then signed up for some of the social media things we have and thought, “What the hell?? Let’s get back, abandon our structure and allow these nut jobs (some of them even claim the moon landing was a hoax) to come and drop a huge bomb on use for no apparent reason!!”. We are supposed to be intelligent …. go figure …

  15. All I can say is that is not very nice. Also for Mankind Nation, savior of Democracy, that went on Moon without claiming it was theirs (after taking over countries like Hawaii) They sure act as if They have full rights.

  16. it appeared they nuked the moon again, last night, 1/20/2019. would be a confusing time to be sure of what you saw. it was a blue orange/yellow and red flame coming off the moon during the eclipse, looked like burning gases over 1/2 the moon. then the moon looked very dark and burned out and large and then a lot smaller, but still burnt out looking

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