Noted alien hunter says he won’t be going to Area 51 to look for ‘little green men’

It was supposed to be a joke, but thanks for the pervasive nature of social media, a move to “Storm Area 51” quickly signed up over a million people who agreed to show up in September and demand entrance to the top secret military base. Things got so out of hand that the U.S. military issued a warning that anyone who did decide to try and storm Area 51 would not be treated with kid gloves.

But a man who actually hunts aliens for a living says he most certainly won’t be at Area 51 now or in September.

Astronomy professor Jason Wright recently spoke with Live Science, and was asked about the plan to storm the military base. Wright said he hadn’t even heard about the idea:

“To be honest, I was completely unaware of this “raid” until you brought it to my attention! I work in SETI, the scientific search for extraterrestrial intelligence, and believe me, no one wants to find evidence of extraterrestrial life more than those of us in this field. We scour the skies for evidence of such extraterrestrial technologies with some of the most advanced equipment in the world for understanding what’s going on in the sky, and we haven’t found anything compelling yet. But we’re not paying much attention to what happens in Area 51.”

An alien warning sign outside Area 51. (Via Pixabay)

Asked for his thoughts on whether or not the public knows enough about Area 51, Wright responded:

“I don’t know very much about Area 51, but I can say that the intense interest in the goings on there related to aliens reveals a deep public interest in what kinds of life might exist elsewhere in the universe.”

As for the search for extraterrestrial life in the universe, Professor Wright made it clear that the scientific community is very interested in determining if there are indeed “aliens” that we can locate and perhaps even communicate with:

“The search for life in the universe is a major priority for NASA and American science. Many of our missions to Mars and our space telescopes are designed with the detection of biosignatures in mind — ‘biosignatures’ being signs of life like microfossils or evidence of metabolism in the atmospheres of distant planets.”

A billboard miles from Area 51 (Via Flickr)

As Professor Wright noted, there is indeed a search for intelligent life in the universe. Matter of fact, it’s ongoing. But there’s no reason to try and storm a military base. Leave the alien hunting to the professionals.

The best way to visit Area 51? By watching this video:

Featured Image by Interdimensional Guardians Via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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