Is This The Official Grey Alien Footage ‘Smuggled out of Area 51’?

When we thought we had seen it all when it comes to Grey aliens and Area 51 we came across this incredible video footage that was “smuggled” out of Area 51 by a man who calls himself “Viktor”. Somehow, he managed to smuggle out the highly classified video and show it to the world. The video footage lasts for a total of two minutes and fifty-five seconds and depicts a grey alien being interrogated at the government facility.

Before saying anything more, here is the documentary which has the “footage” from Area 51.

The video footage was first made available on the Art Bell radio show on March the 13th in 1997 when ufologist Sean David Morton was interviewed. According to Morton, the “alien interrogation” was fairly recent back then, believed to have taken place in 1966.

According to author Whitley Strieber “There are things about this footage that are particularly striking. Some of the least known features reported by witnesses are presented here. If this tape is not authentic, then it must have been made by people with very special inside knowledge.”

After watching the mysterious Alien interrogation at Area 51, Morton provided a chilling and detailed description in his own words:

“The film was shot through a large plane of glass. There was no sound accompanying the images. The interview took place in a darkened room, lit with an eerie greenish glow, I could make out the silhouettes of two men, one dressed in military uniform with what appeared to be the stars on the epaulet of his jacket, and another more casually dressed man with his hand occasionally rubbing his forehead. They sat with their backs to the camera at one end of a long table, which was littered with wires, cords and microphones. There were what appeared to be medical devices. One, in particular, was blinking erratically, as if it was monitoring a very sick heart. And there sitting at the end of the table was a small, beige-skinned, black-eyed, bulbous headed creature, the like of which haunt the nightmares of thousands of unwilling abductees.”

“Its skin was a pinkish beige, but the rest of the head looked purple and bruised as if it had suffered severe contusions across the skull.”

According to UFO expert Robert Dean, the video footage is “powerful” and “real”.

German author and UFO researchers Michael Hesemann, states that the facts provided by Victor on the alien who was “shipped off to Area 51” in 1989 fit with a report from the South African Air Force who shot down a flying saucer in the Kalahari Desert, in 1989. According to Hesemann, one of the two beings survived the crash and was sent to Area 51 for interrogation.

Different people have different reactions when it comes to the video footage. While many skeptics believe this is another fake that has been leaked online, there are many people who believe that this is as real as it gets.

At the end of the video footage, the Grey Alien appears to have spasms, the mouth of the extraterrestrial being can be seen opening and closing before a whitish foam stars coming out of his mouth. The heart monitor goes crazy just before a couple of medics rush in and provide medical assistance to the Grey Alien, during treatment the video footage comes to an abrupt end.

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  1. Well… I´m a little bit sceptic about this “interview”.
    Personally, I believe in aliens and all that stuff, and I´m sure that they´ve influented us in the past. But that interview…well… pretty much everyone can do the same with a costume and a dark room

  2. This quote – “…film must have been made with very special inside knowledge.”
    How would any outsider know this without also possessing the same inside knowledge?

  3. With over a billion stars in the Milky Way alone, if only 5% hold at least one habitable planet, that’s still at least a possible 50,000,000 planets. Combine this with at least a billion known galaxies and the chances of an intelligent and advanced life form out there are rather high. And some of that life has most likely had a bit of a jump start over us on technology – like possibly several billion years. So the odds are there are civilizations much older and more advanced than ours and who know’s what their technological knowledge holds. Those who think we’re the only advanced life form around are either very foolish, naive, or both.

  4. I believe in Aliens, but this. Well it looks so fake, its easy to see that “Alien” was nothing but a guy in a costume.

    1. Can you send me, please? I didn’t find the video on the internet.

  5. Isso ai não existe, Deus criou vida somente na Terra, e somente nós temos esse privilegio, ou voces acham que se tivesse vida em outros palnetas Deus não teria mandado colocar isso na biblia?

  6. The face of the subject changes expressions several times. The nonverbal body language is consistent with despair, confusion, hope, submission.

    What’s the date of the original video? The earliest example of servos being used in a puppet/ mask to change expressions is the Hoggle puppet created by Jim Henson’s team for the movie “Labyrinth”. The date of the video needs to be compared to the available puppetry technology of the time, cause the “muscles” around the eyes absolutely change shape and emote.

  7. Also, the fact the medics check the nose and eyes for hemorraging first before dealing with the choking is interesting.

    Looks like they either don’t know what they’re doing or are anticipating sometHing that’s happened before.

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