Quetzalcoatl, Viracocha, and Kukulkan: The Ancient Anunnaki Gods that will return one day?

Is it possible that Quetzalcoatl, Viracocha, and Kukulkan were in fact ONE deity? The descriptions of all three ancient Gods is especially interesting since all three deities were depicted with features not characteristic for the inhabitants of South America: white skin, a wide forehead and graying red beard and big blue eyes. Were these three Mesoamerican deities somehow connected to the Ancient Anunnaki?

If we take a look at ancient cultures around the globe, specifically those of the American continent we will find stories and legends that are eerily similar. From the Aztecs, Olmecs, Maya, to the Inca and the cultures that predate them, we find evidence of ‘Gods’ who left Earth, promising to return one day.

But who were these gods? And why are their descriptions so similar?

Viracocha is the great creator god in the pre-Inca mythology. He was one of the most important deities in the Inca pantheon and seen as the creator of all things. Strangely, the ancients described Viracocha with features that were not characteristic for the inhabitants of South America. Viracocha is represented as having a beard and a mustache something very unusual because American Indians did not have long beards and mustaches, even more strangely, the representation of Viracocha is very much like the ancient Gods of ancient Sumer in Mesopotamia.

Is that a tell-tale sign we need to pay attention to?

Interestingly, just as Viracocha was depicted with features unlike those of the native people of the Americas, the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl and several other deities from Central and South American pantheons, were described in legends as being bearded, white-skinned, blue-eyed and relatively tall.

If we compare those descriptions with the deities from ancient Mesopotamia, we ill notice numerous fascinating similarities that raise many questions.

The beard once believed to be a mark of a prehistoric European influence, quickly fueled and embellished by spirits of the colonial era, and its significance in the continentally insular culture of Mesoamerica.

The Maya, ancient Aztecs, were dark skinned people. They were normally not very tall and had brown eyes. Kukulcan’s, Quetzalcoatl’s and even Viracocha were in their human representation a complete contrast, having white or silver hair, white skin, blue eyes, and were much taller than the natives.

Kukulkan, just as Quetzalcoatl, had a human form as well as that of a feathered serpent.

So who were these ‘Gods’? Where did they come from and more importantly, why did all of them promise to return one day?

Who were Quetzalcoatl, Viracocha, and Kukulkan? If he truly were ancient Mesoamerican Gods, why did ancient civilizations of the Americas describe them having white skin, a wide forehead and graying red beard and big blue eyes? Furthermore, how did the ‘feathered serpent, aka Quetzalcoatl’ reach the distant empire of the Aztecs?

Where did he come from? Is it possible that Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan, and Viracocha are in fact ONE God, which somehow was physically present in all ancient American cultures? And why is it that he is persistently associated, in native Mexican folklore with the planet Venus?

Is it possible that these Ancient Gods were in fact spacefaring travelers who came to Earth as many ancient astronaut theorists suggest? What if these gods are in fact the same deities described in Ancient Mesopotamia: The ancient Anunnaki?

Interestingly, if we take a look at the Codex Telleriano-Remensis we will find descriptions of what seem to be flights of a spacecraft that performs cruises and landings to the astonishment and terror of the natives…:

“…Every evening, and for several nights, a great clarity appears coming from the horizon, rising towards the heavens, having the shape of a pyramid in flames, it greatly impressed the king of Texcoco so much that he decided to end all wars…”

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10 thoughts on “Quetzalcoatl, Viracocha, and Kukulkan: The Ancient Anunnaki Gods that will return one day?

  1. Graham Hancock in his book “Fingerprints of Gods” states that Quetzalcoatl, Viracocha, and Kukulkan are in fact the same character.

    1. Not only that, it has been postulated by Sitchin that these three were in fact the Egyptian Thoth himself.

      1. Sitchin also stated that certain pictorial records suggested that the Anunnaki divided the earth amongst themselves – with Enlil remaining in Sumer, Enkin taking control of the ‘absu’, meaning southern Africa, and others of their leading group the other parts of the planet. Assuming that they indeed had air-vehicles (as opposed to the main spaceship which brought them here and which had remained in space above earth) it was a small matter reaching other landmasses.

  2. I think its likely. Look at how simular.. Another thought i have is could they be Atlantian’s? It’s a great and interesting mystery. I dont think it should be written off as just myth. There’s more to it all

  3. How about the last of an extant (at the time) sentient species of birds? Birds were after all the dominant life form for millions of years on various parts on the planet after the dinosaurs disappeared.

  4. Viracocha and all other gods of the South American tribes do not in any text describe the gods as is inferred. They are not noted as being white and the only beard is in a description as Quetzelcouatl has a beard of feathers. The Deity Viracocha hides his face as wel with the explanation that his followers would run away if they ever saw his true visage. Pretty interesting on its own and with no need for the spaniard christianizing of what they recorded.

    Well before the Inca, heavily bearded figures were carved and not of deities but to show mankind. The presence of heavy beards is in multiple native american tribes in various places. Though some tribes have thin facial hair if any there were always the occasional person who could grow full heavy european beards yet have been shown to posess no european dna.

    None of this means these dueties were not from Europe or Asia or wherever. This could absolutely be true, BUT the few codexes we do have and other texts from the native tribes DO NOT INFER ANY OF THE MYTHS of these gods being white or european and of course the Spanish are simply shoving their greco-roman idyllic Jesus Christ figure in place of the natives. Making the transition of wiping out other beliefs and twisting the remains to their view. It worked incredibly because they are really the most devoutly catholic place on earth

  5. And birds kicked ass in South America for a very long time along side reptiles. The feathered serpent (though linkedcdirectly to the quetzel bird having reprilian qualities, is a natural fit for any tropical rain forest dwelling culture. Hence we see it repeated in a few places but not to any degree that warrants any further investigation. Humans and our archtypal motifs are because we are all human and at one point did all originate together. Our brains are all the same and thus how all humans interpret reality in prehistoric or pre columbian times in this case are going to be similar with standard deviation from the norm based on countless local influences and lost belief systems we can not even hope to guess at. Its obvious we found the harmony of mathmatics and studied stars all over the world. That same obsession is one we all shared and not from alien intervention but because it is there and was always there and always will be. As soon as someone realized where the sun moon and stars were meant something to them ex. Spring time or harvest time, they HAD TO begin calculating the movements and those first geometers were using magic. With abstract mathmatics and the ability to “predict” the star motions a world invisible to us until that moment remained veiled. At that moment pure mathmatics, free of symbols and free of laws were there to be used by mankind to create all we are and ever will be.

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